James Blake

James Blake visited Jools Holland to play “Retrograde,” one of the best songs off his new album Overgrown. If you’re a James Blake super fan (and with that Chance The Rapper collaboration more and more people are) you’ll notice two cool things. One, the other fella on synths is Rob McAndrews aka Airhead, who put out a solid debut album this year with a near-perfect lead single. Two, Blake is wearing a 1-800-DINOSAUR shirt which is the name of his recently founded label. Watch the video below.

Overgrown is out now on Republic.

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  1. Every single performer on Jools Holland sounds fantastic, amazing, cool, awesome, great, terrific.

    Jools Holland is the greatest music show ever.

    Jools Holland is a national treasure.

    Jools Holland should be made a Knight of the British Empire.

    • Also the visuals are awesome. When the show opens and the camera sweeps past the band is really awesome. And the lighting is fantastic. Brings out the best in everyone–the performers, the audience, the host, etc. Solid stance against drugs and unprotected sex too.

    • also James Blake has got a very chill vibe going. Could be boring but maybe not. He keeps things changing enough to be exciting like when the big synths come in on this song and then there’s a little warbling in them, and the way they are portamento. He gets this slow train up to speed and I creamed.

  2. Aaron Neville wants his schtick back. When’s this dude gonna start covering Billy Ocean?

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