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Five years and a stint in rehab separate Albert Hammond Jr. from his last solo release but the Strokes guitarist is back with a brand new EP. Hammond talked to Rolling Stone about going through the songwriting process while sober: “Weirdly enough, you’re more creative. I feel OK being myself. I feel comfortable to sit and sing embarrassing melodies before finding one. I don’t mind going through the process.” The new EP sounds like a blend of Phoenix and early-era Strokes and is probably the strongest release associated with the indie rock staple in a few years. Previously released “Rude Customer” and the slow-rolling closer “Cooker Ship” are the standout tracks but the whole thing is definitely worth a listen. You can stream the album below.

(via Rolling Stone)

AHJ is out on 10/8 on Cult Records.

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  1. solid all the way through! (more strokes now please)

    • I really think The Strokes’ output since Room On Fire would be a lot stronger if they let more of AHJ’s writing on their albums. “Rude Customer” would have sounded great on Comedown Machine with Julian singing it.

  2. 2 good songs 1 and 4

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