New Zealand’s Lorde performed her newly-minted Billboard #1 hit “Royals” on this morning’s broadcast of Good Morning America. The teen sensation’s brooding, luxury-rap-maligning track took the top spot from “Wrecking Ball,” a heartbreak power ballad by the currently-purp-and-couch-dancing--proliferating Miley Cyrus. I don’t know what the joke is there, but if you got one, have it. Watch Lorde perform below.

Pure Heroine is out now via Lava/Republic.

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  1. So THAT’S who sings that “Royals” song? Jesus, I thought Helena Bonham Carter got signed to Cash Money Records.

  2. Way to go Lorde! This is great lipsyncing!

  3. She’s really laying on the witchcore heavily here!

    • Do you think she will be threatened by entourages of rappers at the Grammy’s whose feelings were hurt about possible criticisms fo the blingcore lifestyle?

      Would you let your teenaged daughter dress like Lorde, get signed to a record company, go to America and sing a song on national TV 15 times? Let’s open our Neon Bibles to the song about the guy with the daughter singing on TV. Song 7, verse 3: “…”

  4. At what point does this song make her enough money that she has to stop singing it?

  5. I swear she’s t lip-synching

  6. How is this any different from the performance on Fallon, which you guys posted? It’s the exact same fucking thing. Why post this?

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