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There’s been a lot of anticipation from Pearl Jam fans for Lightning Bolt since that counter started ticking down earlier this year. The band’s put out singles, music videos, a mini-documentary, and other teasers leading to the release. Now you can finally hear the album on iTunes for free. Just go here, and then click into their artist page.

Lightning Bolt is out 10/15 via Monkeywrench Inc.

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  1. Huge potential for future listens. Early favorites are: yellow moon, my fathers son, getaway, pendulum.

    • Am I the only one that’s felling disappointed with this release? There’s a bunch of really cool stuff but a few of the songs really bring it down. Let The Records Play? What’s that all about? Why in the heck did they put Sleeping By Myself on this album? That should have been left on the beautiful Ukelele songs. My Father’s Son, Pendulum, and Infallible were absolutely amazing and a really cool new sound for PJ.

  2. I’d rather steam Lightning Bolt’s new album Pearl Jam.

  3. There’s a band called Lightning Bolt with an album called Pearl Jam? What a weird coincidence!

  4. Didn’t have incredibly high expectations, so my expectations were greatly surpassed. Really excited to see some of these songs live in a few weeks in HARTFORD. Hopefully Vedder doesn’t get pissed, call us all a bunch of white alcoholics and sit on stage smoking a cig until he’s been there long enough to get paid. Then again, PJ has had their own problems in this city. Annnnnyways, surprised by how much I’m liking this.

  5. Pendulum, My Father’s Son & Infallible are really good PJ songs

  6. Incredible return to form for PJ. Clearly their best album since Yield.

    I know a lot of people (talking to all you hipsters) will knock it, but to me this is old school Pearl Jam.

    Shall be on repeat now for the foreseeable future (i.e. until “Reflektor” leaks).

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