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Earlier this year, Sony used a new remix of David Bowie’s “Sound And Vision,” from his 1977 undisputed-classic album Low, in an ad for their new Xperia Z smartphone. Remixer Sonjay Prabhakar reworked the song from its original tapes, stripping it down to nothing more than voice and piano. And enough people liked the ad that an extended (though still less than two-minute) version of the remix is out on the internet now. It’s weird hearing Berlin-era Bowie get the unplugged treatment, since the prophetic use of studio-sound was a huge part of what made those records important. But “Sound And Vision” is a song with a certain uncanny power, and it loses none of it in this context. Listen to the extended remix and watch the ad below.

The “Sound And Vision 2013″ digital single is out now.

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  1. This sounds great.

  2. Fantastic

  3. God, I love this song. Everything about it. It’s so subjectively perfect, I have so many great memories associated with. Even The Sea and Cake’s cover of it gives me chills. Bowie is a legend.

  4. This really freaked me out. I don’t think anyone’s supposed to listen to His voice with so much intimate detail and crystal clarity.

  5. In other Commercial Appeal, did we all see the ad for Watch Phones? Where it shows clips of the Jetsons and old spy flicks?

    And “Someone Great” is playing in the background? Seems fairly WTF worthy to me.

  6. reminds me a bit of the aphex twin remix of bowie/glass heroes. I’d love to hear more tracks from the era with the vox pulled way out front like this. wonderful.

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