Grimes Hospitality Rider

Grimes is a dog person, apparently, and if you’re promoting a Grimes show, you should probably have a dog on hand. Claire Boucher recently posted a few excerpts of her tour rider on her Tumblr, offering this explanation: “i dunno if anyone cares about this stuff but im like obsessed with reading other peoples riders lol, so if ur anything like me perhaps this is of interest to you.” Here’s the bit about the dog: “If possible, one cute bulldog, french bulldog, pug or pomeranian (or other cute animal, such as a chinchilla or a pekanese) to visit and hang out but who gets to leave before too much loud noise is heard so that he or she does not hurt their ears. It is important that if said animal visits, they have a safe home to return to. lol.” She also has very specific instructions on keeping the backstage snacking area as eco-friendly as possible. Check it out above (via Tumblr). And she’s right; it’s pretty interesting.

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  1. She’s incredible.

  2. I find the dog thing a bit weird, only because I have no idea where they get those dogs from. Does a dog owner volunteer their dog for an evening? I guess that’s why it’s an optional ‘special request’. Grimes should just get a deaf dog to bring on tour.

    • The doggy prostitution ring is a seedy but lucrative business, making its money off all of these musicians with money looking for a good piece of fur to fluff their hands through on tour stops.

      I also find it interesting that her tumblr bio touts her as a “surrealist yuppie.” She is different, no doubt, but I think yuppie categorizes younger city-dwelling people more within the confines of office cubicles and not wherever she is. (I’d love to have Grimes as a cubicle neighbor, though!)

  3. People who don’t like candy are awful human beings. I really dislike this chick.

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