Kanye On Jimmy Kimmel 2013

Wednesday night we bore witness to the great Kimmel/West debate of 2013. Thirteen days after Keezus broadcast a parody of Yeezus’ BBC interview that sent the rapper into one of his patented Twitter tirades, Mr. West, rocking Ralph Lauren and his three-year-old grill, stopped by the talk show host’s late-night program to talk it out.

Kimmel brought along The Complete Rhyming Dictionary, but no Scribble Jam battle broke out. It was relatively cordial, actually, thanks to Kimmel dispensing hearty helpings of protective politeness (along with the baby-sized leather jogging pants he presented as a gift for baby North) and giving Kanye space to launch into another passionate ramble worthy of his Zane Lowe interview. Kanye voiced his opinions on everything from the Hollywood Walk Of Fame (his lady Kim K should have a star, obviously) to classism (he’s not fond of old money vs. new money snobbery). He talked for so long, in fact, that Kimmel’s musical guest, Arctic Monkeys, didn’t get to perform and will have to be rescheduled.

Some choice Kanye quotes from the interview:

  • On what was going through his head when he attacked Kimmel on Twitter: “This is the one person I know, so I can go and let out everything that I feel about every single bogus weekly cover, every single bogus skit, every single rumor in barbershop, everything that people feel is OK to treat celebrities like zoo animals or act like what they’re saying is not serious or their life is not serious or their dreams are not serious.”
  • On whether he really thinks Kimmel looks like Spongebob: “It was the first thing that came to my mind.”
  • On his relationship with the press: “Media does everything they can to break creatives, and I do everything I can to break media.”
  • On his frequent self-appreciation: “If I said I wasn’t a genius, I would just be lying to you and to myself.”
  • On fans and gawkers who approach him in public places: “It’s not safe for you in this zoo. Don’t think for a second that I’m not from Chicago.”

Watch the full interview below.

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  1. Funniest part was when Kimmel asked Kanye where he was when he was sending those tweets:

    “I like to think that you were on the toiilet.” ~Kimmel

    “Yeah that’s when I think of my best shit.” ~Kanye

    The man is a lot of things and Casual Pun Master is definitely one of them.

  2. Kanye would be a fantastic heel manager in the WWE. That promo was almost as Dusty Rhodes’ “Hard Times” promo :wow:

  3. Loved every second of this.

  4. haven’t seen it but it sounds like the most awkward thing ever.


    • It’s pretty awkward at first because you can tell they both don’t really know how to react. Kimmel ends up being overly apologetic and Kanye at first clearly doesn’t want to be there.

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  6. This was 10x better than what I heard on the Kardashian show. I could listen to Kanye rant wholeheartedly for 3 hours damnit.

  7. Give Kimmel credit for bringing him on and being friendly but still pretty much standing his ground unlike Letterman wussing out on the Palin thing a couple of years ago. He also wasn’t fawning all over him the way Fallon did Miley Tuesday night either.

    • Aaron Cunningham  |   Posted on Oct 10th, 2013 0

      Maybe Kimmel actually… likes Kanye… and… didn’t actually think the whole Twitter thing was the worst thing that someone he knows could do to him?

  8. As always, Kanye is an intelligent man and to say otherwise means you aren’t listening with an open mind. But he’s still a self-aggrandizing egomaniac, and if you can’t see that too then you’re in denial. I found a lot of this interview – his body language as well as what he said – to be very interesting, engrossing even. But am I the only one who thinks it’s complete bullshit that Arctic Monkeys had to be rescheduled? I mean, come on, whoever produces that show should know Kanye is going to bring higher than normal ratings, so move his segments up to the beginning of the show, let him talk even LONGER, and STILL have AM performance at the end. It would have made for a MUCH better show.

    • Bands, comedians even, get bumped on late night shows from time to time. Especially when they have big interviews, like this one.

      I watched the whole episode and before Kanye came out, Jimmy held up the vinyl of “AM” and said that tonight’s musical guests would be Arctic Monkeys. He praised them and then said that if the interview with Kanye goes long, they already had plans to bring them back to perform another time. So there was a heads up before the interview even started.

      At that point it was quite obvious that nobody was seeing Arctic Monkeys that evening. We all knew how this interview would go.

      I realize a lot of people will only see the Youtube clips and could jump to a similar conclusion. But if you saw the whole episode you’d think to give Kimmel credit for actually saying something BEFORE the interview as them getting bumped was something anybody could have seen coming.

      Even Arctic Monkeys themselves I’d wager. They seem like cool blokes.

      • The Arctic Monkeys performance was filmed last week. It was scheduled to be shown today and as a fan of them and not of Kayne talking about how awesome he is I was very disappointed they decided they had to dedicate the whole episode to him.

        • Aaron Cunningham  |   Posted on Oct 10th, 2013 +1

          So, wait… You bought a television just to see this one episode of a television show? Or… will they broadcast the performance they filmed last week at another time and it’ll be available for viewing then?

          • I was under the impression we all watched musical guests on late night shows online, the next day anyway. I feel the performance will surface sooner than later.

      • This only strengthens my belief that it was bad television production. There didn’t need to be a monologue or any sit down time before Kanye was introduced. Just do a cold start with Kimmel at the desk explaining why Kanye is there, then bring him out and get right into it. It would have allowed Kanye to talk more and left time to air the, evidently pre-recorded, Arctic Monkeys performance. And if the performance was pre-recorded then it’s even more perplexing, because they knew exactly how much time they would need to show it. Again, in my opinion, it’s just not solid production.

        • I get the feeling the Internet would still be mad if it was Blues Traveler that got bumped…

          Or even Lana Del Rey…

          Hell, I could see the Internet getting mad if it was Kanye’s own performance that got bumped…

          “Tonight’s musical guest is Kanye West. I’m sitting down with him for an interview, and if it goes too long, we’ll have Kanye back to perform at a later date.”

          Internet: “WTF! I like Kanye as a musician, not as a person. I’m so disappointed that Kanye West bumped Kanye West. WTF Kimmel! Produce your show better you ass!”

          • I get what you’re saying, but I’m not actually mad about anything. I don’t particularly believe that anything I have said regarding the subject at hand displays “anger”. I guess maybe my use of the word “bullshit” could have come across a little strong, but as you say, I would have chosen that word regardless of who the musical guest for that particular episode was supposed to be. I just think after such a big deal was made of their supposed “fued” that the should could have been done better. In fact, the best possible option would have been for Kanye to do a song at the end of the show. But in lieu of that possibility, the show should have been formatted to include the AM performance, simply because it would have made for a better, more complete piece of entertainment. Let Kanye go off about art and creativity, followed by, ya know, somebody actually being creative by performing their art.

        • Why are people down voting the idea of Kanye having more time to talk AND the Arctic Monkeys performance still being shown? What am I missing here? I mean, are you down voting my opinions regarding good television production? So weird.

          • I agree an Arctic Monkeys performance would’ve been icing on the episode cake. I also agree they could’ve cut out the Rock The Bells bit about fake rappers to make room for the performance.

            Unfortunately MUSICAL guests on late night COMEDY shows don’t hold as much weight to the producers as we would give them. I know most everyone on here would opt to put AM in the episode over some sketches. But Kimmel isn’t a musical show with some interviews and sketches. It’s a comedy show with some interviews and music.

            From a producer standpoint, they knew they’d be getting increased ratings due to Kanye, possibly even AM. So if they know they have more people watching for Kanye, they have to choose whether they want to include some Kimmel comedy bits or a musical performance. It should be pretty clear that a producer will choose to highlight what Kimmel does on a daily basis (also considering it was his jokes that started the feud in the first place) in lieu of a one time musical performance.

            For the record, I agree their performance would’ve made for a better episode. Unfortunately, our opinions on late night television is in the minority.

  9. Kanye Drops Three Dimensional Truth Nuggets

  10. I don’t understand why this Kanye’s every idiotic public tantrum misstep ( or is it just his lack of behaving like a gentleman in his near 40′s?) has to be re-addressed in a public forum. From the “great fiascos” of the “infamous” Taylor Swift awards show, to this, to Kanye being a gay fish. The Beatles used to stand for revolution and address true universal concerns, from bed peace to fill in the blank and now the media is whoring after an egomaniac’s twitter rampage and people are actually fawning over this stuff. The emperor has no clothes and there are certainly much more insightful, proactive things in this world to address then to extend an egomaniac’s 15 minutes. Downvote away.

  11. I don’t understand why this Kanye’s every idiotic public tantrum misstep ( or is it just his lack of behaving like a gentleman in his near 40′s?) has to be re-addressed in a public forum. From the “great fiascos” of the “infamous” Taylor Swift awards show, the “George Bush doesn’t care about Black People” statement, to now this, a spoiled child like celeb’s immature tirade. You know music lovers, The Beatles used to stand for revolution and address true universal concerns. John Lennon insight-fully talked about changing the world from his bed with “bed peace” and “hair peace” as well as used the media as an extension to fuel change in the world for the better. He didn’t used the platform to glorify himself. This Kanye West is everything that is wrong with popularizing a selfish overblown ego. The media is whoring after an egomaniac’s twitter rampage and people are actually fawning over this stuff. I’m not faulting Stereogum for reporting it, but I just want to say that The emperor has no clothes and there are certainly much more insightful, proactive things in this world to address then to extend an egomaniac’s 15 minutes.

    • Devil’s advocate, but Elvis built Graceland and Michael Jackson erected a statue of himself to promote a new album that still stands somewhere in Europe or Asia on top of building the Neverland ranch lined with portraits of himself depicted as a king. Pop stars have overblown egos, and it just so happens that in 2013, Kanye’s way of being show-y with his success is not to make a spectacle out of building an elaborate room but rather stealing the spotlight in whichever one you happen to be sitting in.

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        • Aaron Cunningham  |   Posted on Oct 10th, 2013 -3

          “I cant exactly find him to be either eloquent or sufficiently talented enough to justify that massive idiotic ego of his.”

          Then you’re a fucking moron who doesn’t know very much about music. People who are in the music industry and sell lots and lots of records seem to think the guy is one of the most talented, sought after, emulated producers of this era. He could probably retire off the royalties of Jay Z songs he’s produced alone. But you don’t find him talented enough to justify his massive ego. I’d love a link to your website.

          • Hody Aaron. Way to temper your feelings. You made my point exactly when you wrote, and I quote ~ “People who are in the industry and sell lots and lots of records seem to think the guy is one of the most talented, sought after, emulated producers of this era”. I digress and I cringe. Certainly I don’t think producers of actual significant talent and merit like Brain Eno, Quincy Jones, Daniel Lanois, Flood, Alan Moulder, Butch Vig, ect. would adhere to your sentiment. I’, sure Jay-Z and the hip hop world where it seems the bottom line is $$$ might actually praise Kanye, but you seem to equate success with $$$. Shame, really. I respect the little indie band like Slint that’s barely heard of in your little bubble far more then Kanye West and their influence on rock is much more substantial then Kayne Clown. By the way, I know plenty of industry heavy hitters who, like our president, think Kanye is a jackass. Its apples and Oranjes bra. What does Kanye DO exactly? Refresh me. Is he an artist, producer, and if so is he…you know…a producer who understand things like theory, musicianship, actually writing and composing….things that used to be relevant to a producer’s criteria of being a producer? You’re in a disconnect with me as to what solidifies a producer or for that matter, talent. You said that people in the industry who sell lots and lots of records yada yada yada….so selling records actually comes down to talent? Have you heard of The Fall, Joy Division, ect, bands that never really quite cracked millions and millions of records sold but whose legacy far will outweigh one Kayne West? Oh and I’m classically trained, can read theory, can write, compose, yada yada yada but who cares since I havn’t sold millions and millions of records yada yada yada.

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          • P.S. I much guarantee that in my circle of music, if you can’t write your own songs, play your own instruments, show up on time, check your ego at the door and make music the priority instead of royalties and living in the posh hills, then you’re not welcome. I’m done defending the difference between talent and celebrity. I probably would have ignored you but you called me a “fucking moron” and had a really weak argument to boot. Oh, and Kayne is a gay fish.

    • John Lennon was on a better level than Kanye from a maturity stand point… mostly. I am a huge fan of Lennon and the Beatles as a whole, but it is hard to deny the fact that he was a titanic asshole to pretty much everyone up until the last five years of his life. He hit women, neglected his first born son, once said the Beatles were “bigger than Jesus” (which was arguably true at the time, but it is still an egomaniacal thing to say).

      If Twitter existed in 1966, John Lennon would have gone on at least one gigantic Twitter rampage about something. He wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and a platform like Twitter would have gotten him in trouble at least once.

      I do agree though that Lennon at least stood for something (anti-war, peace, etc.) besides himself, which is definitely more than anyone can say about Kanye.

      • I think it’s pretty fucked up how celebrated John Lennon is for promoting peace, when it is well known that he had a problem with violence against women.

        • He was absolutely vile to his first wife and never did right to Julian, even in his later years. People probably think that I am the Stereogum commentor that hates John Lennon, even though nothing could be further from the truth. I just acknowledge that he was a deeply, deeply flawed man.

      • Absolutely.

        Also, bring on the downvotes, but although I am a Beatles fan, and a fan of John’s songs more than the others, “Imagine” is pretty much my least favorite song ever. This fact has nothing to do with the discussion above. I just wanted to get it off my chest.

        • A super duper rich guy telling us to “imagine if there was no possessions” and was well known for getting into spats about money while with the Beatles (and after) doesn’t really ring true to me, either. “Imagine” is my least favorite song by my favorite artist too, and it isn’t just because I am trying to be contrarian.

      • Violence against women can never be excused. It really showed John Lennon to suck in that regard. However, that man still built a large part of his later more mature ( and settled years) on establishing a peace foundation and instilling a legacy to benefit the world outside of himself. Kanye West is simply a caricature footnote for the look at me generation and to me he is on the same level as Miley Cyrus or Lady GaGa. I think the strength in anything the critics see in his music are inherent to the production and the multitude of producers that comprise his work of which he sees fit to take ample credit for. Thank Daft Punk and Rick Rubin for Yeezus, for instance. This arrogant dude is what is wrong with our generation. The entitlement of the baby tantrum me generation. Same with baseball, to be fair. Used to be for the love of the game until the 80s and beyond and then it was cocaine, greed, $$$ and me me me. Is what it is.

  12. I didn’t mean to comment twice. Sorry.

  13. This is the second time he has mentioned David Stern in the same breath as Walt Disney, Howard Hughes, and Steve Jobs. That just tickles me.

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      • The man who want’s nothing but power and fame marries one of the few people more famous than him. That’s genius.

        • They are not married, they’ve just unfortunately procreated. Nothing about Kayne is genius and I wish the world (and he) would stop tossing around that word so nonchalantly.

          Genius is François Englert and Peter W. Higgs “for the theoretical discovery of a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles, and which recently was confirmed through the discovery of the predicted fundamental particle

          Genius is Alice Munro, a Canadian writer, who won the literature prize for work that explores the relationships between men and women, small-town life and the fallibility of memory

          Kayne blabbers about paparazzi and lays down cool beats. He is a intermittent poster child for pop culture.

        • Attaining Power and fame in and of themselves are not genius. Our culture celebrates the notion, but alas…welcome to the 21rst century…

      • Contradictor-Ye

        How much time passed between him mentioning how much money he spent on Gucci shoes when he was younger, that he designed shows for Louis Vitton, and that people that spend thousands of dollars on a bag do it because they think they’re better than other people.


  14. I love how Spongebob was the first thing that came to his head. I can just picture him watching it at home and getting a kick out of Spongebob and Patrick’s antics. “Early morning cartoon shit!”

  15. Part 2 of this interview is real, even if you’re on the fence… do check it out.

  16. What about when he suggested that Kim Kardashian deserved a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Kanye, she hasn’t DONE anything to deserve one. I’m not saying you can’t have something embarrassing in your past and be on the Walk; of course you can. Look at Pee-Wee Herman! He DID something though. Kim films her life, or a version of it, but it doesn’t constitute a significant contribution to the arts. What’s wrong with you?

  17. That last monolgue might be my favourite Kanye monologue so far. Also whether or not you agree that Kanye is a talented designer (I dont know shit about fashion so no opinion) he is right that a racist/classist attitude is prevalent in many job fields and that it’s an issue people should be aware of.

  18. Some of the things he said about classism in the fashion industry and not being given a chance because he’s “just a rapper” are pretty insightful. And some of the things he said are just nonsense and him tooting his own damn horn again. Seems pretty par for the course for Kanye.

    I appreciate that Kanye is an artist who speaks his mind and doesn’t want to be packaged as pop-friendly and is willing to take risks with his music. But I wish the level of rhetoric surrounding him would cool down a bit. Dude made an album with Nine Inch Nails beats and possibly the dumbest lyrics on a mainstream rap album this year. Can we stop turning him into his own self-fulfilling prophecy?

  19. Okokok you can’t deny Kanye’s a powerful speaker, and intelligent, like Cerebus said above. Creative genius?.. eh, maybe with the prod on College Dropout, and in terms of visionary autotunage.

    But, he’s really just a brat. A huuuuuge brat. This whole post-Yeezus “non-campaign” campaign, “non-publicity stunt” publicity stunt is rendered all the more ridiculous when he reveals his true motives. To complain about the fact that one of his pitches as an intern was dissed in order to leverage his status in the fashion industry. To get Kim Kardashian a fucking Star on the Walk Of Fame? In the words of Christian Bale, “Come fucking ON, man.”

    It’s not that rare to see a black model and I have a hard time believing Kanye’s being persecuted a la MJ. Hard to tell tho, cus, to give him credit, he is the only person with this sorta mouthpiece in this sort of position. It’s like, most of us aren’t poring over the diaries of fashion designers and execs, so I guess we’ll have to take your word for it Kanye?

    At the same time, re: fashion, if you look at Kanye’s zeal for clothes A$AP’s flawlessly opulent “Fashion Killa,”
    maybe black guys are about to take over high style.

    One thing I do like about this new Kanye though, is how much he contrasts with Jay. He’s having this mid 30s flare of passion, and just seems like such a vital raw nerve when you put him next to the craggly Jigga. He even referenced this in the BBC interview.

  20. This would have been way more entertaining had Jimmy Kimmel been honest and backed up calling him out.

  21. Ok…time for honest me to come out. (Watch this, Raptor)

    I really enjoyed this interview. I actually found myself feeling bad for Kanye during it. As much as I’ve ranted about him and his music (and I’m sure I still will on occasion, don’t worry Luke Worle), the man is genuine. He is exactly what he seems: a creative genius that can be totally obnoxious and offensive (both musically and otherwise), but not fake. That’s always refreshing when a celebrity seems so “real.”

    Having said all that, I still think he’s an annoying egomaniac and I wish he rapped better. Even if his lyrics were more tolerable, I might actually call myself a Kanye fan. I’m still not. But, as I’ve said before despite that, I respect him as an artist.

  22. This was an amazing moment – Kanye is The Biggest Rock Star since Cobain. I so love his attitude.

    But I wish his talent and defiance were put in service of something bigger than leather jogging pants. Yes, he’s created some great programs for Chicago youth, but how about spending more energy on that and defiantly attacking Obamney for the fact he’s done zero to help minorities (or anyone.)

    Instead Kanye’s spent his Gladwellian “10,000 hours” on fashion?! Ok, he has great fashion sense, but who fucking cares? Kanye’s right that those snobs who say he’s beneath fashion are idiots. What he doesn’t realize is that fashion is beneath him.

    Kanye is a multi-talented man but I still feel he should devote more of his energy to the MUSIC. Ok, he’s pretty much created the best rap of all time now. But he’s still a looong, looong way away from ranking anywhere near the best music of all time. Focus on that, Kanye. Take rap to the next level. I heard leather jogging pants are going out of style for next season anyway.

    • I’ve said this kind of thing in response to you before, but I really don’t have a problem with Kanye wanting to put energy into multiple passions. As a creative person myself, I often feel the same urges. I want to put energy into drawing, film, music, all sorts of things. I think a lot of creative people are the same way, the difference is Kanye is one of those that has seemingly limitless energy to go in all directions, and is lucky enough to have made it big in one of them therefore affording him opportunities elsewhere.

      Telling him to stick to what he’s good at makes sense from an audience point of view. Obviously you like his music best so you want him to focus on that. But for one thing, Kanye’s music hasn’t suffered at all, so if you like it there’s no worries there. On the other hand, he’s not doing those to please you are an audience, at least not in the way you are expecting. Obviously the man loves praise and recognition, but I think there are other things driving his goals that have nothing to do with that. It’s simply the nature of the creator.

      Damn, here I go again defending Kanye. Can we change the subject? I’m not comfortable here.

      • I respect people with multiple passions. But I make rock and roll, and I really don’t have time to care about anything else. All my rock and roll heroes were the same way. If Kanye wants to be “the new rock and roll and I’m the biggest rock star of them all”, then he needs to study up on the greats. David Bowie never thought he should try moonlighting as a fashion designer. Yes, Kanye’s music hasn’t suffered – Yeezus is probably his best yet – but that only shows me that he’s starting to break out of the “just rap” pigeonhole and could really break the mold if he put all his focus on music. He should do a collaborative album with Reznor or Damon Albarn or Merrill Garbus or the Arctic Monkeys or someone.

        Side note: I wonder how much of Kanye’s whole thing is about a personal competition he has with Jay, to show how much better and cooler he is than the previous rap champ.

    • He addressed this exact point in the interview.

      Remember when he was producing and everyone said, “Nah man, you can’t rap. You’re a producer. Stick to that.” Then, as he said in this interview, he got his Roc chain and here comes “Jesus Walks”

      So now he’s saying here he is again, knocking at the door of fashion, and everyone is saying, “Nah man, you can’t design. You’re a rapper. Stick to that.”

      Don’t you want the Jesus Walks suit? I want the Jesus Walks suit.

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        • I’m not going to sit here and say that fashion ISN’T corny bullshit. I have absolute zero interest in fashion.

          But Kanye’s clearly been into fashion since before he was into music, the way he tells it. So now that he’s been very successful in music, why shouldn’t he be able to get involved in fashion?

          You say you focus all your time on rock ‘n roll. What if you were six very great albums into your career and asked yourself, what next? Of course you’ll say you’d just put out six more great albums, but what if you wanted to chase your childhood passion of video games, LEGOS, or sports? Wouldn’t it be frustrating if you announced you wanted to work with LEGO to design some cool rock ‘n roll themes playsets and a bunch of people told you that you couldn’t?

          I’m in no position to judge people’s dreams. I mean JAY Z represents basketball players now. Aren’t rappers always talking about doing what you want? Isn’t the whole idea of rock ‘n roll to be yourself and do what you want?

          I’m reminded of something Andre 3000 said on “Royal Flush”

          Unfortunate that if you come up fortunate the streets consider you lame
          Ha, I thought the name of the game, was to have a better life
          I guess it ain’t, what a shame

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          • I think your problem stems from labeling Kanye as pop star, when he should simply be labeled as an “artist.” You keep comparing him to rock n’ roll greats, how about comparing him to artistic greats? The greatest artists in history were renaissance men, doing a little of everything and excelling at whatever their creative opportunities led them to. Kanye is an artist, who happens to have succeeded in the musical realm of creativity. Why should he be limited to that simply because that’s what he’s most known for? DaVinci is most known now for painting, but he was an inventor, a medical student, an engineer. In fact, he would’ve told you painting wasn’t his strong suit, that just happened to be what made him famous (at least to us hundreds of years later.)

            Side note: I am not saying Kanye is DaVinci. He might say that, but I’m just making the parallel.

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    • Aaron Cunningham  |   Posted on Oct 10th, 2013 +3

      “Ok, he’s pretty much created the best rap of all time now. But he’s still a looong, looong way away from ranking anywhere near the best music of all time.”

      If he’s created some of the best rap of all time… but hasn’t created some of the best music of all time… Doesn’t that suggest that you consider rap inferior to great music? That statement seems to reflect more on you than it does on him.

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        • Er, are you really saying there are no hip-hop songs as classic or more classic than songs by Deerhoof?

          • Nah, c’mon, I was making a general point. Of course there are thousands of rap songs better than average Deerhoof stuff. But if you made a list of the 1,000 greatest songs ever, there would be like 20 rap songs on there.

          • I agree w/ 20 out of 1000, in terms of general music fan consensus. I’d have more, but that’s me.

            Give hip hop 20 more years, with the Earls and Danny Browns gettin a little breathin room, and it may be the majority.

            The “WE DA NEW ROCK STARS” thing does engage me tho, because it’s pretty true. And I know they been beefin, but even Obama said that rap is the most vital genre right now.

            Can I just say, I love havin a president who referenced his wife and Young Jeezy in the same breath.

            The times, they be a changin.

          • I agree that rap is really coming into a good era now with earl/danny brown/etc. Everyone’s a lot freer now after the influence of Kanye allowed people to drop the macho posture and Wayne allowed people to be abstract and funny and druggy. Still don’t necessarily think rap can produce more of the 1000 greatest songs, because melody is supreme.

            There’s some real Rock Stars in rap right now but the impact they’re having isn’t close to what the Rock Stars of past decades had. If you want to change the world with music, you really need a melody so people can sing along. And of course, rock and roll has been pretty dead for the last 10 years, so rap hasn’t had much competition.

  23. You all act like in his lyrics he hasn’t called out the crime rate in chicago and told fellow black men not to be drug dealers.
    Like he didn’t call out the connection between the CCA and the CIA.
    Like he didn’t say in all his interviews that we should get away from class-ism, that you can be anything you want to be, that the artist doesn’t have to be bullied.

    He is a musical genius. 21 Grammys. Hit’s for days. Classic albums.

    I saw a great tweet about this. He goes on national television and talks about having the bravery to go out and be yourself. Meanwhile anonymous internet trolls slur racial or ignorant epithets.

    • Those kind of lyrics are why I love him. Stay on those messages – use the Kimmel platform to attack the CIA/CCA/Obamney/etc. A lot of dumbass Kimmel watchers don’t know what Kanye raps about and could stand to be educated him. But instead, the minute he talks about Gucci this/David Stern that, he totally undermines himself, his music, and his message.

  24. Can we all maybe keep perspective? People keep saying Kanye needs to act more like a classic rock star. But those classic rock stars don’t exactly have a stellar track record.

    Kanye isn’t a known abuser of women. John Lennon was.
    Kanye wasn’t arrested for possessing Nazi paraphernalia. David Bowie was.
    Kanye isn’t a heroin addict. Kurt Cobain was.
    Kanye doesn’t touch children. Michael Jackson did.
    Kanye’s manager didn’t hire a violent street gang for concert security. The Rolling Stones did.

    By comparison the worst thing Kanye ever did was hurt Taylor Swift’s feelings.

    Well actually the worst thing Kanye did was praise David Stern, that human slimeball. Actually you know what? Fuck Kanye. David Stern is the worst.

    • sorry, Bowie was charged, not arrested at the Polish border. My bad.

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      • I…I don’t even…what the hell is wrong with your worldview? How could you actually think that way? How have you gotten your priorities so horribly out of whack? What kind of twisted individual thinks A Bigger Bang is better than Late Registration?

        You are sick in the head.

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          • Oh I never said it was at odds with rock. I just said it’s a shitty thing to do. Rock stars do shitty things, and hiring a violent gang that then kills somebody at your concert is objectively worse than a twitter rant. I don’t even want to get into you not begrudging Jacko the chance to sleep with little boys.

            And no you were not specific, so I just have to assume you’ve got a copy of Bowie’s Tonight that you hold in higher esteem than Kanye’s entire discog. This calls your entire musical taste into question, as well as your sanity.

      • Do all these rockstars you idolize perform naked on stage?

        Or do they wear clothes. OR DARE I SAY FASHIONABLE CLOTHES???

        • Nothing fashionable about Bowie. Nope. He dresses like an insurance salesman.

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          • How could you call clothes “cool” when worn, but a waste of time when designing them. I mostly just don’t like the idea that because you don’t value fashion, it’s therefore a waste of time for everyone. What do you know anyway? I bet you don’t even own leather jogging pants.

          • Aaron Cunningham  |   Posted on Oct 10th, 2013 +4

            You have a really sad worldview. I’m actually sad for you right now.

          • The same way I think mangoes are cool to eat, but I don’t want M.I.A. to devote 10,000 hours to becoming a mango farmer.

            I think what Lady Gaga does with clothes is cool as hell. If Kanye wants to design stage clothes for himself, that is awesome! If he wants to start his own clothing line selling stuff inspired by his style, I’d call that a pretty lame cash-grab, but he wouldn’t be the first. But if he wants to get hired by some lame snobby fashion line just so he can feel validated on some ridiculously whack level, and then not have a sense of humor about it, that’s cray.

          • It’s almost as though you’ve slept through the last 50 years of culture, miguelito. You might be the most uncultured commenter I’ve seen on here. Just sayin.

          • You should stop pursuing commenting and stick to what you’re good at, which is not commenting.

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          • How bout a gif?

          • Or better yet…

          • i don’t trust anyone that doesn’t have an avatar, just saying

      • Ahhhh….what? Thats twisted man. Very uncool to say.

    • Interesting point, but I would say that all those people you listed put together are more humble than Kanye, and that’s why people hate him.

      • BTW, off topic Mickrandom26, but I recently watched “What about Bob”, and I had a subliminal moment whereby your avatar was recalled…then I put 2 and 2 together and realized it’s a still from the film. Was a wonderful, if fleeting moment for me. Thank you.

    • Osama Bin Laden didn’t do any of that stuff either. Alas, both he and Kanye have at least one thing in common. They are both terrorists. One of freedom, the other of music.

  25. Kanye gets my goat and I guess that’s the/his point. For me, it goes back to the reality that egotism and lyrical sexism is the pits and getting overpraised and praising yourself when you can’t write actual songs or play actual instruments is acceptable protocol these days for being , and I quote Mr. West, the ”greatest musician in the world”. It’s a living insult to music. I need to go watch Sponegebob and recover. KidChair, upload some Spongebob vids and lighten the mood.

  26. I feel that the text in this article needs a bigger Yeezus reference.

  27. Thought he was gonna slip into some GNR “Get in the Ring” at ~3:30 of part 6!

  28. Have you noticed how Kanye sometimes laughs without smiling? I’ve never seen that before, lol.

  29. It is conmpletely clear that to have a dissenting opinion on this ego driven kanye is just courting for downvotes. Its preposterous that one can’t explain how they feel without the downvoter haters. Kayne’s talent is far over-estimated but his celebrity and ability to rabble rouse are probably what garner attention more then anything. Welcome him as you guys wish. But at least give me courtesy to make downvote of the week. I’m at 4 on most of my downvotes. *thumbs up*

    • Start first with not actually believing that it’s just a you versus them mentality.

      Maybe it’s moreso the fact that you’re approaching the comment boards with an agenda and you’re getting frustrated by your own obsessiveness with constant downvotes that your claims with Kanye keep straying further away from legitimate and closer to generically biased and derivative (in what world really is Kanye’s talent akin to Miley? That’s such a tunnel-visioned “hurr durr all mainstream artists deserve to be generalized” argument.

      Downvotes are normal thingamobs on the internet, okay?. Now get over yourself, you silly beret man!

    • I thought I’d get on the worst comments list a time or two for my Kanye rants. Turns out enough people agreed with me (you included.) He’s just that kind of a polarizing artist I suppose.

  30. Kanye West doesn’t even know what Kanye West is saying.

  31. I’m obviously late but would like to add a bit just because…

    When you say that Hip-Hop is just looping beats and samples and that is all kanye/hip-hop artists do is extremely untrue and just overlooking the art that is music making/producing.

    Kanye over almost any Hip-Hop artist is on his “god” level, so to speak, because he doesnt just take a sample and loop it- the instrumentation on his albums is fucking incredible! now it may not be kanye himself shredding up a guitar and playing sweet-sweet violins and horn sections- but the dude is def a wizard on the keys/synths/etc… and wouldnt have a single lick played on his album that he didnt craft at least the idea of, whether it was based on an existing riff or not, his albums and hundreds of other hi-hop albums incorporate more instrumentation than some full band recordings… just sayin- Kanye is good, really good, whatever he says/does in the public eye can make him look like this, or that, but he’s still really, really good. One of the best IMO.

    I think about if

  32. It’s as if Kanye had a plan to revolutionize fame: it’s going fame with everything that’s great about fame, minus everything that sucks about fame. It’ll be a revolution that affects about 0.0000007% of humanity, including him. The rest of us are still expected to appreciate his genius and the “joy” he brings to the world.

    Seems like having a child did nothing to make him feel like maybe he’s not the most important person in the world.

  33. Kanye West, 36-year-old father of a young girl, prizes cool stuff and fame above all else and is shocked – SHOCKED – that the fashion industry is populated by shallow, bitter people.

    • Aaron Cunningham  |   Posted on Oct 17th, 2013 -1

      And you know what Kanye West values over his daughter because he’s devoted a great deal of time to publicly talking about his daughter and fatherhood? Or you assume Kanye West values “stuff” over his daughter because he’s tended to avoid talking publicly about his daughter? I mean, I can tell you’re really smart and stuff. And you obviously have an intricate understanding of Kanye West and what he thinks. I’d just like it if you could show your work…

  34. “I’ve never done a publicity stunt!”

    Kanye regarding his Rolling Stone cover with 50cent:
    “It was a complete publicity stunt, It was my idea. I knew it was going to take off as soon as we were going to come out on the same date. Think about it — you got the two biggest sh-t-talkers in rap history.”


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