Deadmau5 came in at fifth on this year’s Forbes list of highest-paid DJs ($21 million!), so he isn’t exactly hurting for cash, but getting stiffed for $200,000 is never a pleasant experience. That’s what allegedly went down Feb. 11, 2011, according to a pending dispute in Las Vegas federal court.

The Hollywood Reporter describes an absurd agreement in which the button-pushing DJ agreed to play Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer” at the request of a high-rolling blackjack player named Don Johnson, a friend of Jon Bon Jovi’s. Johnson allegedly agreed to pay a cool $200K for the right to gyrate on stage to his pal Jon’s ’80s mega-hit during Deadmau5′s performance at the Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Hotel Resort. Apparently, Johnson, who once won $6 million in a single night of gambling, refused to come up with the cash when Deadmau5′s manager came calling, so promoter Jesse Waits and Deadmau5′s management company William Morris Agency pooled their money to cover the payment. Now William Morris Agency is suing the promoter, Waits, not the gambler, Johnson, alleging that Waits misrepresented Johnson’s intentions to pay up.

The details of the story are somewhat confusing, not least of which is that Deadmau5 and his agent are both named Joel Zimmerman. Watch the incident below and try your best to make sense of it here.

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  1. Serves him right for playing a Bon Jovi song.

  2. Of couse Kenny Powers’ dad would pull some shit like this.

  3. Half now, half when the job is done. Everyone knows this. Han knew it, Obi Wan knew it (even if he was planning on cheating Han when they reached Alderaan). Even in a galaxy far, far, away. They knew this.

  4. This was covered already (and more in depth) by Grantland. But really, the beef is between the agency and the promoter. The Promoter is seeking reimbursement for the money he gave Deadmau5 since Johnson didn’t pay up and the agency is suing him.

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