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The underrated Boston indie singer-songwriter Mary Lou Lord dated Kurt Cobain before Cobain married Courtney Love, and so you’ll be absolutely shocked to discover that Love and Lord don’t much like each other. Mostly, Love has been the aggressor, talking shit on Lord in interviews throughout the ’90s, while the way-less-famous Lord has been silent. But now Lord has aired out Love in an epic since-deleted Facebook post. The details:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, what set Lord off was Love’s cover of Big Star’s “Thirteen,” which Lord did not like: “It was crap because it wasn’t HONEST. She didn’t even know the words.”

But Lord had more to say:

I also feel that I have the right to call them like I see/hear them with this woman. There were many times she slammed the shit out of me in public for apparently no reason, saying things that were untrue….One of which was (and this is just SICK thinking in itself), that I had killed the family cat. She said that I had snuck onto their porch (she and Kurt’s porch), and killed the cat by sticking a syringe in its eye and breaking its neck!

Many of her stupid salivating followers actually believed her, which caused me to have to shake off her sick sycophants who would give me endless amounts of shit and stalk me…I’ve never said mean things about her-nor do I really give a shit. But this performance brought my claws out and I must say, gave me pleasure at the same time…knowing that she’s now finally reached the apex of total crapola.

Lord also brought up the charge that Love had killed her daughter’s pets:

I think it’s ironic how 2 yrs ago or so [Love's] cat was killed by getting strangled in her closet of clothes. The poor animal got caught in the stringy and delicate etsy shawls, and all the dangling do-dads in her closet.

Also, the family dog was killed by accidentally eating the pills on the floor…This shit, I DID NOT make up. I’ve held back SO many thoughts on this bitch over the years that I deserve a reward. And I suppose that my little reward is in the KNOWING that this woman just plainly SUCKS in so many ways, on so many levels. Just sayin.

There’s more, about why Lord never clapped back on Love back in the day and about her feelings about Cobain, and you can read it at The Hollywood Reporter. And even though Lord removed the post about Love from her Facebook page, she did share a cover that her daughter did of “Thirteen,” with Lord herself singing backing vocals. Here’s what she wrote:

Sharing again. At least we knew the words, and that’s where it begins. Lesson #1. Know the song. Lesson #2. Put yourself in the middle of it. It doesn’t matter if you’re in tune, bad voice, chords wrong, etc. Just try to know the words enough to not use a lyric sheet…And be honest. Is that too much to ask?

For reference, here’s Courtney Love’s cover of “Thirteen”:

And here’s Annabelle and Mary Lou Lord’s version:

Based on cover quality alone, I think Lord wins this one. Also, I don’t know Lord personally or anything, but I’ve met her a couple of times and she’s one of the most pleasant and lovely musicians I’ve ever talked to. It’s hard to imagine her getting pissed off enough to lash out like this, but, I mean, she had her reasons.

Love also has a memoir coming; HarperCollins is set to publish it this winter.

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  1. “Lord also has a memoir coming; HarperCollins is set to publish it this winter.” Gee Willikers, not to be cynical or anything, could this “controversy” be motivated by trying to stir up interest for selling the book?

  2. I like Courtney…I like Mary Lou (after reading this article). What’s a man to do? *Shrugs shoulders*

  3. two really different approaches, I’m not sure which I like more. I’ve always been a sucker for softer voices but hearing Love’s version kind of transported me to the 90′s for a second. Songs aside I still think Courtney love is crazy and has said and done some of the most embarrassing things, for Lord to capitalize on her drama with Love seems like a logical move to promote her book.

  4. What kind of grown adult uses the term “total crapola”? ??

    • The kind of woman who has a teenage daughter, and worries what impression she makes on her, though Marylou has a few expletives throughout this article, she is restrained in her ” tirade” the truth is Courtney
      Love is a hot mess, and if it weren’t for her few Hollywood friends who are still willing to drop her off, and pick her up at rehab every twenty months, or so, she’d be another dead, junkie whore, found in a back alley somewhere on Hollywood blvd! I know Marylou both personally, and professionally, and she has overcome her own demons, to become a better mom, and person to her daughter Annabelle, where as Francis bean has pretty much written Courtney love out of her life!

      • That’s actually not true. Courtney and Frances reconciled. And it also would make no sense for her to censor herself with “crapola” as she proceeds to use several even worse expletives in the rest of the rant. It’s a moot point.

    • i feel like that’s the kind of thing only a grown adult would say

  5. Courtney Love bullied the shit out of Mary Lou since the early 1990′s out pure jealous and deranged and unwarranted cuntedness and Mary Lou stood tall and took the worst of it from Courtney and her trolls. Ask around about Mary Lou if you don’t know her. I defy you to find someone who knows her who would bad mouth her.

  6. Nothing like good old fashioned shit-pot stirring ‘journalism’. MLL is just smart as hell, so at least there is that.

  7. Courtney Love with her Hole trolls bullied Mary Lou throughout the 90′s all because she was jealous and insecure and Mary Lou with stood the shit storm of hatred like and got through it.

    But is was all terribly unfair and tragic how the whole thing turned out, yet I defy anyone who knows Mary Lou to claim she is petty and bitter.

    While Courtney bumbles through life in a haze of Xanax and self loathing and plastic surgeries, burning bridged with her family and friends, Mary Lou continues to become a better person and beloved by many, many people.

  8. I’m just gonna call em as I see em, and sorry, but Mary Lou sounds pathetically jealous here. It’s a bit embarrassing— almost cringeworthy. Stirring up crap that happened fifteen years ago just because she doesn’t “approve” of Courtney’s Big Star cover? What do the two things have in common? Why would that even trigger such a response? If the schadenfreude of seeing Courtney’s “crapola” performance were enough to satisfy Mary Lou’s bitterness, why go online and start a shit storm about it?

    As someone who really loves Hole, I’m the first person to admit that Courtney is a troubled person who is probably not easy to get along with, but Lord comes off as the ridiculous one in this instance, which is REALLY saying something when you’re up against one of the most publicly neurotic women in music history.

    • No she doesn’t.

      • Sorry, it IS ridiculous to bring up a personal wrath against someone just because you didn’t feel their cover of a song was “good enough”. She used that (which is inconsequential to anything else she went on to talk about) just so she’d have the opportunity to trash talk Courtney.

        The only reason Mary Lou even covers that song in the first place is because she collaborated with Elliot Smith for five seconds and he had covered it quite famously. She prefaces her performances of it by talking about how special it was to her and how that song is one of her greatest memories of him and blah blah blah. Cry me a river.

        Aside from that, her biggest claim to fame has been how she was “friends” with Cobain before he went mainstream or whatever. She needs to get over the fact that some people made it in the business and she wasn’t one of them.

    • So Love can say hundreds of vicious things about this woman, but when she responds publicly, finally, *once* you declare it’s jealousy? You’ve got some serious blinders on.

  9. The Mary Lou Lord version of this song is so safe and predictable that it reminds me why she never caught on in the 90s. Courtney voice is rough around the edges but it has more character. It’s both strong and vulnerable at the same time.

  10. >>> THE BOOK >>> The OtherSide is a door way, let me take you on a journey just walk through the door and YOU DECIDE #Truth #CobainLies #Nirvana Love you #KurtCobain

  11. It’s got inappropriate character. The song is written in the persona of a teenager, not someone who smokes a few packs of cigarettes each day and washes it down with a bottle of whiskey.

  12. panger2013  |   Posted on Jan 30th 0

    Courtney Love is a lying, conniving train wreck but –

    Mary Lou Lord is no great shakes either. Having invested in her Kickstarter campaign to make an album, I’ve watched she has led all of us on a carnival ride replete with false promises, and excuses. Her Kickstarter was funded October 31 2011. I can count seven different times when she wrote the album was complete. And yet, three years later, we are all still waiting for her album.

    From my perspective, they both deserve each other.

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