The Knife

It’s no wonder that it’s taken some time for remixes of the new Knife album to come out, since the best way to describe the response to Shaking The Habitual is with that scene from Scanners when Michael Ironside uses his psychic powers to make that newscaster’s head explode. But now that we’ve had time to recover, it’s good to consider some reworks, like the one by Planningtorock and this dark clubby take on the kinetic disc two opener “Raging Lung” by Hannah Holland. Listen below.

(via Dazed Digital)

The remix is out 10/14 via Rabid”/Brille/Mute.

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  1. That was terrific!

    “Raging Lung” is in my opinion the best song on Shaking the Habitual. Glad Hannah Holland maintained the track’s length.

  2. Great remix. The Knife have been the soundtrack to my life for the last year or so.

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