If there’s anything we’ve learned from “Berzerk,” “Survival,” and now this new The Marshall Mathers LP 2 cut “Rap God,” it’s that Eminem is so stridently Eminem that when he makes reference to Monica Lewinsky, a name-drop dated as ever, it feels right. Those cultural moments are so deeply rooted to his origin and there is something that feels so ’90s about this recent crop of tunes, that reminding us he popped off when Clinton was president is something that bleeds through the music — there’s probably no need for that note. But we can let that one slide for the certainly egregious use of Hot Stylz’s “Lookin’ Boy” as source material. Do you guys even remember that song? (You should. It rules. But it’s a one hit wonder from 2007.) But it’s forgivable because one of the other things that remains forever true about Eminem is that, my goodness, can he rap circles around nearly everyone. Here he offers lyrical darts, precise as ever, on a track clocking in at 6 minutes with no hook and a legion of flows. Check it out below.

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is out 11/5 on Shady/Aftermath/Interscope. He plays SNL 11/2.

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  1. To be fair, he references Lewinsky because he talks about how long he’s been rapping.

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  3. I wanted to talk shit about this song, but this is a major step up from what he’s released so far from MMLP2. Looks like there will be a handful of worthwhile tracks on the new album, at least.

  4. The Lewinsky scandal happened in 1998.

    Jeffrey Dahmer died in 1994.

    Meanwhile: http://rapgenius.com/search?q=%22Jeffrey+Dahmer%22

    I get it though. Eminem’s old. Great observation.

  5. Eminem, retire! You’re done. :) ;)

  6. Well it’s better I guess. I mean, there’s no way to go but up when you’re last single was an awful Beastie Boys imitation played over a Billy Squire sample.

  7. I dunno – I love Em, and this song is pretty great, but doesn’t something about MMLP2 feel a little dishonest?It’s just so on-the-nose throwback Eminem. It’s almost like an unbelievably good and accurate Slim Shady cover band or something. I mean his hair has even looked more bleached blonde… it’s all a bit much.

  8. I love how he says “faggot” no less than three times and follows it up with something like “I gotta scribble enough rhymes to try and help get some people through tough times.” What a comedian!

  9. Yup. This is definitely better than Berzerk and Survival. Finally, Em!

  10. Although the production isn’t groundbreaking, this is Eminem at some of his verbally dextrous best. And like everything he does, you can actually follow his flow (unlike many other rappers who rhyme fast). Not game changing, but any Eminem fan will love this. A solid return to form.

  11. how are people not hating this, i couldn’t get through the whole thing with this garish production, shaping up to be the worst album of 2013

  12. This is exactly what hip hop needed. What would you be rather listening to lil wayne saying he’s an alien or drake crying on a track? There is only a few people worth listening to in hip hop now and Eminem is one of them.

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