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Paul McCartney’s newest album is appropriately titled New, and now the entire thing is streaming on Spotify. In addition to some live performances, McCartney also did a surprise performance at a high school last week. You can stream the entire album below.

New is out now via EMI.

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  1. I think “New,” “Hosanna” and the mayyyyyybe the hidden track at the end are keepers. Everything else is either inoffensive but forgettable or pretty rough. I love the dude with a borderline unhealthy passion, though, so it’s not really disappointing for me. I’m of the mindset that if he gives us a couple nice songs an album it’s a win for everybody.

  2. I think this album is great and already underrated. It’s really, really gorgeous, but younger fans and hipsters won’t like it because it’s not a departure. This is one of those great albums that after the artist dies and people go crazy over whole discography torrents, they discover this underrated record and go “Wait, this is so good! Why didn’t people talk more about this at the time?’. And they didn’t because at the time you and a lot of people took McCartney’s craftmanship for granted.

    But I’ll say this: in 8 years McCartney has released three albums that are among his best non-Beatles discography (Chaos & Creation in The Backyard, Memory Almost Full and now New). It’s a pretty high standard, but because he isn’t breaking new ground, and he never really left, and because critics and hipsters aren’t as enthusiastic about artists who careers that extend over 30 years unless they are named Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen, those albums are not regarded at the level they should be.
    But I still have no problem saying this is a lock for my year-end top 10.

    • You’re speaking on behalf of younger fans? Who cares about the critics and hipsters. Totally disagree with your assessment, except with the album is great. I don’t think Paul is trying to reach the lax generation. He has already reached millions of fans. The man is a legend. He does not need to prove anything to you or me. Calling it underrated is so premature. Speak for yourself, not for the entire millions of people.

  3. The New Yorker panned this album (and McCartney, in general), but I think this is a really strong effort. I do wish he would focus his efforts. The guy who basically invented the concept album and popularized album cohesion should put more towards artistic endeavors like his fantastic The Fireman album “Electric Arguments” or his album with Nigel Godrich, “Chaos and Creation…” Of course, I’m just some schmuck on a message board and he’s Paul McCartney. At 71, I guess he can do whatever the hell he wants. New is a great album and well worth McCartney’s catalogue.

  4. What’s happening this decade is that those who dig McCartney and have been shouted down by ‘reds’ (file under ‘used to read a pro-Lennon anti-MacCartney NME music journo or mindlessly-repeating successor once and developed entire musical peer-group profile from it’) have grown tired of having to keep the volume down on ‘Nothing Too Much Just Outta Sight’.

    It’s about time the red blacklist was challenged for being the most boring form of hipsterdom (especially fashion-wise as it’s still wearing post-punk Ian Curtis funeral suit) but, really, McCartney doesn’t need the support REALLY.
    As he’d already blown the commercial high-ground in the mid-eighties with that film and THAT cartoon (no hits since), he found himself back in the front line of innovation on the music business front and has been live live live on tour even when others were still arguing with their ‘indie’ labels.

    Not only is his hated seventies ‘nadir’ (Rolling Stone) album RAM the best regarded album of that era, but even the eighties stuff is gathering interest!

    But he’d better cool it with the hype (always overdone by macca) as if he tries to resuscitate ‘Give My Regards to Broad Street’ using hipster mags, he’ll end up being buried in a pauper’s grave

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