Chief Keef Outside Cook County Jail

Chief Keef, the popular, polarizing and troubled teenaged Chicago rap star, is going to jail. TMZ reports that Keef, aka Keith Cozart, tested positive for marijuana on a random drug test issued as part of his parole for a speeding ticket incurred last May in Chicago, when he was clocked at 115 mph in a 55 mph zone. Keef posted the above photo on his Instagram account today before turning himself in to Cook County authorities today to serve a 20-day sentence, along with the following message:

Outside The Court House Turnin My Self In [emojis] But Fuck It I Got Niggas Facin More Then That ! For Shit Like killin Police officers

Keef’s Finally Rich was our final Album Of The Week of 2012.

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  1. You know how I know I’m getting old? When I saw this article I immediately thought to myself “what is wrong with the world that a clown like this continues to get notoriety.” It’s a real shame that music sources that I enjoy, like Stereogum, continue to perpetuate this guys fame and fortune. The fact that they quote an instagram message where he casually talks about his friends killing cops is pathetic. But I guess it gets them their precious page views.

  2. So this means no Chief Keef music for the foreseeable future right? Please?

  3. I’m constantly asking myself whether I’m justified in dismissing Chief Keef as trash. I don’t see anything artful in what he does, but when I say things like that, I have to ask myself if I’m being too stiff or closed minded to where he comes from. A lot of the best music was dismissed by old fogies for the same reasons I dismiss Chief Keef– glorification of violence, gangs, drugs, along with objectification of women. But I feel like the difference between Chief Keef and respected artists accused of glorifying these things is artists like NWA started close to 30 years ago when the media and pop culture all but ignored the impoverished African American. They arrived on the scene portraying gritty realities of growing up in Compton, and caused an uproar with their mainstream success because reality made a lot of white America uncomfortable.

    With a healthy does of gangsta rap in our collective past, I don’t see what Chief Keef does other than taking shocking aspects of hip hop in the past out of context, because he’s young, and perpetuating all of the possible wrong messages one can take from hip hop.

    That being said, I understand that he comes from a rough area in the south side of Chicago, and he writes what he knows. I just really don’t think he has anything to say, so what exactly is the point? And why is he of all people getting all of this fame? Is it because he’s shocking? Odd Future is(/was?) shocking, and they give us more to talk about than their arrest records. Chance the Rapper is also from south side Chicago, and I will fistfight anyone who makes the argument that what he’s doing is less interesting. I’m hesitant to say this, but I think hipsters (for lack of a better term) are so consumed with white guilt that we publicly endorse Chief Keef because we’re always looking for what (we perceive) to be the “blackest” hip hop. I dunno. I come from a walk of life that doesn’t grant my opinion any authority, but I find this guy problematic in general… and not in a way where “problematic” can mean “artistic” in a roundabout way.

    • A measure of the “blackest” hip-hop would find us at Chief Keef?
      I’m pretty sure what you meant was the most “ignorant” hip-hop.

      I could see how you must have mis-typed that. We don’t want anyone to mistake that you thought there was an actual gradient of “blackness” where the furthest end must be a weed smoking criminal/gangsta rapper.

      Boy, that sure would be offensive wouldn’t it?

  4. Failing Drug Tests, SHIT I DON’T LIKE


  6. Maybe if Chief Keef was inducted into a Native American community he could legally smoke the reefer for religious and cultural practice.

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