The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame has announced 16 acts eligible for induction in 2014: Nirvana, Kiss, the Replacements, Hall And Oates, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Chic, Deep Purple, Peter Gabriel, LL Cool J, N.W.A., Link Wray, the Meters, Linda Ronstadt, Cat Stevens, Yes, and the Zombies. In order to be eligible, it has to be 25 years since the release of a band or artist’s first single or album. Nirvana is the only act on the list in its first year of eligibility (“Love Buzz” came out in ’88) and it’s pretty much a guarantee they’ll be voted in. Fans can vote for their picks at Rolling Stone; the top 5 acts from the online poll will comprise a single ballot among the 600+ that determine the inductees.

Among the newly eligible acts that didn’t make the cut are Fugazi and Morrissey. They join worthy, eligible-but-not-nominated acts like Sonic Youth, the Smiths, T. Rex, Kraftwek, Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, the Cure, and Roxy Music.

The Class Of 2014 will be announced in December and the ceremony takes place in April.

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  1. Nirvana is already eligible for the rock hall of fame? Now I feel old.

  2. That list of bands not nominated pretty much proves that the R&R H.O.F. is meaningless. Might as well just give them all Grammys.

    • Not that I think the R&R HOF is some sacred institution but there is a limited amount of inductees every and rock music has been around for a long time. There are a lot of acts to get to.

      • I understand that but it just seems like a joke to me that acts like Hall And Oates or Cat Stevens are considered Rock & Roll and bands that have been as influential as Sonic Youth or the Smiths are ignored. These choices are bland and it just makes me sad.

  3. The Replacements, Nirvana, The Zombies, and Link Wray all definitely deserve to make it. Why do I have a bad feeling that only the obvious one will though?

    • Because Link Wray has universal appeal :P

    • I think Hall & Oates, Kiss, Nirvana will get in. Gabriel, Yes, Cat Stevens, and NWA will all almost certainly get in the next few years. Everyone else could be waiting a while.

      • I don’t think Kiss makes it this year. They’ve been eligible for a while. A lot of the Hall voters hate them passionately, mainly for the crass over-marketing. (I read a story some years ago that claimed that some Hall voters were concerned that Simmons would basically make the the entire ceremony about him/them, thereby disrupting it for the other inductees.)

        I think Kiss gets in eventually. But I think it’ll be either after a) a bunch of the current voters die off or b) Gene Simmons is dead.

  4. Well, once a band makes the shortlist, that means there’s a good chance that means the HOF people intend to keep nominating until they make it in. So even if the ‘Mats have to wait a few years, this means they’re on the radar. And I can honestly think of few bands who deserve it more – although, yeah, KISS are probably overdue too.

    But that still leaves Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, Kraftwerk, the Smiths, Joy Division / New Order, Depeche Mode . . . hell, basically every non-American, non-heartland radio-frendly rock or pop group since the mid-70s. But I’m sure we can figure out another configuration that will allow them to put Eric Clapton on the bill again.

    Thing is, much as I wish we could completely disregard the HOF – I remember a few years back when Patti Smith was inducted. Now, there’s a person who has made a career out of being an iconoclast, consistently done her own thing, influenced whole genres of music, made an indelible mark – and yet, because she never got played on rock radio, she was hardly a shoe-in. But at her induction, you could tell it meant the world to her – she teared up, talked about her dead husband, was really swept away by the moment. (Plus, she was inducted the same year as REM, and Michael Stipe made a point of saying on that same stage that she was his number one influence.) So, it means something, if not to the record books or to us, then to the people themselves.

    Same with Leon Russell two years ago: one of those folks you can easily imagine being overlooked and forgotten, but he had a new album out with Elton John, and Elton’s one of those people who acts from a deep sense of obligation to people to whom he feels musically indebted. I’m sure working with Elton and getting back in the spotlight was the push he needed that year – it was nice to see him pulled back out of the shadows and able to enjoy it.

  5. Yep, 1st ballad HOF’ers. This was a lock as soon as they were eligible.

  6. While I think Nirvana will be a shoo-in, I don’t think they should make it in. There. I said it.

  7. Nirvana, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, The Meters, The Replacements, and the Zombies should be the ones to get in this year.

    of course, that won’t happen

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