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  • Treasure Island 2013

People who live in the Bay Area are lucky. Not only did they get to enjoy the incredible Outside Lands lineup, a month later they get a whole other festival in the form of Treasure Island. A ton of great bands showed up there over the weekend, from James Blake to Holy Ghost! to Real Estate and that doesn’t even get cover headliners like Atoms For Peace and Beck. We sent Moses Namkung to capture the entire event in photos, and you can check out his gallery above.

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    • Eh, I read that earlier today. I was at the festival this weekend. Have to say, I didn’t really pick up on what this guy’s griping about. Seems to me that, these days, articles like this pop up after almost every festival. “Kids these days! Nobody appreciates guitars anymore! Do you really need to party all day nonstop?! What’s the deal with these electronic acts?? Why so many drugs?? Why are you people dancing??”

      Honestly, if you go to a music festival in 2013 and you’re upset about all of ^that stuff, I have to wonder, what did you expect? Are you also gonna get mad about waiting in long lines and paying 10 bucks for a bowl of sub-par teriyaki noodles? Seems to me like nothing more than curmudgeonly generational hating, solely for the sake of being salty. “Back in my day,” blah blah blah. 30-year-olds bitching about 20-year-olds. Either that or you just had stupidly unrealistic expectations.

      Everyone appeared to be having a great time this weekend, most all of the bands included. There was, in my opinion, a lot of heart and enthusiasm going into the performances, and the crowd was sending all of it right back (to be fair, I didn’t see DJ Falcon, who seems to be this author’s biggest source of complaint). I suppose there were a few “button pushing” acts, but again, if you’re gonna get all bent out of shape over that, why even attend these types of events?

      By the time Atoms for Peace played (and they were amazing, by the way), it was cold and late, and people were likely exhausted (I know I was). But they still had a massive audience – I was fairly close to the stage and everyone around me, at least, was completely into their set. So I’m not really too sure what Thom’s “the ecstacy has worn off” comment was all about. I was kind of thinking “yeah, no shit, it’s been a long day” when he said that.

      Anyway, that’s my two cents. Also, see HAIM sometime if you can. Best surprise awesomeness of the weekend.

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