Kanye West / Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring

Congratulations are in order for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, both of whom are officially off the market. TMZ reports that the pair, who became parents together in June, were engaged last night (on Kim’s 33rd birthday) in spectacular fashion. Kanye flew Kim to San Francisco, where he’d rented out the major-league ballpark AT&T Park. There, he’d hired an orchestra to play Lana Del Rey’s “Young And Beautiful,” reportedly a favorite of Kim’s, and he got down on one knee in the middle of the field to present her with a 15-carat diamond gold ring. Kim said yes, which is good, since it would be pretty embarrassing if she turned him down after all that.

There’s plenty to make fun of here, like the sure-to-be-obscene expenses involved and the too-perfect fact that Kim Kardashian loves a Lana Del Rey song. Still, this whole thing, you have to admit, sounds pretty goddam romantic.

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  1. and the world keeps turning.

  2. You could argue that the public details of the extravagant engagement are a social media event within themselves, but I give them credit for at least not attempting to contrive a self-indulgent, attention-getting viral YouTube, Instagram, Vine or facebook spectacle out of the thing like 95% of the characters in my News Feeds do these days.

  3. MarYe Magdalene

  4. Of course she would like LDR.

    But honestly though I don’t think we give him enough credit for the amount of restraint he’s shown since he’s been in this relationship. The circus that could have ensued by these two media whores could’ve been massive and yet as far as their relationship goes it’s been pretty low key. So good for Yeezus.

  5. That was nice of Kanye to ask for Kim’s HANH! in marriage.

  6. Kim Kardashian…

    Kanye West…

    Lana Del Rey…

    It’s all of Stereogum’s favorite people rolled into one!

  7. On her 33rd birthday, huh? If you ask me, Kanye has finally taken this whole Jesus obsession too far.

  8. I bet Kanye is so excited to find out what sex is like!

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  10. So in this situation, who would benefit more from a pre-nup?

  11. Thanks, TMZ. Sheesh.

  12. “Y’all throwin’ contracts at me, you know that niggas can’t read.” – Kanye, presented with a prenup.

  13. I want to contribute to the thread above that started with RJC and ended with Deep West, but it’s too immaculate to blemish. I’ll just do it down here:

    Lol, too deep.(then it coulda gone off on an unrelated riff on Outkast D.E.E.P.. (SEE, I know how y’all muthauffas are, i know y’all wavelength! We do this thing! We do it big!)

    • Kanye is going to use that thread as the wedding invitations.

      • RJ, I saw you post something about overnight editing shifts in another thread a couple weeks ago. That’s what i’ve been doin for the past few months, and I’m losing my mind! Do you have any tips on working a nite sched?

        It makes me really respect all the people who work nights all the time, and makes me really horrified for them.

        • Hope you see this but here’s what I did…

          I’m a night owl so I stay up until 3am on average. Sleep in and roll into work in the afternoon. There was a time when I could get called into a REAL overnight shift (2am-8am roughly). I always prepared for that and would treat it as an all-nighter, even though I love my sleep and hardly ever do those…

          Forget the Internet. Nothing more depressing than checking sites for updates only to find that everyone is asleep. I read books. I had to do a long stretch of 2am-8am shifts last year and I read one of the Game of Thrones books a lot.

          Netflix helped. Watching shows, movies. The morning shift I worked was unique because I’d work really hard to edit all the video for the morning news, but once it went to air, I was pretty much left alone for 2-3 hours. That’s when it was really tough to fight sleep… and I realize reading doesn’t help too much. I get the feeling you may have a few more responsibilities to take care of so some of these suggestions may not work but…

          Walking around helps! So do snacks and water/drink breaks. Food’s a good one actually, especially if you slow your roll and eat slow.

          But yeah, I’d normally just work through the night and go home and pass right the fuck out and sleep until 5pm or something near that.

          I always told people the worst part about working the morning shift was simply going into work at that godawful hour. The work I did was easy and then I had tons of downtime, but fighting sleep really was the hardest part. I feel for ya! I’ve been there… I had to work those 2am-8am shifts for 40 days in a row one time because of severe under staffing due to bad timing (guy got fired two days after a girl quit).

          To recap:

          -Stretches (I threw this in. wave your warms around and stuff. jump up and down)
          -Late Night Chill Music Tunes help too.

          • Dude, thank you so much. Great tips all around. Probably a great idea to forget the internet, and a lot of mainstream media for that matter. Since it’s so hard to sleep, I find the best nights are when I put on a podcast or some jazz, and try to do yoga or play a video game. News talk shows, email, and stereogum comments rile me up.

            Books are awesome, I gotta get stuck in another one soon. Those and mags are my saving grace on the long train ride. I work long hours tho, and find I don’t have the energy to read a lot of the time. More just feel hostile as F at others for getting to enjoy a life that includes sun haha.

            I was sayin to my coworker I try to know my baseline happiness is gonna be way less without sun, but anticipating it didn’t really make the reality any more bearable. You seem like a real equanimous guy though, I bet you didn’t have any issues emotionally.

            There’s not a lot of down time to take breaks here but I think I’m gonna start. It’s hard to rise above hectic surroundings but it’s really all about how you want to pace things. The world is chaotic as shit, but you totally control your reaction and management of it (talkin myself through shit here lol).

            STRETCHES bro! So important, really affects my mind I feel. And maybe a lil Do You Like Night Bus.

            (Also, if you like world music at all, I’ve been layin back to this, first 4 tracks are great: http://www.awesometapes.com/2013/06/simons-slow-music-from-africa-vol-2.html).

            Ya know, even though the girl who made that video’s job actually seemed sweet, I totally empathize with her. Even if you’re cutting The Godfather, it just gets inhuman working nights after a certain point. Which is why I have so much respect for, and am shocked by, people who work nights for decades. True soldiers/maniacs.

  14. I’m just surprised there is a Lana Del Rey song other than Video Games that people like.

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