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The reunited Black Flag — the one featuring founder Greg Ginn, though the U.S. District Court judge insists you don’t need me to clarify that — just announced details of the first Black Flag LP in 28 years. It’s called What The…, and it features some cartoon cover art (seen in the top left of the image above) that will make you say just that. It’s seriously gnarly, and not gnarly in the positive sense. Post-Pettibon Black Flag ain’t pretty. Check out the 22-song tracklist below.

What The… tracklist:
01. “My Heart’s Pumping”
02. “Down in the Dirt”
03. “Blood and Ashes”
04. “Now Is the Time”
05. “Wallow in Despair”
06. “Slow Your Ass Down”
07. “It’s so Absurd”
08. “Shut Up”
09. “This Is Hell”
10. “Go Away”
11. “The Bitter End”
12. “The Chase”
13. “I’m Sick”
14. “It’s Not My Time to Go-Go”
15. “Lies”
16. “Get Out of My Way”
17. “Outside”
18. “No Teeth”
19. “To Hell and Back”
20. “Give Me All Your Dough”
21. “You Gotta Be Joking”
22. “Off My Shoulders”
(via BrooklynVegan)

What The… is out 11/5 via SST. You can pre-order on iTunes here.

Comments (6)
  1. Good God…

  2. Oh man, all of those NY waiters are going to be pissed off they can’t wear that as a t-shirt.

  3. Someone’s gotta break this to the Zip Zap Rap guy. I don’t think he’s going to take it well.

  4. It’s a pretty awful cover, but I’ve seen worse.

  5. I thought the album cover was going to be this photo of Greg Ginn with a billboard in the background of a cartoon and the words “BLACK FLAG / WHAT THE…”

  6. I could say that’s easiest not the worst album cover ever, we all could, that’s the easy way out though, we got to put up or shut up. It’d be too tough to have to post “the worst”, but you gotsta post one worse than this…..GO

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