Tom Waits Bridge School Benefit

Tom Waits, the legendary lounge singer turned iconoclast bluesman Cookie Monster genius freak, made his first concert appearance in five years Sunday at Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit in Mountain View, California. He performed a 10-song set backed by a large band including Les Claypool of Primus on bass and David Hidalgo of Los Lobos on guitar and accordion. Waits also used an affected voice to crack wise throughout about such subjects as human and animal mating practices and the awkwardness of family reunions. ’Twas a momentous occasion, and you can watch fan-made video of all 10 songs below.

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  1. Screw Arcade Fire; this is what I want to hear!

  2. This concert had the atmosphere of a church cookout until Tom stepped on the stage. It was an absolutely spellbinding performance. Stoned teenagers and stuffy old CSNY fans alike were captivated. I’m sure he made a lot of new fans last night. When his set was over, thousands of people started leaving. Clearly a ton of people were there just for him. That crowd was bonkers for him.

  3. his last show wasn’t even a year ago. he toured in 2012.

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