Hebronix Ceilings

For my money, Unreal, ex-Yuck frontman Daniel Blumberg’s debut as Hebronix, is one of the year’s most underrated LPs. (Considering how spectacularly Yuck’s Glow & Behold turned out, I’d say that whole breakup was creatively profitable for all involved.) Before Unreal came out in July, Blumberg toured Europe with Low, and now video from those shows has been stitched together into a “performance movie” for an unreleased Hebronix song called “Ceilings.” Low’s Alan Sparhawk and Steve Garrington also perform on the track, and they certainly make it sound like a Low song. See and hear for yourself below.

(via CoS)

Unreal is out now via ATP Recordings, and Low’s The Invisible Way is out now via Sub Pop.

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  1. A lot of people have been insisting that, while they take different approaches, the Hebronix album and the new Yuck album are of equal quality. Having spent time with both now, I just don’t think it’s even a contest. The Hebronix album has way more emotional heft, and what’s crazy is that even though the Yuck album is decidedly guitar-centric, every moment of guitar-playing on the Hebronix album seems more beautiful, wild, and exciting. A lot of times I feel like the Yuck album wastes its guitars; it’s somehow too pretty and too soft too often in spite of the instrumentation and arrangements. The Yuck album is like a classic muscle car that someone put in neutral and shoved down a hill. The Hebronix album is like a junker that someone spent a ton of time and effort souping up without much concern for the car’s external structure. It is a weird amalgamation of seemingly incompatible parts, but it is propelled by its own unlikely, hidden power that is potent enough to make it dangerous. Rock should be dangerous, and the Yuck album is only cosmetically a rock album because there’s nothing burning inside of it.

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