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Last week, Kanye West proposed to girlfriend Kim Kardashian at San Francisco’s AT&T Park, renting the entire ballpark and hiring an orchestra for the occasion. A whole mob of friends was on hand to watch the overblown-but-weirdly-romantic occasion, and one of those onlookers posted a shaky cell-phone video of the proposal. As Billboard points out, it turns out that the person filming was Chad Hurley, one of the co-founders of YouTube, and Kanye is now suing him for leaking the video. The lawsuit alleges that Hurley was not invited but that he was allowed to stay because he signed a non-disclosure agreement. But Hurley still posted the video on MixBit, his new video-sharing website. See if you get invited anywhere anytime soon, Chad Hurley! Of course, the real reason for Kanye’s rancor is both obvious and depressing: The video wasn’t supposed to link because the E! Network had cameras on hand, and they filmed the proposal for inclusion on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. So this whole thing counts as a spoiler for that show. Be warned.

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  1. Shucks. I was about to pump my fist up, stand on my chair and be all like, “Yeah! Nice to see even an ego maniac realizes that people just can’t post others’ private moments without their permission all over the Internet!,” but then I got to the last line and was like, “Oh. Money and ratings.” *sinks back down into chair with disinterest*

  2. can’t wait for that episode.

    90% genuinely
    10% ironically

  3. Semi-related (mostly not) did anyone see “Michelle Obama’s” Response to his recent comments about her being on the cover of Vogue? Rembert from Grantland wrote it. Strongly recommend.

  4. Wow, that’s a dick move by the YouTube guy. I’m with Kanye on this.

  5. Normally I would just say that Kim and Ye are embarrassing and this whole thing is stupid. Then I’d go on a rant about the importance of free press.

    But the man crashes a private party (was there even enough room for a Diddy invite?), signs a contract explicitly stating that he can stay as long as he doesn’t do one thing, then goes on to do that thing.

    Clearly people are going to discuss how selfish and egotistical Kim and Ye are. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to have things go the way the plan, especially given how thorough and meticulous this whole venture seemed to be.

    If this is true, not only were Chad Hurley’s intentions malicious towards Kim and Kanye, but he’s a tool for engaging in the type of behavior that I despise most of this generation: uninterrupted camera-phone filming of life experiences that are meant to be experienced unadulterated.

    If I ever have a romantic ceremony at a private function, I don’t want anyone standing there and filming the whole thing on camera – unless those cameras were for a Ryan Seacrest Executive Produced television show on the E! network with my name in the title…

  6. I feel really bad for Kanye, hes really trying hard to keep his personal life out of the spotlight that he keeps pushing it into

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