We’ve heard significant chunk of M.I.A.’s oft-delayed, “too positiveMatangi, but now it is available to stream in full before its release next Tuesday. On top of “Bad Girls,” “Y.A.L.A.,” “Bring The Noize,” “Come Walk With Me,” and “Only 1 U” the album features two collaborations with the Weeknd and a sample of Bone Crusher’s “Never Scared.” The title track and “Know It Ain’t Right” are particular standouts. Check it out below.

Matangi is out 11/5 via Interscope.

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  1. Better than butter

  2. There’s the M.I.A. we all know and love

  3. My favorite part is where she samples the “Thor: The Dark World” trailer at the beginning of every track. Bold move.

  4. Gangstas, bangas, we’re we’re puttin ‘em in a trance.

  5. Honestly, this album is way better than I was expecting.

  6. kinda wish Boom Skit was much longer, i could bob to that for days

  7. I Knew everything would be all right after hearing the first 30 seconds of Matangi

  8. This is her best stuff since Kala, but this time she doesn’t have six hundred featuring artists. Just one really good one. I still can’t decide if I like YALA or Bring the Noize more, but I do know that Matangi is easily going to be in my top 5 albums for the year.

  9. Holy shit.

    Just threw this on and I’ve been mesmerized.

    It was my first time hearing “Only 1 U” and the lyric, “…but there’s only 1 u and I’ll drink to that,” caused me to throw my hand up in the air.

    Halloween ain’t over yet because this sounds like a TREAT! (terrible but couldn’t resist)

    • Oh damn.

      Listening to “Sexodus” now and it sounds more like a sample of The Weeknd’s Thursday opener “Lonely Star” more than a collaboration. Still really great. I was always a fan of that song.

      M.I.A. is blowing my mind right now. I’m only halfway through but I can’t see how this could go wrong at this point.

      • “Exodus” I mean…

        Still haven’t gotten to “Sexodus” but maybe it’s a reprise since it’s the closing track…

        Oh fuck! “Bad Girls” time!

        • I was right (about the reprise, but also about this album not going wrong)


          Feel free to make this AOTW next week over Cut Copy.

          I had no intention of listening to this whole thing. I was going to sample a few tracks and watch something. I couldn’t stop it.

          Can’t wait for everyone to hear this so I can stop talking to myself!

          • This is awesome. I didn’t have quite such a dramatic reaction upon first listen, but there’s definitely something that made me listen 2 more times in a row while walking the streets and in the Subway. Now, I’m listening, and it’s late, and everything is just right…and I see what you mean.

            I actually expected this to be a throwaway since I totally dismissed M.A.Y.A…but this is pretty radical, man!

          • I mean, it’s pretty schizo, and there aren’t a lot of song-songs per se (I guess “Bad Girls” is…)…or maybe there are? Well, it’s just cool to listen to when it comes down to it (unlike M.A.Y.A.)

            Also, the volume bleeps and photo booth sounds in “Come Walk With Me” are so cool.

          • I also dismissed /\/\/\Y/\ excluding “Born Free” and during my research last night I think I figured out why.


            Pretty sure he was the ticket that helped make Kala a smash and he’s back again on damn near every track of Matangi. If there is anything I learned from Run The Jewels this year, it is that there can be undeniable musical results when two specific people join forces. I don’t know the relation between M.I.A. and Switch but I’ll be damned if the results aren’t fun as all hell to listen to.

            I seriously had NO expectations going into Matangi, which is why I think I reacted so highly. What little expectations I had were smashed and left me staring at the sky. She sounds SO BADASS on this album. Like she’s taking shots at whoever she wants and who is to say she’s wrong with these apocalyptic soundscapes underneath her? Karmageddon indeed…

  10. Y.A.L.A. post MAYA

  11. I’ve yet to listen to this yet, but it’s one of my most anticipated in a while — but I’d just like to say that /\/\/\Y/\/\ deserves a fair and thorough reevaluation in a post Death Grips/Yeezus/Edward Snowden world.

    We will see.

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