This past summer, Bob Dylan joined forces with Wilco and My Morning Jacket on the AmericanaramA tour, creating a triple-headed hydra of roots-music innovators. But just because Dylan was touring with these young guns, it didn’t mean he was going to hang out with them. MMJ frontman Jim James says that, despite sharing Dylan’s stage, he actually didn’t meet the man once.

James tells Rolling Stone, “Bob really wasn’t around. We never talked to him once once. He does not hang, which is fine and understandable… or it’s kind of understandable. I don’t know.”

In any case, the whole experience was not what James was expecting, or what he was hoping for: “The whole concept of the tour was supposed to be super collaborative. We were expecting to be sitting around the campfire with Dylan at two a.m. and go, ’Let’s cover all of Desire tomorrow!’ We had all these pipe dreams.”

Dylan did invite James and Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy onstage for his encore at a bunch of shows, but even then, he didn’t communicate directly with them. Dylan bassist Tony Garnier was in charge of letting them know which songs to play and how to play them.

Watch Dylan, Tweedy, James, and Peter Wolf play “The Weight” below.

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    • Aaron Cunningham  |   Posted on Nov 1st, 2013 +4

      What an awful, stunted thing to type about… basically anyone.

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    • This explains so much about you, michael_. This is the last piece of the puzzle I needed to understand your shattered psyche. I would tell you to seek healing in His first seven albums, but you dare not approach the throne in your current state of mind. It would be fatal. Perhaps there is another road home. Perhaps you are beyond saving.

      Meanwhile, I do wish you’d stop posting.

  2. i saw one of those shows…total snoozefest. the group i went with all agreed. no one rocked, not even MMJ.

    • Must agree. MMJ was alright, but their abbreviated set just didn’t do. Wilco rocked. But our group left after 4 or 5 songs into Dylan. His group was throwing glo-sticks like we were at an EDM show, and then he missed the lead in to Tangled Up in Blue. Awful!

    • Love Dylan, but he’s pretty much the reason I didn’t get tickets for this show. Would have been a lot better in my opinion with Neil, but then it would have been the AmericanaradiaN tour… actually I like that name better.

  3. I think Yim Yames was joking about expecting a “super-collaborative” tour. Anyone who’s ever toured with Dylan knows you don’t get to meet him.

  4. This is par for the course with Bob. When Foo Fighters toured with him he only spoke to Dave Grohl once, in an arranged, mob-like sort of meeting. Dave talked about it on that Canada show hosted by the guy with the superlong Greek name.

  5. This really is pretty creepy on Bob Zimmerman’s part. You’re on the road for a collaborative tour with some very accomplished younger musicians and you can’t even be a human being and talk to them a little bit?

  6. poor jim. i know it would have melted his heart just to spend 5 minutes alone with the guy.

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