Eminem SNL 2013

Three days before The Marshall Mathers LP 2 officially drops (like a turd, unfortunately), Eminem descended upon SNL to perform lead single “Berzerk” (with Rick Rubin as DJ) and Call Of Duty anthem “Survival” with an assist from Skylar Grey. It was … really something. Check it out below.

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is out Tuesday on Shady/Aftermath/Interscope. You can stream it here.

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  1. Did he not learn anything from Ashlee Simpson?

    • The fashion here is just terrible, too. He and his friends really are stuck in the days of his past glory. Cargo shorts and fur trimmed South Pole styled parkas? What’s that Sasha Grey chick wearing — Super low rise pants and high rise coat? C’mon, SNL, you’re better than that…

  2. lip synching like a muh fukka!

  3. Just more proof Eminem is no longer a rapper, he’s a pop star. Although, these days I don’t know if there are even any pop divas that would lip-synch a live tv performance like that.

  4. Videos have been removed. Ugh.

  5. With how poor SNL’s sound mixing can be lip-syncing might be the right way to go.

  6. Eminem….the Axl Rose of rap.

  7. My GF and I were sitting there wondering if people would pick up on the lip-syncing, Shouldn’t have even wondered, it was SO OBVIOUS – he wasn’t even trying. Embarrassing.

  8. nice, dude you have a GF? sweet.

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