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Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan is a longtime vocal pro wrestling fan, and he bankrolls and helps to run a local Chicago pro-wrestling company called Resistance Pro. But rumor has it that he might take a huge leap up into the role of wrestling power-player. Within pro wrestling circles, it’s heavily rumored that Corgan is in talks to buy TNA Wrestling, the second-biggest pro wrestling company in North America.

The decade-old TNA (which stands for Total Nonstop Action) has been struggling lately (and, honestly, forever), and it’s never been a serious competitor to the WWE giant, but it’s still the company that employs Sting and Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles and Bully Ray and Austin Airies. (Until very recently, it was also the company that employed Hulk Hogan.) And according to the many admittedly-unreliable wresting-rumor sites out there, Corgan is one of three serious possibilities to buy the company.

His competitors are Jeff Jarrett — the wrestler, TNA co-founder, and Spring Breakers actor — and former WCW headman Eric Bischoff. Despite his role with Resistance Pro, Corgan is a wrestling neophyte compared to these guys. And both of them have long histories with the company, while Corgan’s experience with them is limited to the time he flipped “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” to make it the intro music to the 2009 Lockdown pay-perview:

But this is still a fascinating possibility, even if it’s still very much in the rumor stages, and I sort of hope it happens.

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  1. he has really jumped the shark

  2. Whoever buys it, I’d rather TNA (it’s actually called Impact Wrestling now I believe) just fizzle out and die. Even though RoH and other indies don’t have the visibility through cable deals, the talent is more promising then the parade of aging WCW vets and guys who could never make the WWE cut (I believe WWE has a rule where they stay away from signing their talent when their contracts expire for reasons of making that clear.) There’s no need for Impact, which is caught somewhere between not being a legit full force and not quite being an indie either, to even exist anymore. WWE’s development NXT is more exciting and I think what works great about NXT is it gives you a preview of what’s to come down the line.

    While I am it, there has been nothing more frustrating and discouraging than the WWE’s recent storylines. I want to think Daniel Bryan will eventually rise to the top and get a Wrestlemania moment / win the championship back, but the corporate angle has done so much to embarrass and weaken his image, it wouldn’t be such a stretch to believe that the WWE hates its fans and truly does do “what’s best for business” a.k.a. put a belt back on Cena and create another large musclehead to take the strap away from Orton. I also fully believe that the Kane heel turn and Wyatt attacks are all interconnected somehow, so I don’t want to buy into this crap that the writers dropped any resolution to the Kane / Wyatt storyline, but if they did, that’s another frustration. Either way, you can say they succeeded in building up Stephanie and HHH (but mostly Stephanie) as really hateable heels, but at one point do you stop beating up every face week after week so that viewers don’t lose faith in the entire good vs. bad life struggle they relate the stories to in their own very lives?

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    • :( How can you ”love” the Pumpkins and say such miserable things?

      • because billy has always been an asshole, and since the music he’s put out under the pumpkins name from zeitgeist on uniformly sucks there’s no longer any compelling reason for him to continue existing

        • My friend, then you havn’t had a good sitdown with ”Oceania”. Furthermore, Jeff, Mike and Nicole are extremely gifted musicians that are the best band Billy has played live with (save Jimmy) and while it’s not the original Pumpkins ( which I get), its still best to give Billy and new co. a fair shake for what they’re doing today. Oceania was a great record and Billy and the new SP played that record fantastic live as well as the hits we grew up loving. I loved the music from the golden era, so to speak, as does most fans, but at least he made a great late record and has got a truly fantastic band to play with. That aside, it’s hard to feel that you really love the pumpkins when you call Billy an asshole and wish he’d go lie in a hole somewhere. He may be a prickly pear but he’s given you some terrific music that you seem to love. Little appreciation much?

  4. Maybe he can change the name to something other than “Tits and Ass.”

    Seriously though, can anyone explain to me the affection blue-collar America seems to have for the homoerotic performance art known as Wrestling?

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