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Billboard reports that Arcade Fire has scored its second straight No. 1 album with Reflektor, which moved 140,000 copies en route to the top of the Billboard 200. That’s 16,000 less than the first-week figure for The Suburbs, which also debuted on top in 2010, but it was still enough to unseat Katy Perry, so that’s something. Considering Eminem’s last record sold 10 million copies, we’re guessing The Marshall Mathers LP 2 will make sure Win’s big win doesn’t last for long, but for the time being, let’s bring back Greta and the kids and party some more:

On to a second straight Grammy triumph too? Nominations will be announced one month from today with a live TV special.

UPDATE: As commenter Joe O’Leary points out, only the “Reflektor” single is eligible for the 2014 Grammys. Because it was released after the Sept. 30 deadline, Reflektor the album will be eligible for 2015 Grammy consideration.

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  1. Only the single “Reflektor” itself, not the full album, is eligible for any Grammy awards. The awards’ qualification period for 2014 ran from October 1, 2012 through September 30, 2013.

    • Man, I log in to to comment for the first time in years, and you beat me to it. ;)
      It’s plausible that “Reflektor” gets a Record of the Year nomination, but it’s a stacked race this year.

  2. Classic U2 strategy – release the singles and the actual album on either side of the eligibility deadline so you can cash in on the same album two years in a row.

    … too cynical?

  3. Fitting end to a release process that felt like it started in August

    • process/campaign…the daft punk campaign felt forever-long.

      • One in the same. And I agree on the Daft Punk campaign, although I don’t believe it ever grew as tiresome as the lead up to Reflektor. Every day it seemed we had some new picture/show bill/etc. and I felt like, “Just give us the record already, I’m starting not to care anymore.”

  4. Someone was telling me the distribution behind this album was handled and backed by major label money rather than Merge money, hence why the promotion behind it felt bigger. I know they’re on Mercury Records in the U.K. but who’s giving them the dough here?

    They’re also headlining LIVE 105′s Not So Silent Night, which is telling of how much they’re investing more into that side of the business this time around.

    • Billboard has answered my question:

      Reflektor is distributed by Universal Music Group, the band’s first album with major distribution…Another change in the world of Arcade Fire is that it has a new partner in Capitol Records, which is promoting the album to radio. (The band is still with its longtime label Merge Records…)”

  5. Grammy….. Oh My God What An Awful Word

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