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This week we watched the inaugural YouTube Music Awards, a madcap Spike Jonze production that included live music videos from artists like M.I.A., whose Matangi came out on Tuesday. We reviewed it here and contend it has some of the rapper’s best songs. Promoting the album in NYC this week, Maya Skyped with Julian Assange at Terminal 5, gave a controversial interview to NPR, headlined a Soho House party for folks like Mike D, Rostam, Heems, and Lorde, and did a song with the Roots on Fallon. She’ll play Fun Fun Fun Fest this weekend — look for our recap on Monday. But first, your best and worst comments of the past seven days are below.



Corey Beasley | Nov 5th Score:18

this essay definitely exists.

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Dusty Effin Henry | Nov 1st Score:19

My favorite part is where she samples the “Thor: The Dark World” trailer at the beginning of every track. Bold move.

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#8 raptor jesus | Nov 6th Score:19

I don’t know if you’re doing a going away post this week, but this post right here is one helluva write-up to go out on Claire!

My unexpected love of Matangi has me on a M.I.A. fever pitch lately, so I enjoyed reading your preface more than the list.

But I got to the list and it looks to be in good order. “Born Free” is in the house. “Galang” (rightfully) trumping “Paper Planes” and even the Matangi tracks are great selections.

“Bad Girls” is obviously one helluva song, but combined with that music video it has become something else entirely in my mind. Badass personified. You should use it as your exit music.

We’ll miss you Claire!

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#7 Tom Breihan | Nov 4th Score:20

That was supposed to say “sputter pop,” but maybe I should just leave it.

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#6 crania americana | Nov 4th Score:20

Pshhhhhhhh…. Oh now this person’s coming in being all like “it says sputter-pop.” HA!!! Like you’re some big shot with your reading comprehension. What you can’t even begin to process, man, is how totally happening and out of sight things were back before you even showed up. I remember it like it was 2:25 PM: free love reigned supreme –– it was like we were ensconced in a fog of raw sensuality, bodies touching bodies with all of society’s fascistic notions of propriety tossed aside; mind-expanding drugs available everywhere you looked; a spirit of enthusiasm and creativity rushed through the air; there was a tangible vibe that radical, egalitarian social and political change was imminent and we were going to be the ones that made it happen; and most importantly, there was a typo in the article.

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Eleazar G. Vera | Nov 2nd Score:20

thank god she didn’t allow it, that band is so shitty.

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#3 Rio Bravo | Nov 4th Score:21

“In a lot of ways, time has been kind to /\/\/\Y/\, which beat Yeezus…”

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#2 Claire Lobenfeld | Nov 6th Score:23

Aw thank you, Raptor Jesus! No going away post from me. This was it and I’m glad you think it’s a good note to bow out with. Always appreciated how much you contribute to the convo here, RJ, and your kind words upon my departure.

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#1 michael_ | Nov 5th Score:33


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Evan Surretsky | Nov 3rd Score:-9

It’s funny how many people down vote you…..It’s a joke. They can’t stand the truth. This honestly isn’t a review it’s a complete attack on an artist. No review in site, if I was the owner of this site I honestly would fire whoever reviewed this, prime example of poor journalism.

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#4 michael_ | Nov 1st Score:-9

Downvote all you want, but there has been no singer-songwriter more overrated in the past century than Dylan. He can’t even sing anymore. He sounds like a dying frog. Dear dying frog, for the love of all that is fair in life, please just exhale that last breath from your 90-something-year-old-looking body of yours instead of sucking the life out of Mr. Reed’s toned biceps and dark whispers.

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#3 rubberjohnny0829 | Nov 7th Score:-9

paper planes is her only decent song. so great when they used it in that one trailer. hadn’t heard of mia before that.

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#2 michael_ | Nov 1st Score:-10

Fuck Bob Dylan. True thought that came into my head earlier this week: I wish it was him and his overrated croaky voiced old bones that died instead of Lou.

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Tom McInnes | Nov 1st Score:-23

You’re… you’re an idiot.

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ramparts | Nov 7th Score:-3

ow can you compare eric clapton and eminem? They sound nothing alike.

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  2. In regards to the new Eminem album, I think we need to accept the possibility of a record so excellent we don’t understand it yet. That’s just me, though.

  3. That is probably one of Scott’s best ever picks for comment of the week. It shines like a wonderful beacon of confused.

  4. Redacting Ian Cohen’s name is interesting, and doesn’t make that much sense. The comment still exists, and acknowledging that it was him in the top rated comment doesn’t act as some dig against him by the stereogum staff…

    • I was curious about that too. My first impression was that they redacted it for comedic value, as if Ian Cohen’s influence was so powerful that they dare not mention his name, kind of like Voldemort. But if they redacted it seriously, then that’s sort of sad.

    • [REDACTED].

    • it’s sort of weird and concerning until you realize that none of this matters at all, in any way. which in turn makes it more weird and concerning and time = space = time.

    • It is not as effective as I’d like, but I did want to acknowledge that the site isn’t trying to celebrate you guys cursing out someone who is not a public figure… If I were the target of hatred on some blog thread I would hope the site’s editor would try to curtail it. If the #1 comment was Fuck Thom Yorke or something, I don’t think that is as problematic. I don’t know the guy, so this isn’t personal or anything. I am probably overthinking it, but there you have it.

      • (REDACTED) is the worst thing to happen to music criticism though.

        And by (REDACTED), I mean Ian Cohen.

      • Damn, letter from the Editor over here, legit explanation.

        Since Scott’s editor, I’m just gonna nominate Michael Nelson for ‘Gum Ombudsman.

      • In terms of the virtual indie blogosphere, I would be willing to make the argument that Ian Cohen is THE public figure.

        I have no idea what he looks like or who he is as a person, but he’s an omnipresent persuasive force who’s limits to making or breaking contemporary artists’ media success holds no boundaries. His opinions at best seem to be motivated by whim, and at worst by power-trips.

        I think as a means to try to maintain a more balanced discussion of contemporary music, It’s natural for us to want to denounce someone who we feel is swaying the critical pendulum too often (and too much) in the wrong direction.

    • Stereogum is written by a group of professionals, some of whom have been colleagues to Ian in the past. I’d guess that many, if not all, Stereogum writers know Ian in some shape or form and think of him much differently. It’s basically their way of protecting a friend and, in a professional sense, not throwing a prominent writer for a competitor’s site under the bus, thus making them look like they endorse “mean girl” criticism.

      • Looks like LOVE SCOTT LAPATINE beat me to the explanation.

        FWIW, Ian Cohen was really mean to me on Twitter once and I’ll never forget that, so I stick by my sentiments. And he is so a public figure. First of all, he is a celebrated published music writer for both Pitchfork and Grantland. Secondly, he currently has 7,073 Twitter followers and airs his personal thoughts beyond just music opinions in 140 characters or less out into cyberspace for the entire world to read. There was also that YouTube video I’ve already linked to from a past Pitchfork Festival where the entire segment was devoted to his way of assigning scores, but in this instance, to snack food. If that isn’t representative of his public influence on pop culture, I don’t know what it is. I don’t feel bad for all of the negative criticism the guy has invited all by himself. He’s basically to independent music writing what a reality show star is in terms of public notoriety.

        • Music writers make their living criticizing the work of public figures. The tradeoff is that in the process the writers themselves often become public figures. To deny this in the case of Ian Cohen is completely ridiculous. If Ian Cohen himself wants to take the coward’s way out and never address the unique and profound dislike that so many people who actually like and know about music have for him for plenty of concrete reasons on the grounds that he “is not a public figure,” so be it. However, for Scott to suddenly limit someone’s right to free speech (especially when there are almost no rules about what that person or anyone else can say on this site, no matter how offensive it may be) reeks of cronyism.

          • I don’t think you know what “limit someone’s right to free speech” means.

            You can read the site’s user conduct guidelines here.

          • I believe point ‘p.’ (incorrectly labeled as an additional ‘o.’ point) sums it up nicely in regards to the ways you should not use this Service:

            “o. otherwise use the service in a manner deemed inappropriate by us.”

            cronyism… LOL

          • Oh, I think I do understand. As I’m sure you’re aware, many people have and continue to post comments that are “harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another’s privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable.” Few if any of these comments are ever policed. What Michael_ said about Ian Cohen is just the tip of the iceberg. The fact that his little comment was policed means that Stereogum is not really concerned with how people in general are affected by abusive comments but rather, with whether an abusive comment offends them or their associates personally. 99% of of abusive comments are not policed because these comments have a way of generating controversy and repeat clicks/views. Nothing about the way Stereogum handles abusive comments has anything to do with ethics, and pretending that it does is laughable.

          • Offensive comments are deleted every day. And I don’t believe they are good for “repeat clicks.”

            I am just one person — it takes me a while to get through every thread and remove spam and porn and abusive comments.

            Also, FYI Michael’s comment was not policed. You can find it intact on the original thread.

          • Stereogum isn’t the government, so this isn’t really a matter of free speech.

            I can see how it’s wise to redact Ian Cohen’s name, since the act of reposting the comment as the “Best Comment” is Stereogum choosing to print “Fuck Ian Cohen” in a segment where even more people will see it, and they probably want to avoid bad blood between their site and Pitchfork.

            However, given the amount of artists who are no where near as much of a public figure as Ian Cohen that he has mercilessly smeared from the powerful platform that Pitchfork affords him, I don’t really buy this “he’s not a public figure” argument.

            So here’s the middle ground: the redaction is understandable, but seriously, fuck Ian Cohen all the same.

    • Yeah that’s true but [REDACTED] isn’t even fit to tie [REDACTED]‘s shoes, or even wash [REDACTED]‘s feet. However [REDACTED][REDACTED][REDACTED] down a wormhole of fire-laden dungarees.

  5. I get the #1 comment, but it gets censored. Feeling like Nadezhda Tolokonnikova right now. When does my train to Serbia leave?

  6. …sorry, I got distracted by the “4 Shocking Signs My Spouse Is Cheating.” Welp, if my spouse IS cheating, guess I’ll have to clean myself up using the “5 Tips to a Better Shave” and start dating again. Say, what’s a good first date conversation, “How to Treat Psoriasis”?

    • Yo don’t worry about it. FUCK Ian Cohen, FUCK Bob Dylan, FUCK Mob Deep, and fuck anybody that wanna be associated with Bad Boy.

      Again.. FUCK Ian Cohen and anybody that love ‘im. Jk.

      • haha that was meant to address _. But Psoriasis is always a good way to get a babe goin..

        Speaking of, bye Claire. I was hard on you here but only cus I knew you could take it, and then developed a sort of begrudging internet crush on you. “What would life be with a feminist?” You made me think about that.

        Another aside: you ever just wake up with a burning desire to talk shit about people all day?

        And why was that censored above god Gum you are getting so fucking lame and corporate. I zoom in on the screen to avoid ur ads but I can’t get away from the for the web.. it’s trash trash trash trash. ONE more ad and I’m not comin back. Sike. Seriously tho.

      • “FUCK SETH COHEN” – Zach Stevens, from the OC (remember guys?!? ha ha ha ha!)

        Man, I wish we could go back. Remember new years eve? “Nothing, can COMPAAAARE” sing me into 2004 Finley Quaye and Willy Orbit, you sweet babies.


        • “FUCK RYAN ATWOOD” – Oliver Trask. He had demons, but he had it coming, didn’t he?

          It’s funny… some moments you don’t want to go back to. I guess we tend to remember only the good bits? Ha. But man, what a ride. I’ll take the bad with the good if it means I get these memories, boy.


          • “FUCK EXISTENTIALISM” – Donnie. Remember Donnie? (Not related FYI lol). I’ll never forget when donnie said “life is what you make it” then he showed seth that biscuit. When Donnie pulled the heater on Luke, I think it was a turning point for the season.

            Or, more in depth:

            I think the real question is: was the first episode of the first season the REALEST episode of the OC ever? My bottom dollar would say: most likely. It just had that magic, you know? Haha listen to me, prattling on like Autumn Reeser! (classic)


          • PLEASE keep going d-tits!

            But for the record episode 1 season 1 was pretty dang real, but remember the dance when Seth and Pittsburgh (that’s what I called her) hit it off, he got over Summer’s mistreatment of him, and then Marissa’s dad revealed he didn’t have the money for the rich guys and a fist fight started at the big fancy dance?

            That was real. But don’t let me get in the way, more gifs plz!

          • Oh, RJC, you just took me right back to that magical episode when “the boys” were speeding down the expressway to catch pittsburgh at the airport before she left, with “separate ways” providing a guiding light to help illuminate the answer to the love triangle. A little Nada Surf for the airport? Don’t mind if I do.

            Well, I should probably stop.

            “FUCK STOPPING” – Seth Cohen, BLAAAAZED OUT OF HIS GADDAMN MIND. Not a surprise given Sandy’s wild days in law school living in the back of the van with Kirsten “wild child” Nichol smoking the finest west coast cheeba and expanding his understanding of the world and his place in it.

            If I could, I would just post gifs of the videos I’ve taken of people falling into tables on the oc. There’s a lot and they are a special lil treat when they happen.

            Anyway, would we want to go back if we could? Hard to say. But I would say, “Yes.”

            #TreyRIP (almost)

          • “THANK YOU!” –RJC

            Save those falling into tables gifs. This is a perfect thread now that it’s capped off with Blazed Cohen and the last minute NYE kiss felt round da world (aarrroouuunnndd the woooorrrrld)

      • Really missed the boat on this one:

    • Amazing performance from father in this thread.

  7. i’m glad to see my comment made the staff pick but it still doesn’t answer my question.

  8. Man…I sure do miss being able to comment on here regularly.

    • Same, sort of. I’ve been forgetting to comment… since Draking Bad I’ve been forgetting to comment.

    • Yet here y’all are in one place!

      We’ve missed you guys!

      • Due to a career change I’m afraid I’m going to be permenantly marginalized. I’ll still be reading when I can and maybe dropping in on the weekends.

        After reading this comment section I actually spent some time trying to find where @redacted was being mean to our boy on twitter and ended up going to awkward sound and seeing that goodbye post for the first time. I hope that guy is able to find whatever he is looking for.

        • Oh btw, I was supposed to be going to Kanye in about an hour but it was ppd so I’m sitting on my couch drinking wine by myself in sweatpants with elastic bottoms instead

          • I usually delete any drama-laden tweet interactions because they look stupid and I don’t need that. What it boiled down to was I mentioned @redacted in a tweet joking yet altogether complimenting him for rewarding a track with a BNT review which I also did on my site a day earlier, and how our sentiments shared a lot of parallels. He got pissed and took it as me trying to say I ripped him off, tweeted out some overly defensive things. He hen started reading my past tweets that just so happened to be about music critics and addressing them. Paranoid, annoying and altogether rude were my takeaways from the interaction.

            I also have a new site that’s been working out for the better.

          • You’re such a tease. URL?

          • It’s in my profile. Am I the only one who takes advantage of that? There’s links to my site, my site’s Twitter, my site’s facebook and my site’s HypeM in there.

        • Same with me actually. New job has internet blocks that mess with the commenting. So since I don’t hop on regularly throughout the day like I used to, I tend to forget to chime in by the evening.

    • Miss you KidChair!

  9. We need a good +80 upvotes comment to round out the year. Let’s step it up people!!!

    • We’re spreading them around this thread. Easily one of the better Shut Up, Dude posts of the year is happening right now.

      At the moment I’m mentally prepping (mind freeing) for Cut Copy tonight because FUCK [REDACTED]!

      • g*d d_mnit [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] coalesce [REDACTED] [REDACTED] montezuma [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] St. Clair [REDACTED] ptrimitive cutiure [REDACTED] in a completely different [REDACTED] language, [REDACTED] Ian Cohen, [REDACTED] acclaimed ethnographer [REDACTED] [REDACTED] then i was all [REDACTED] [REDACTED], and no she [REDACTED] DIDNNNN’T.

        So then she [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] at pitchfork’s christmas party, where i accidentally [REDACTED] all over [REDACTED].. Ryan schriber [REDACTED][REDACTED] [REDACTED] so he caimed me down. [REDACTED] [REDACTED] , when I had misgivings about [REDACTED]. I finaly stop crying and [REDACTED] [REDACTED] for reasons [REDACTED] [REDACTED]. Carrie Battan has a nice [REDACTED] sensibility.

        We are [REDACTED] awesome!

  10. SIDENOTE: Did anybody else see the Over/Under video where p4k broke RiFF RAFF? Thoughts? Should we send RiFF RAFF a gift basket?(s?)

    • Dude is clearly tired of being that character. His vine account is fading into just boring six-second clips of boring dogs, I haven’t heard him say “rap game ________” in months, and I’ve never seen an interview/video with Riff Raff where he seemed more completely unhappy being Riff Raff. I only wish the video had lasted ten minutes and ended with a classic chain-break/storm out:

    • I was hypnotised by his constant oscillation and tinted spectacles. But yeah, the guy seems bored of himself.
      The first few frames of the voodoo doll sketch looks like they’re drawing a dick and balls.
      ALSO he told us he doesn’t vote then plugged your show.

  11. Guys, it’s threads like this that make this site my primary music news joint. The articles are good, the lists are silly, and everyone here really loves the Crutchfield sisters, but the real selling point is that I am laughing out loud at internets comments right now. You guys…you’re the best.

  12. i need to step up my game. i never got a word [REDACTED]

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