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Fun Fun Fun Fest went down this past weekend in Austin, Texas, aka “the Live Music Capital Of The World.” The Fest celebrated its eighth year with headliners M.I.A., Snoop Dogg, and Slayer, along with a stacked lineup that included Ice-T, the Descendents, Kurt Vile, the Julie Ruin, Bleached, Killer Mike, the Men, Chelsea Light Moving, Television, Deerhunter, and many, many, more. Aside from an impressive lineup, FFF boasts some strange attractions — from amateur wrestling matches to exclusive dens for “full-time smokers.” We sent Ryan Leas down south to report back on this year’s FFF, and he came back with a list of the festival’s 15 most memorable moments. Check out Ryan’s festival diary and Daniel Cavazos’s photos starting here.

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  1. I’m not really a fan of MGMT either (other than the amazing initial singles), but could you try to be less pretentious? I’m sure you’re a nice guy but “Eventually the crowd started to become populated by the kinds of people where you can just tell by looking at them that they still think MGMT is brilliant — like the dude wearing clip-on sunglass lenses on a pair of sunglasses — so I had to get the hell out of there.” is not exactly the pinnacle of journalistic credibility.

  2. Really? You actually thought you were gonna see desert in Austin? You’ve never seen anything online or on TV or in movies that tells you not everyone in Texas rides horses around the deserts and ropes cattle?

  3. I also like how you spent half the “Slayer” entry talking shit about MGMT.

  4. As a pedi-caber, I’d like to defend the legitimacy of that mode of transportation. Thinking about it in comparison to a taxi is unfair. Taxi’s have regulated rates and use a combustion engine. There fuel is factored into their job and is a tax deduction. Pedi-cabs use ATP and adrenaline to get you where you need to be. We also do it in an amusing and unique fashion. You pay more for the experience and you get to see Austin at ground level. Not everyone gets to take it a city like that. Granted we expect a little more per person than a taxi, categorizing us as the same is a fatal flaw. It’s like a roller coaster that goes as long as you feel like paying for it. We only complain if we get stiffed or have to go up huge hills with a few people. Granted there are some people who ruin it for everybody, but i we charged by weight X distance then it would turn people self conscious and away from our services. So if fuel is a tax deduction then fuel should be a tax deduction. Food is fuel for pedi-cabers. So respect your human horse, watch out for jackasses that won’t respect you, and always stay on your toes.

  5. is reign in blood a slayer song?

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