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Even if you hate Death Grips, you gotta love Death Grips. For all the bullshit, they keep you on your toes. What now? Outta the blue, totally unannounced, the band just dropped a whole new album, Government Plates — featuring the already released track “Birds” — and you can stream the whole thing right now, below. You can also watch a video for album opener “You Might Think He Loves You For Your Money But I Know What He Really Loves You For…,” which also appeared out of absolutely nowhere. And you can download the whole thing for free right over here. Let’s do it, all of it.

UPDATE: What do ya know, looks like the band has actually released videos for all 11 tracks on Government Plates. Watch them here.

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    • Perhaps I am like Paul on the road to Damascus suddenly converted, but I can safely say that Yeezus owns this album. There was more raw ragged emotion and heart in Yeezus. Yeezus <3.

    • This band is the reason I started smoking.

      -Little Nemo
      (Upper 1% Yoko Ono)

      Dream one: The Dandy Warhols

      Apart of Occupy Wall Street
      West Park Church
      Occupy Republican
      Occupy Fashion
      The School of Visual arts Church of Silver tiles Day 1124/8 P.M. nirvana

  2. You forgot to mention Yeezus :)

  3. You may think he loves you for your money but I know what he really loves you for it’s your brand new leopard skin pillbox hat

  4. After reading time and time again what unpredictable douches Death Grips have been, the first track immediately reminded me why I liked them in the first place.

  5. It’s worth mentioning you can download all these tracks.

  6. This is sounding fresh.


  8. Holy crap.
    *puts on seatbelt*
    Let’s go.

  9. Hows the production ??

  10. Flatlander is still in, correct? Two Heavens hits like a truck.

  11. I WANT IT I NEED IT (but can’t download it due to online traffic)

  12. Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up. And I thought I knew every album that was going to have a spot on my year-end list until this happened.

    • Are you at all conflicted that the name of the opening track is a Bob Dylan lyric?

      • The cool thing about not caring about Bob Dylan is that without you telling me that, I wouldn’t have ever known haha!

      • (I do want to thank you for letting me know, though, because that was valuable info while writing a post on the vid for my site, so thanks RJ!)

        • Oh absolutely! It was the first thing I thought when I saw the song title. I even had to go to one of those fandangled lyrics web sites just to confirm it was a exact.

          I was stumped that nobody had pointed it out yet, so I figured I’d comment to chime in. But given that you recently had some hilarious things to say about Bob Dylan, I figured I’d phrase the info as a reply to you referencing those comments from last week or the week previous. Added to the fact that I know you like Death Grips about as much as you hate Bob Dylan, I found it to be a funny coincidence.

  13. R.I.P. Yeezus 2013-2013

  14. better than skrillex

  15. As a casual fan interested in Death Grips here and there, I thought I had read they were obsessed with the number 13. That’s why all their previous releases had 13 tracks on them. So I was a bit surprised to see this album with only 11.

    Anybody that follows these guys more closely than I care to comment?

  16. As fresh as Dylan in 1966.


    • Many of the tracks have VERY FEW lyrics. Meaning a lot of this album IS simply production.

      Songs flip the table multiple times throughout each song, even on the shorter tracks. The last song is a whirlwind that, by my number crunching, mixes it up when the seconds into the song are evenly divisible by 13 (test it out).

      I could go on, but instead I’ll simply say this:

      “I’m Overflow” IS MY JAM!

      • this is awesome. I tested it and signed up just to reply to you! Hurrah.

        I agree with your number crunching.

        Was initially disappointed that I counted 15 beat changes as opposed to 13 (yet to be re-confirmed) however.

        But now I think about it 15 = 13 + 2.

        That makes it 13 + 2 beat changes every 13 x 2 seconds, which means they must be releasing a 2nd album before the end of the year… Fantastic. You heard it here first

        • I should’ve pointed out I did the number crunching with the Youtube video run time. That version has some silence at the beginning that may make all the difference.

  18. Holy shit this is good. Straight bangers all the way through.

    Also, I appreciate “Birds” way more now that I hear it in the context of the whole album.

  19. Between this and the new live Swans album I have waiting to listen to tomorrow, my eardrums are going to need a nice manicure and back rub at the end of the night.

  20. This whole album is just like:

  21. I Still have punk weight as my wake up alarm, boy does it do the job

  22. Xmas came waaaaaaaay early for me.

  23. Wow this could actually be a crossover record for DG. To the point where people that own the last Taylor Swift record will be telling me how great this is 4 months from now.

    • Thats the crossover record dreams are made of

      • I don’t get it.

        • i was just being joking man, i cant really see this as a crossover. Unless death grips clean their production up loads (Even though this is cleaned up a heap from previous releases) i can never see them having any crossover appeal with any pop artists tbh. This album is way more accessible in terms of a DG release but i don’t know, i just cant see it happening.

          But i’d love to be proven wrong, providing they don’t do it at the expense of their sound of course :)

      • And by the way, I think this album is amazing. I also think it will bring Death Grips to the surface, which may or may not be a good thing. But kind of knowing how these guys operate I’m sure they are already plotting their next move.

    • If it leads Taylor Swift to bring Death Grips on the stage for a duet/mashup of “I Knew Your Were Trouble” and “This Is Violence Now,” I think it will be worth it.

  24. This gif nicely illustrates how I feel about Death Grips.

  25. Death Grips must have heard Yeezus and thought “oh, that’s cute..”.

  26. I still don’t understand the “Yeezus” comparisons here. Does everything that’s electronic and punishing have to be the same?

  27. I still don’t understand the “Yeezus” comparisons here. Does everything that’s electronic and punishing have to be the same?

  28. Ya know, I actually liked this quite a bit, and I was not a fan of a lot of their previous stuff.

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  30. All I feel is Korn, and I know that that’s wrong but it’s what I feel and that makes it right.

    For me.

    And I hate Korn (minus dub-Korn, of course).

  31. First time poster, long time reader here….

    Was anyone expecting or slightly wanting there to be nothing on this page when you clicked on it?

    I’ll be here all week.

  32. I’m late to this party but I’m finally downloading this as we speak. I do believe this will wake me up way more than my coffee right now!

  33. Reportedly Bob Dylan was disappointed at never being given the chance to ‘hang out’ with Death Grips during their latest Americana stadium tour

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    • I’ve listened to Yeezus a few times and while I initially loathed it, I’ve learned to accept its many strengths and overlook certain flaws. Approached on that basis, the album is rewarding.

    • Kanye would never do an album like this. The two artists have absolutely nothing in common. Really don’t understand why people keep bringing up Kanye in this thread, especially in a negative light. Yeezus was clearly one of the best albums of the year, at least by a critical standpoint (and personal).

      This album is good, but it’s hardly going to be mentioned in a few months, or whenever Death Grips put out another abrasive, energetic collection of songs, whichever comes first.

      Not even hating on death grips here, I actually kind of like the album, but to hate on Kanye because this album was released out of nowhere is just ridiculous. Kanye’s album is actually totally accessible and I honestly think if he hadn’t started ‘On Sight’ the way he did, the Death Grips comparisons would be nonexistent.

      Just my two cents. I know… I know… Rubjohn writing a serious comment, but c’mon, even a troll has his opinions.

      • Just realized how hypocritical I am by calling out others on bringing up Kanye in this thread when I see the name listed multiple times in my comment above. Meh… I stand by my words. RJ out (for now).

  35. Listening to this reminds me of their FYF show this year where a girl standing behind me got hit in the face within 1 minute of the show starting and may have broken her nose. I turned around and tried to get her out of the pit and was pushed so hard I slammed into the back of her head.

    RIP: Random girl’s short term memory.

    • I had that same experience (except I was the proverbial girl) almost 10 years ago at a Blood Brothers show. Ever since, I’ve been keenly aware of which shows I might not want to be near the front of the stage at – Death Grips included, at a festival this last summer. I like music, but getting hit in the face isn’t my cup of tea.

      • RIP Blood Brothers ;(

        Those guys were the best.

      • I was always fine with pits, moshing, crowd-surfing, pogoing, whatever! for many, many years. I’m a big guy (fairly tall and solid), so I was always able to take care myself and as many people around me as I could reach if shit went bad (like everyone falling over). But during Slipknot’s Iowa tour I experienced a pit that was all about ZERO fun. It wasn’t about release, or even a little friendly violence, it was just about hurting people. My back ended up being done in for almost four months, and that was the end of my time on the floor for violent shows. Now I look for good seats for those shows and watch the idiots on the floor hurt themselves.

  36. As much as I love it when when MC Ride spits his PCP-laced vitriol in my face, I enjoy him lending his voice for simple production value just as much. Also, I’m pretty sure Birds features a Walt Jr (MC Flynn?) guest spot.

  37. Literally haven’t listened to anything apart from this in the past 24 hours, so so good!

  38. That production on the opening track reminds me of [SPOILER] the music playing in Breaking Bad when Jesse Pinkman doused the White’s house in gasoline this past season.[/SPOILER]

  39. just a side note, zach hill of death grips has an album from around ’06 from his band hella “church gone wild/…” and kanye had no church in the wild on wtt, so not that i’m jumping on any yeezus/gp thing (i like them both in different ways), but just sayin’…

  40. this album hype got me more excited for this than reflektor’s just saying and im much less disapointed

  41. would love to see the female: male ratio of death grips fans.

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