UPDATE: Mute has confirmed that it will be a new album. The follow-up to WIXIW

Over the last week we’ve seen Liars post some strange videos on their Instagram and Twitter. They were soundtracked by pounding electronic music and featured multi-colored bunches of string. The most recent video is a stop-motion animation showing the string turn into a large L before flashing “LIARS MARCH 2014.” Judging by the new music and the amount of time since their last album, the excellent WIXIW, it wouldn’t be that unrealistic to expect a new album. For now, though, we’ll just keep re-watching this teaser and waiting for more.

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  1. Most exciting. Been listening to a lot of Sisterworld lately.

  2. Excellent news on top of the Xiu Xiu album. This always happens. The year everyone is freaking out over (2013, due to all of the big brand name releases that the masses are into) never really does as much for me, but then the following year gets all the stuff I’m actually wanting. Xiu Xiu, Liars, Cloud Nothings, Fucked Up — probably a new CEREMONY album — already have me content with what the year of the horse has to offer.

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