SNL's Kanye & Kim Talk Show

Tonight’s Saturday Night Live gave us Waking Up With Kimye, a talk show in which Jay Pharaoh and Nasim Pedrad reprised their familiar impressions of shouty Kanye West and whiny Kim Kardashian. Pharoah’s West (which we last saw in his “I Am A Dog” parody) is pretty strong and included some “Black Skinhead”-y yelps to introduce segments like “What Kim Made” and “Kim Wore It Better.” The show’s host Lady Gaga was not so good as their guest, a nerdy Apple Store employee.

More musician impressions came later in a fake commercial for WHAAAT?: The Worst Cover Songs Of All Time, hosted by Taran Killam’s Adam Duritz. The collection included bad ideas like Britney Spears (Noël Wells) singing Leonard Cohen, Rick Ross (Kenan Thompson) singing Anna Kendrick, Lana Del Rey (Cecily Strong) and Nathan Lane (Bobby Moynihan) singing Shaggy, and Lady Gaga singing Madonna (the joke being that “Born This Way” is a ripoff of “Express Yourself”).

Also R. Kelly made a surprise appearance, joining/humping Gaga for their provocative ARTPOP duet “Do What U Want.”

Gaga pretended to play guitar on “Gypsy.” Watch her at 3:25, it’s pretty funny:

Meanwhile, the real Kanye resumed his troubled Yeezus tour in Philly tonight. It looked like this (via @PhillyCityPaper):

Next week on SNL: Haim!

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  1. came for the yeezus mention

  2. It was prettty cool that they covered Joni Mitchell back then though rite. She’s swell. Hashtag silver lining.

  3. Sad when the predictability and campiness of Lady Gaga’s performances have taken on the likeness of an SNL skit altogether.

  4. This is a highlight? Wow.

  5. Nasim looks kinda hot as more intelligent Kim.

  6. Say what you will about her acting skills, but I love how Lady Gaga seems to be down for whatever when she’s on SNL.

  7. I was actually pretty impressed with her, especially the acting. You could tell with her that whatever she does, she makes it a point to not half ass any of it, and it showed by how well she avoided the cue cards. This woman is a supreme perfectionist. It was almost as if she spent as much time on set as she could leading up to the live show just so she could ace it. She also genuinely appeared to be having fun. Her opening monologue was pure glam and she held it together fantastically while almost constantly poking fun at herself the entire time.
    There could certainly be worse guests on a show like SNL and she seemed to be a perfect fit.

  8. I think the Rick Ross cover had a lot more potential. Plus, no “UNGGGHH!”???

  9. I mean, given the unanimous praise she has gotten for her hosting gig, im a bit suprised you guys said she did badly. This was probably her worst sketch, but everything she did seemed on point and almost like she had been rehearsing it extra hard. I mean I dont think I saw her look at a cue card even once. The training day monologue, forrest gumps mother dying bit, crazy stage mom, old lady gaga skits were all really excellent. I mean, she almost felt like one of the cast members. Bitch aced it.

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