Bob Dylan - "Like A Rolling Stone" video

It’s a weird time for Bob Dylan to release an interactive video for his generation-defining 1965 song “Like A Rolling Stone,” but Dylan did just release the massive 47-disc box set The Complete Album Collection Volume 1, so why the hell not. The video, a fascinating piece of work, aims to replicate the act of flipping through channels, with a bit of a twist. There are 16 packages, but every time you flip to a new one, the people onscreen are lip-syncing the “Like A Rolling Stone” lyrics. They’re going about what would ordinarily be their regular televised business; they’re just doing it while lip-syncing Dylan lyrics. Flipping through, you’ll find Drew Carey, the Pawn Stars, Danny Brown, Marc Maron, the Property Brothers, and Dylan himself in archival footage, among various others. It’s a bizarrely enjoyable experience, and you can take part here.

Comments (4)
  1. Ha! This is fun.

  2. this is the only “interactive music video” I’ve ever liked. This is really fun.

  3. I enjoyed the hell out of this video. I want to keep watching it over and over again.

  4. I keep watching the performance part with Rick Danko, Richard Manuel and Robbie Robertson

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