Earlier today, Tom speculated that OutKast might reunite for Coachella next year, and now, we get confirmation that they’ll do just that … and more. Yep, Revolt TV has confirmed the greatest musical duo of all time (arguably, that is — I’m still not sure if we’re counting Steely Dan here) are reuniting for a 2014 tour. Say it with me: OUTKAST are reuniting. OutKast ARE reuniting. OutKast are REUNITING. Crazy. Does that mean new music to follow? No idea, but I’d be inclined to guess yes. No tour dates yet, either. For now, all we’ve got is the supremely excellent news of an OutKast reunion.

On a personal tip, it’s worth noting that Stereogum alum and good pal Amrit broke the news on Revolt — this has gotta be an exciting scoop, and I’m really proud of and happy for him. You can watch our dude below delivering the news, looking suave as hell, as usual.

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  2. its pretty lame that both clips they included were only of Andre

  3. Maybe 2014 will be just as big a year for music as 2013. (Wishful thinking?)

  4. The “Gillette shit” is officially over!

  5. First NMH and now this… what’s next… Cobain comes back from the grave?

  6. HI AMRIT!

    Also, holy shit, I’m sweating. And for once it’s not the meat sweats…


  8. Fuck! Yes! infinity to the infinite power!


    I am totally best believing the hell out of this news!

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  11. Does this mean we’re in store for a new album? Or is it just a one time headlining spot (cash grab?) What has Andre been up to for the last 7 years? Besides being in that cartoon.

  12. Because OutKast is only one guy, right? And what the crap does Big Boi gotta do to get some love?!? You could at least mention that he’s released two full albums in the past four years. (Also, I don’t remember seeing Andre in ‘Gatsby.’)

    In a rush to get the scoop out it seems like actual journalism was ignored.

  13. GUYS!!! YES!! YES!!

  14. But have we passed the point where a reunion becomes diminishing returns and nostalgia?

    • Other reports said there’s no plans for a new album, so it sounds like a cash grab and nostalgia show.

      It’s nice to see fans get what they want in this, but when I look back at all of the reunions I’ve seen these past few years, they come with intense mixed feelings. There’s the “real” reunion, which My Bloody Valentine and Mazzy Star have pulled off nicely with both ongoing shows and new music that leaves you feeling fulfilled and happy to have them back, and then there are the “performance-only” reunions that don’t give you anything new aside from temporary gratification and leave the other half of the bed cold without even saying goodbye the next morning. Refused was a great example of one, the Postal Service was an unnecessary but satisfying example of one (because really, they played maybe a handful of shows pre-reunion, so what was their live show even reuniting?) and then there are ones like At the Drive-In who merely just showed up and collected. The Pixies are an anomaly because their kickoff was great, but then they kind of just stuck around doing nothing until they did release something new nearly a decade after reuniting, it sucks and came with the expense of losing an integral member, thus devaluing their legacy.

      • Interesting, but I can’t agree with you about The Postal Service. Their shows were surprisingly great and fulfilling. Sometimes people just do art because the want to, there doesn’t have to be any greater meaning.

  15. Hey, don’t drag the Dan into this.

  16. HI GUYS! I miss you! You are all looking mighty fine from the studio in Hollywood.

    Michael, this is a kind post, and yes it was a very exciting moment, as you can see in the smile that’s about to split my head in two. Meanwhile, you remain the man. Let’s stage our own reunion at an OutKast show. It will be very meta. (And with you present, very metal.)

    I wasn’t sure how I’d feel visiting the ‘Gum purely as a content consumer these past months, but I can say that, from this side of the divide, this place is as attractive in substance and commitment to the new (and the news) as it is in personality: A site for sore eyes. (You get it.) Contributing changed my life, and being a regular visitor enhances it immeasurably, perpetually.


    A Fan In LA

    • Thanks, Amrit! We miss and love you too. I am firmly and decidedly down for this meta/metal reunion of which you speak, especially if it involves an OutKast show. And perhaps an adult beverage, as well? We’ll work out the details. Keep holding it down in LA, and keep up the great work!

  17. I’m laughing when this falls through because of Dre.

  18. Outcast broke up? What is going to happen to the Hendrix biopic that does not feature any original music?

  19. It’s a given they will be there, but is Outkast a big enough name to headline Coachella on a single night by themselves, or will they be a co-headliner or subheadliner? Think now of all of the headliners Coachella has had — the grand spectacle of long sets and big production stage shows coming together — and I’m not sure if Outkast can do it all by themselves even if they have guests. During promotion of Speakerboxxx / The Love Below, I don’t recall them touring extensively, if at all, behind it. They popped up at radio shows playing “Hey Ya” and two or three other singles, if that. You could argue they’re more popular than Jack Johnson and Blur, but the difference is those bands are used to jamming. Guess it all plans on how intensely Big Boi and ‘Dre will take these plans in order to put something remarkable together, which they’ve never actually proven to have done in a tour setting.

    I’ll go out on the limb and say that Outkast will co-headline whichever night of Coachella they play, possibly with Eminem.

    • I’d say Phoenix has opened the doors to subheadliners actually headlining festivals, not that I think Outkast is necessarily a subheadliner. That being said, Outkast can totally headline a night on their own. With multiple Grammy wins and radio hits, why wouldn’t they be qualified? Plus, if my sources are correct (I have none), Arcade Fire is slated to headline a night, and I think we can all agree that Outkast is a lot bigger of an act, although less relevant.

      I mean, I wouldn’t be complaining if they brought on someone cool to co-headline, but I just don’t think it’s necessary

      • Yeah, I suppose that you mention Arcade Fire and Nine Inch Nails are the two other very big names to command wow factor, that third headliner doesn’t have to be as important. I think a more likeable comparison to Outkast playing as graduation below commented, would actually be Gorillaz and not the Postal Service. No one really knew how their stage show would play out, and it turned out to be massively popular in terms of crowd turnout (then again, that was also the year thousands of people snuck in.

        There’s also one other Coachella tactic to consider: The EDM closer, which is when they put whoever their biggest EDM name is on the main stage to close out the night. This could also feasibly happen after NIN’s set, too, though.

    • OutKast is definitely big enough to headline a night, or an entire weekend, of Coachella. The demand to see OutKast live is definitely there. It’s kind of like how The Postal Service reunion was a major sticking point at some festivals this past year. People want to see Dre and Big Boi on the same stage again. They certainly don’t need Eminem to help put people in the audience.

    • Big Boi’s solo shows are incredibly entertaining, even at festivals where he’s usually performing in the daylight with very little production. Outkast could easily headline by themselves with a fully produced set (dancers, musicians, props, costume changes for Dre, etc).

      • Best Outkast reunion would be just the two of them on a stage with one DJ, no costume changes, dancers, or hype-men.

        • Agreed. This, combined with 10 The Hard Way, would be a dream come true.

        • If it was in a club or a theater, I’d agree. For 50,000 people at Coachella, or a large arena tour, I’ll expect something more.

          • Large-scale rap shows by definition don’t work, they can’t work.

            I would never be stupid enough to expect any rappers on a large festival stage could do anything more than just lip-synch to the hits with some dancers in spangly g-strings gyrating on the jumbovision. They should bring out a hologram of Big Gipp – he’s not even dead, but isn’t that the type of bullshit they do at these festivals to cover up the fact that the dynamics of providing a show in this venue mean that the musicians must perforce become performers?

          • Kanye West, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg and many others disagree with you, and so do I. Putting a limit on what art can be, ANY art, is ridiculous in the least, mind-numbingly boring and shortsighted if you’d like to throw some hyperbole at it. Outkast made created their own legend by doing things people didn’t expect and making it work. Look at how their videos changed over the years as a perfect example of this idea. Dancers in g-strings is so far from what I meant when I suggested there might be dancers that I don’t even find it necessary to defend the statement. That’s your shallow mind at work, so that’s your problem.

  20. Only one word can describe this news: Spottieottiedopalicious

  21. This is all a ploy isn’t it? Like instead of Outkast its just going to be Dre and a hologram of a Gillette razor playing Idlewild all the way though.
    Too good to be true.

  22. I’ve said this once I’ll say it again:

    When I see “Dre” I think Doctor Dre.

    When I see “3K” or “3 Stacks” or “Andre” I think of Andre 3000.

    Carry On.

  23. Stereogum…. I’m so disappointed in you.

    1) The Outkast reunion is not even close to being “official” or “confirmed,” and no, the fact that Revolt TV “broke” the story doesn’t change that… the reason why they got to the story first and not a real news outlet is that there is *no story.* You still pals with Amrit? Ask him who their source is. Just ask.


    2) Then to go from “there will definitely be a reunion” (not a fact) to “could there be new music? Probably yes!” (also not a fact, but has not even been suggested by anyone).

    Try harder, ‘gum.

  24. “Greatest musical duo of all time”. A bold statement and I figured there had to be some serious competition for that. But a few googles later I realize that just might be true. The best I could come up with are Daft Punk and The White Stripes. There’s also Ween, Eric B. & Rakim, Simon & Garfunkel, Sam & Dave, Everly Brothers, Beach House, Black Keys, Crystal Castles, Carpenters, Les Paul & Mary Ford, Hall & Oates, MGMT, Tears for Fears, Tegan & Sara and the already-mentioned Steely Dan. Disclosure’s great, but surely too new to consider. Please pardon my geeking out on this – I’m exciting about Outkast and hope there’s some truth to it. BTW, does Chris Cornell & Timbaland count?

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