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In his recent conversation on Bret Easton Ellis’s podcast, Kanye West took a moment to say some unkind things about Zappos, the massive online shoe retailer: “I got into this giant argument with the head of that he’s trying to tell me what I need to focus on. Meanwhile, he sells all this shit product to everybody, his whole thing is based off of selling shit product.” Now, as SPIN points out, Zappos has responded in a way that Kanye might recognize: By selling a deeply unnecessary, crazy-expensive product. In this case, they’re hawking “Sh-t Product,” which looks very much like a regular toilet plunger or some toilet/plunger combo. The product description: “Interested in buying sh-t product? You’ve come to the right place! Here at, we happily sell sh-t products to everybody! This is the throne, everyone has been watching. Whether you’re #1 or #2, your clique will show no mercy, even in Paris.” The item retails for a cool $100,000, which means there’s $8,875 in tax on it, but hey! Free shipping! The online shopping chart tells us that there are only 50 of these miracle plungers in stock, so, uh, act fast.

You guys know how I feel about Yeezus, but given that there’s only one place I can find Adidas shelltoes that fit me, I’m Team Zappos on this one.

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  1. The reviews on that Zappos page are great.

    • I do my research and carefully consider my options when it comes to sh-t products (I often ask myself “what would jerome-y-rome-y-rome think?”). So I really value zappo’s commitment to sh-t research and development, sh-t quality, and sh-t value.

      This sh-t cray.

  2. Kanye might buy it out of sheer enraged confusion….

  3. Zappos’ pricing sucks these days, though. I was in it when they had free shipping and the prices were low / sales actually meant a good sale (i.e. circa 2004 – 2007,) but nowadays, they’re selling their shoes at MAP pricing and I bet shipping is built into that price as well.

  4. I think I’m just having a hard time wrapping my head around this beef… does Kanye know Zappos doesn’t make the shoes? Is Kanye knockin’ on my Sambas? How much should I be spending on shoes?

    Tell me Kanye, tell me!

  5. The key to this story is “I got into this giant argument with the head of that he’s trying to tell me what I need to focus on.” Can you all seriously not see the head of Zappos who’s some idiot billionaire meeting Kanye at some party and getting in his face after a few drinks and telling him to do this or that. Kanye just made a poor effort at trying to get the guy back.

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