Princess Machine

The Beastie Boys were always vocal about their refusal to license their songs for TV commercials, but it looks like they’ve made a very justifiable exception. For the past couple of days, a commercial for the Rube Goldberg toy the Princess Machine has been burning-up the mommy-blog circuit, and it’s gone viral for a bunch of different reasons. There’s the distinctly feminist viewpoint, the direct appeal to parents who don’t want their daughters playing with Barbies, the gonzo inventiveness of the machine in the ad, and then there’s the music. The song flips “Girls,” the knucklehead anthem from Licensed To Ill, and turns it into a fired-up girls-rule song. My daughter loves it. Watch it below.

Here’s your dailyl reminder that the man who originally honked that song is married to Kathleen Hanna now.

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  1. Cute and clever commercial, but the sentiment in it might have been more relevant 30 years ago.

    • i think comments like this is why its still needed

      • Listen facebook guy, why don’t you go buy whatever they’re selling? Don’t forget it’s a commercial. Women are obviously not yet on equal footing with men in western society, and young girls are still encouraged to adhere to certain paradigms (as are young boys). But the entire message of this sales pitch is that “We’re selling something different. We’re encouraging your daughter to think outside the box” when the fact of the matter is, non gender specific toys for young girls are pretty common today and certainly more common than this commercial would like you to think.

        • That said, I reiterate my first sentiment. That it is a clever and fun commercial.

        • I mean, non-gender-specific toys certainly exist, but as the father of a 4-year-old, it’s been pretty nuts to go full-immersion and see how much deeply gendered stuff there still is for kids. It’s not like the 80s, when cartoons were clearly delineated as boys’ cartoons and girls’ cartoons’ but you should see the psychic hold that the entire Disney Princess Industrial Complex has on kids, it’s crazy. And even if they are selling something plastic, it’s at least directed toward physics and inventiveness and important stuff like that.

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