Daniel Johnston - Hi, How Are You

Daniel Johnston, the deeply idiosyncratic and cultishly beloved Texas singer/songwriter, has always had a ton of musician fans, but you wouldn’t necessarily expect Lana Del Rey and Mac Miller to number among their ranks. But as the Masked Gorilla reports, the filmmaker Gabriel Sunday is using Kickstarter to help put together a short film called Hi, How Are You, which will feature Johnston, and both Miller and LDR threw a ton of money at it. Miller contributed $10,000 and got an executive producer credit, and he also celebrated by having one of Johnston’s drawings tattooed on his leg. (There’s a picture here.) We don’t know how much Lana Del Rey contributed, but she’s got an executive producer credit, too. And speaking of Lana Del Rey and short films, her biblical-themed movie Tropico is set to debut next month, and we’ve got a new trailer for it below.

Tropico, which kind of looks potentially awesome I think, will be up on Vevo 12/5.

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  1. I’ve shared this story about Lizzy Grant before, but when I was at the FYF Fest this past year, there was an industry dude on the Metro talking to some French touristy type festivalgoer about his experience working in the studio with some of the bigger names out there. His depiction of Lana was nothing but shade, from her barely ever showing up at the studio to do anything aside lay down vocals for an hour or two each day while everyone else worked their asses off to make the actual music, to the time they searched all over for her and eventually found her in a nearby convenience store looking at the nutritional facts of powder sugar, all magnified by — what he called — alcoholism.

    Hope Mac Miller is up for pulling double duty in that executive producer role, because it doesn’t sound like Lana simply cashed a check to get the credit.

    • You don’t even this if this is true, why post such a thing like this because you “heard from a guy on the metro”.

    • The retarded haters of LDR crawled out from their caves! What a m0ron is this one! He heard from a dude on Metro who talked to some French festival-goer that Lana….?!!!! What a stupid fck you are, to shade someone with this kind of stupid story?!!!

      • LOL Who uses the word “retarded” in 2013?

        Oh, that’s right — Lana Del Rey’s classy fans.

        The story is true and it’s not like this was some bum on the subway system making up stories to impress people. He talked about the entire recording session for the entire 40 minute ride. He was incredibly well spoken and had press passes for the Fest hanging off of him in every direction, giving him a semblance of credibility. Why is it that the pop stars who are total trainwrecks always have fans whose only defense is “You don’t like my favorite artist, so I am going to come on here and yell at you!” Do you understand that the average regular Stereogum commenter is probably a thousand times smarter than you? Based upon your choice of words, I’d say your description of the LDR’s “haters” could apply to you — I just wouldn’t use that word to say it :)

        • Michael, I’m not saying that it is not true but it’s not a fact either – after all, you heard this story from someone you don’t even know and it is extremely suspicious that after you posted this someone else in this page did the same thing ( maybe trying to give the story some kind of credibility). it’s not really about Lana Del Rey, I don’t care if you like her or not, but It’s just extremely rude to spread rumors like this, specially if it’s about someone else integrity with their work.

        • Well, you call someone a stupid liar when you see one! Your story is a stupid lie, an inept shade aimed at LDR. I read ans saw many interviews with her collaborators and all praised her work ethic. What can I say about you? You are one of the halfwits that has some delusion of being smarter because he’s commenting on this site. You doubled your stupidity just by opening your mouth! Ain’t the Stereogum snobs “great” folks?! Don’t open your filthy mouth again on LDR. What a fucked up character you are? to invent this type of slanders about someone that you don’t know nothing about?! If you don’t like her music don’t listen to it, don’t read articles about her! I don’t understand why this grand “institution of culture” called Stereogum is even mentioning her? I f you don’t appreciate her work don’t write about her! Is simple like that…

  2. When your Daddy is Mr. Moneybags, you might as well drop $10k like it’s nothing.

    • Old shade friendo! Lana doesn’t need daddy’s money because she makes her own. Her South American tour grossed 1,8 million $ (this month) and in spring she had a European tour 10 times bigger than the South American. So she can afford to spend 10,000 $ to an interesting cause.

  3. Not gonna comment on Lana but I will say that Mac Miller just continues to seem more and more like a fucking awesome dude.

  4. I travelled from France all the way to FYF fest this past year. When I was on the metro, a gentlemen sparked up a conversation with me. We got to talking about the festival, new music, and eventually he mentioned how he worked in a studio with lots of popular artists. Some of the stories he told were outright ridiculous, but the standout one definitely goes to Lana Del Ray. Apparently she would barely show up to the studio, and when she did she only recorded vocals for an hour or two. He told me one time they found her in the convenience store across the street looking up nutrition facts for powdered sugar. He was a nice gentlemen.

  5. Oh God please stop it. When is Lizzy Grant going to stop violating Kurt Cobain. If she’s not dressing her boyfriend up to look like him she is dressing like him, she constantly uses his quotes as if they are her own and if she’s not trying to rip off his music (early demos tried and failed) then she is tracking down and handing out money to his favourite artists, just to buy a producer credit. She’s mentally ill, apparently her and her mental boyfriend bonded over Kurt Cobain as their only friends are dead famous musicians, WTF you didn’t know them they don’t know you they are deceased. Her boyfriend is just as bad he constantly cites his favorite musicians and writers which oh just happen to be everyone Kurt cited as an influence. I mean come this is not only sad but a borderline personality disorder, we already had the whole Jared Leto thing. Leave him alone he probably would have hated the lill hipster shits. Of course you’d have to know a lot about Kurt Cobain to know that what I’m saying is true.

    • Another “great” example of Stereogum Lana hater. You don’t know what you are talking about, don’t you?! May I ask you why are you masturbating in public?!!!

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