Haim Play SNL 2013

The sisters HAIM rocked SNL last night, proving Este Haim’s dream-crushing teacher wrong forever. They performed Days Are Gone jams “The Wire” and “Don’t Save Me” on an episode hosted by Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson. The band’s appearances weren’t limited to that, though. They also guested in a sketch that paid tribute — in epic fashion — to Bon Iver/Ted Leo favorite “Your Love,” the Outfield’s 1985 hit and eternal karaoke staple. A mullet and a keytar are involved. Watch it all below.

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  1. Hmm, and here I’ve been announcing it like it’s SAME w/ an H.

    This was good. Don’t Save Me seemed to work better than The Wire, but maybe that’s because they felt a little less nervous or something.

    I do love these ladies. Looking forward to seeing them live in April.

  2. These ladies are so good, it’s almost unfair.

  3. if these were dudes they’d be the jonas brothers. or hanson.

    • That Haim is apparently “cool” is just poptimism run rampant.

    • I feel like the difference here is that HAIM make excellent music, while The Jonas Brothers/Hanson/et. al do not.

    • Are you saying that aren’t Hanson any good? They topped the Pazz and Jop poll for best single of 1997!

      • To the point: “poptimism” is not a thing, and I’m tired of people acting like it is.

        If you look at something like Pazz and Jop – that is, a poll of music critics who have wide-ranging tastes and interests — you will see that mainstream artists routinely dominate the “Best Singles” and do respectable business on the “Best Albums.” The fact that indie blogs have warmed up to pop artists in the last few years is interesting for people whose opinions and tastes are predominantly shaped by indie blogs, but for the rest of the world’s serious music fans, there is nothing new about liking pop music when it is done well.

        • Some pop is very good (see: Sky Ferreira) but a lot of it is very bad as well.

          Also top 40 radio isn’t mostly pop anymore anyways, half of it is David Guetta/Diplo/Avicii remixes, a good portion country (even up here in New England now) and the rest is Katy Perry/Lady Gaga/Sara Bareilles (the 3rd of which is actually pretty decent) style pop.

  4. The chick on bass makes some crazy ass faces. Great stuff, though.

  5. I don’t dislike these guys but you’d think the bassist was in motorhead. get real.

  6. Man, HAIM are really taking a lot of flack on Twitter but I thought on here they’d at least be a bit more well received.

    “Don’t Save Me” is one of my favorite tracks on the album, so I was pretty stoked in their decision to play it. People can rag on Este for her facial expressions but I personally don’t get all the disdain for it, it’s a part of what makes them, them.

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    • I don’t get this. Are they going with the “cute slut next door” routine by virtue of merely wearing clothes that aren’t straight off Katy Perry’s stylist’s rack? Wouldn’t that make virtually all females in your world (ones that stand on a stage, anyway) “cute sluts next door?”

      God forbid some women write some songs and dress like they’re in a band.

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  9. Haim make dad rock that moms can enjoy too.

  10. Haim are sweet and lovely. That’s how respectable rock by ladies is done.

  11. I love the album but I watched the Glastonbury show and these songs and I just can’t stand them live. The whole performance is grating.

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