Pixies In Concert - New York, NY

It’s been less than three months since Kim Shattuck made her debut as departing bassist Kim Deal’s replacement, but it seems that this new Pixies lineup has come to an end. In posts to Twitter and Facebook tonight, the Muffs leader revealed that she just learned the news and isn’t happy about it:

Super disappointed to learn that my time with the Pixies ended today. Amazing experience. Looking forward to focusing my attention back on the Muffs and our upcoming new album. All the best to everyone.

Shattuck had been performing with the Pixies on dates in the U.S. and Europe. Another North American tour begins 1/15/14 in Toronto. Check out all the dates here and watch the band’s recent concert for BBC Radio 6 Music below.

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  1. Ew man, bummer. Fingers crossed they can find some good chemistry with someone. Really dug their new EP. Advancing years hurt a lot of acts, hopefully they can work it out.

  2. I had a feeling something was up having just heard and reported on the Pixies headlining Field Day in June and Black Francis stating on an interview that they would be in London to celebrate Kim Deal’s (and if I recall correctly, Joey’s birthday while they were there). I anticipate the original Pixies will be touring and making records again.

  3. I have not been to any of this years concerts but I had heard that they avoided doing Gigantic without Deal. I think Charles does care about the appropriateness of doing iconic Pixies songs the right way so maybe reaching out to Deal became important as far as carrying out their legacy appropriately. Just a thought. I feel for Shattuck though, what a big let down.

  4. Talented gal for sure, but she just can’t be in the Pixies universe-only Kim can. They should retire the Pixies banner and preserve the legacy if Kim is replaced yet again.

  5. But who has a fax machine in this day and age?

  6. Pixies are looking more and more like today’s incarnate of the Smashing Pumpkins with each passing day.

    • “With the loss of hair comes an attendant growth of ego,” so says the super unscientific study I’ve conducted with a sample size of Smashing Pumpkins and Pixies.

    • Well, at least “Smashing Pumpkins” has released about 3 albums worth of new music since it’s been a thing again … the Pixies have been doing the reunion tour thing for 10 years and have given us an EP’s worth of shitty songs just a few months ago.
      It’s to the point where I don’t even give a damn about what the Pixies do anymore. Like, “Oh, I can go see them play their greatest hits AGAIN!?” What the hell.

      *ahem* not that Corgan’s output in the past few years has been solid gold, but at least a few gems in there.

  7. I’m sorry it didn’t work out Pixies but look on the bright side I’m sure there are other bass-playing Kims in the sea.

    • Yeah, if she wasn’t offended that they continued on without her, she had to have been offended by what seemed like a deliberate move to say, “Oh, we’ll just get another Kim.” Maybe it was a coincidence, but you’d think that, at least in an effort to not appear passive-aggressive, Charles would have chosen someone with a different first name.

  8. Next up Kim Gordan

  9. Kim Kardashian?

  10. Kim Mitchell

  11. Kim Fowley.

  12. what an unfortunate last name that woman has

  13. Ok Frank, enough. Reform The Catholics and get on with it.

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