Mogwai - "The Lord Is Out Of Control" video

Scottish post-rock bosses Mogwai come bounding back early next year with their new album Rave Tapes, and first single “Remurdered” was a Goblin-esque horror-movie pulse. They’ve followed that one up with “The Lord Is Out Of Control,” a searingly beautiful vocodered space-twinkle. Its new video, from director Antony Crook, works as a dark tone poem about black coastal clouds and hard faces and shiny metallic raincoats and spinning gymnastic bodies. Watch it below.

(via Pitchfork)

Rave Tapes is out 1/21 on Sub Pop.

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  1. Man, this song is tight. Best Mogwai song since anything I’ve heard off of The Hawk is Howling or in some ways, Rock Action. The video doesn’t seem to have much rhyme or reason but works for what it is, very ominous. So far, a new Mogwai song favorite and I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole album proves to be a new Mogwai masterpiece based on this track and ”Remurdered”.

  2. Wow, only 1 comment? Come on peoples, this is Mogwai!

  3. The kids don’t seem to care for Mogwai much these days. It’s a real bummer.

    • It’s a shame. Mowgai perfected spacy post-rock in my book.

    • Yeah, I’ve been noticing more and more negative responses to them. I’m glad I could find at least some people that think this song is amazing and that the album looks very promising. All of the other feedback that I’ve seen is just people complaining about the vocoder, which I don’t have a problem with it all, imo Mogwai have always used it extremely well. It’s just nice to see other people that really like the song.

      • Mogwai know how to tear it up, heavy style. ”Batcat” is a great example. But I love when they can be haunting and poignant. I couldn’t imagine true Mogwai fans not being moved by this track. It’s a beauty. It’s an album I’m excited for!

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