The members of Pontiak are three impressively bearded brothers who live in rural Virginia and crank out titanic thundering slabs of psych-rock. They’re also, full disclosure, good friends of mine, and have been since before they were at a band. (Their first show was at a bluegrass night in Baltimore maybe nine years ago, and about half of it was Tom Waits covers, and I was there.) But, friendships aside, I don’t feel the slightest bit shy about telling you that they are a powerfully locked-in and deeply overlooked band, a band that deserves your attention. They’ll release their new album INNOCENCE (spelled in all-caps on purpose) early next year, and the lead single is the kinda-title track “Innocence” (not spelled in all-caps, also on purpose, and I’ll have to ask them about that the next time I see them because what the hell). It’s a blistering, physical, two-minute bear-in-the-woods roar, and there’s a good chance it’ll give you whatever energy-jolt you need to finish your work day. Download it below.

INNOCENCE is out 1/28 on Thrill Jockey.

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