Migos - "Brokanese"

Atlanta rap superballs Migos released the ridiculously, dangerously catchy mixtape Y.R.N. earlier this year, and everything we’ve heard from Y.R.N. 2, the forthcoming follow-up, suggests that we’re looking at similar levels of weaponized catchiness. The two tracks we’ve already heard, “Emmitt Smith” and “Ran Up The Money,” spent the weekend fighting for space in our collective brain, and now they’ve followed it up with the similarly infectious “Brokanese,” named for the made-up language that the Migos do not understand. The beat, from producer Murda, sounds like a string quartet being attacked by a swarm of glitchy 808s, but the real joy, as always, is hearing the Migos’ voices ping-ponging frantically off of each other. Listen below.

Y.R.N. 2 cannot arrive soon enough.

Comments (2)
  1. Eh, it’s kinda catchy. Not “Paper Planes” catchy.

  2. Cot damn. This is complete garbage. Lyrically, this track made me feel like my IQ dropped 20 point just as the track started. I call this flow “Speak-n-Spell rap” because it’s a lot of repetition of very mundane, boring, all most non-sequitur phrases, i.e., “Bro-kuh-neze – bro-kuh-neze – talk about bro-kuh-neze – I take yo’ b*tch ‘n’ broke-huh-neze”, ad naseum. Is this the future of hip-hop? I hope not.

    Tom, school me. Maybe I’m old and don’t understand it. What am I supposed to take away from this track and Migos? I REALLY hated their collaboration with Soulja Boy which is even worse than this one.

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