Vic Mensa & Clams Casino - "Egyptian Cotton" video

As part of a recent promotional push, HP Computers hired the Chicago rap youngster (and recent Mixtape Of The Week honoree) Vic Mensa and visionary producer Clams Casino to head into the studio together and make a song. They had two days to make a song and a video and to decorate the studio, and they streamed the entire process on YouTube, taking notes from YouTube commenters, who are known to be endless spouts of wisdom. The end result is “Egyptian Cotton.” The video looks like money being piled on your computer screen, and the song sounds pretty good, with Mensa nonchalantly riding a quasi-Middle Eastern Clams beat. But really, all you needed to know was “Clams beat,” right? Check it out below.

(via FADER)

Download Mensa’s Innanetape here.

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  1. @ :25 – HP’s are starting to really mimic MB pro’s.

  2. “But really, all you needed to know was “Clams beat,” right?”


  3. Ohhh dear, I really hope he keeps exploring this “quasi-Middle Eastern” bend. That secondary percussion with those tribal sounding drums, absolutely nasty.

  4. i like vic but idk he sounds so lazy and soppy, need an instrumental to this asap

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