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Morrissey’s much-discussed memoir Autobiography came out in Europe first, but now there’s an American edition out. And according to people who have compared the two, the American version is markedly different from the European version, especially in one big way. The book discusses the two-year relationship that Morrissey had with photographer Jake Owen Walters in the ’90s, but, as SPIN reports, the American edition of the book downplays that relationship. Plenty of details have been altered: A photograph of Walters as a boy is gone, Walters’ name has been edited out of one narrative, and various other changes have been made. It’s not currently known whether the changes came from Morrissey himself or from the book’s U.S. publisher G.P. Putnam’s Sons.

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  1. Better hope the changes came from Morrissey, or else somebody’s gonna get a VERY angry open letter…

  2. American states passing Gay Marriage like dominoes and Brits’ reaction to Tom Daley coming out make this situation look like Moz (or his publishers) got it twisted.

  3. I sincerely hope this is some kind of editorial mistake. Otherwise its censorship and truly infuriating. Really glad I imported a copy a couple of months ago.

  4. Is it possible that this Walters requested to be left out so they diminished his role in future versions?

  5. i’m eagerly awaiting an official statement on this – it would be such a shame if this was an intentional censorship of gay content on behalf of the publishing company.

  6. whoa whoa whoa… Morrissey is gay?

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    • Don’t want to be THAT guy, but a homosexual relationship and a same-sex relationship are LITERALLY the same thing.

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        • but there is no distinction. ‘homosexual’ literally means ‘same-sex.’ If one has an intimate relationship with another person of the same sex, it is a homosexual relationship, regardless of whether or not said person identifies his(or her) self as a homosexual.

          its really not that big of a deal though

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          • I’m with Heath here. Describing the relationship here as homosexual is not factually inaccurate, but it does lead the reader to draw the conclusion that Morrissey is gay (and I would like to point out that another commenter has already made a joke about him being gay), rather than allowing that maybe his sexuality doesn’t fit into a homosexual vs. heterosexual binary. It’s a small semantic difference, sure, but considering that we live in a culture where bisexual/pansexual/queer visibility is an issue in both the mainstream and gay worlds, it’s kind of a more journalistically responsible thing here to use a term that has the correct connotations.

          • Nope, vandertramps is right. Heath would have a case if the headline were something like “Morrissey’s Homosexuality Edited Out Of Autobiography In The U.S.” The only readers drawing the wrong conclusion here are the ones who don’t know what “homosexual” means.

  8. when looking at the kindle version on it says it would be the penguin version!
    anybody able to confirm this? already have the european version and would love to get the american ebook to compare

  9. The portrayal of their relationship in the UK version of the book is downplayed as it is. I finished the book a couple weeks ago (and have since loaned it to someone), but, if anything, I remember the relationship as already being sanitized in the UK edition, amounting to little more than a couple guys eating dinner and laying around in the grass of a park together…hardly anything worth editing out for sensitive American readers who would already find themselves reading a FUCKING MORRISSEY AUTOBIOGRAPHY.

  10. Since the name of the man he had a relationship with is also censored, I’m gonna say that maybe Jake Owen Walters didn’t want his name being outed in the first place and this is Morrissey doing him a better late than never solid. I really doubt there is any publishing censorship going on here, more than likely these came from Moz for one reason or the other.

  11. So, as a Yankee, where can I get the UK version?

    • Guys, you can *always* obtain books and CDs (but not downloads) via – books often come out a year before their US editions and besides, even with shipping charges, most work out cheaper than buying in the US – and arrive within 10 days – and if you want UK editions of DVDs (we watched the full series of The Returned and Downton Abbey’s new series before they were even announced in the US) invest in a multi-region DVD player!

  12. didn’t think morrissey ate meat???

  13. It’s come to the point where staying in the closet has become a part of Morrissey’s shtick. He prefers to enwrap his persona with a mysteriously pansexual complexion then to risk being more identifiable as part of a denomination than as an individual. I can dig it as an artistic pretense but it doesn’t really give young gays a very positive lesson about openness and pride.

  14. The top review is fucking hilarious.

  15. NVM, the review is on the UK page – some witty Brit reviewed the book as Morrissey, nailed it:

    “Train, heave on to Euston. Awaiting the launch of my Autobiography, Penguin Books have incarcerated me in a tawdry penthouse flat at 6 Grosvenor Square. The harsh London light through the floor-to-ceiling windows peels my eyeballs, my feet wince at the coarse touch of the cashmere and angora carpet, and as I numb the pain with a third Grey Goose, my mind drifts back to Nan’s tenement at 69 Saddleworth Cuttings, Strangeways. Here, behind the rainy Salford Road, I would watch the damp grey wallpaper peeling slowly off the walls, licking my wounds after yet another day of casual brutality from the callous, sadistic teachers of Rusholme Secondary Modern, where the education was never modern, and my needs and feelings were always secondary…”

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