Childish Gambino - "The Worst Guys" video

Here’s how annoying Childish Gambino is: He lined up a guest appearance from Chance The Rapper, one of the best rappers currently working, on his song “The Worst Guys,” but didn’t actually get him to rap on it; instead, he got Chance to repeat “all she needed was some…” a bunch of times on the hook. Here’s how annoying Childish Gambino is: Instead of a Chance verse, he has a guitar solo on “The Worst Guys.” Here’s how annoying Childish Gambino is: He made his fun-in-the-sun video for “The Worst Guys” password-protected, at least at first, and then he revealed that password in an interactive screenplay, whatever the fuck that is. (The password, as it happens, is 12.10.13SIXTY.) But you might want to watch the video anyway, since it has Chance smoking weed while surfing, which is hero-status stuff. It’s below.

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Childish Gambino’s new album Because The Internet is out 12/10 on Glassnote/Universal.

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  1. This writeup isn’t petty or anything….

    It’s a bummer when an artist doesn’t do something the way you want him to

  2. I love Troy

  3. This song is so good. But this “code” thing is annoying and I refuse to participate. So I’ll just wait for one of you to post it on here.

  4. I agree it would’ve been nice to hear Chance rapping on this track, but I don’t think it’s annoying. The sort of hiccuping stutter thing he has going on here is really effective.


    • Seriously, I’ve never understood why pitchfork (and it looks like Stereogum too) has been so against Donald’s rap career. Some of the tracks on Camp are brilliant and the same with this new one, Because the internet.

      • My guesses are: 1. Something to do with him not starting his music career from a place of relative anonymity (he has a bunch of connections, just check out Royalty’s featured artists). 2. The first releases he put out were very indebted to Lil’ Wayne, Kanye West, and Drake (if you have listened to everything he has put out up until Royalty he was brandishing his influences too much). 3. The seriousness with which he has decided to pursue his musical career at the expense of other avenues in which he could easily excel (primarily Community comes to mind, but dude is pretty great at stand-up and comedic writing in general). 4. I’m pretty sure that he is the only rapper on Glassnote Records (if you aren’t familiar with that label I think that they are technically independent but the roster includes Phoenix and Mumford & Sons so they are most likely very stable, rising, and polarizing).

        But yeah, I would say that although he seems to be popular enough to where being shunned by some of the bigger music blogs isn’t going to hurt his career, I’m still pretty disappointed as well. From a rapping and singing standpoint, I honestly enjoyed because the internet more than Nothing Was the Same or Yeezus. His production team is getting a better but I wish that he would stray form those Bonfire-esque stadium drum beats (those are pretty corny, especially live and I’m mad that Kendrick followed suit from the way his band approaches some of GKMC).

        To comment on the inclusion of Chance but not giving him a verse, no harm in that, it’s his album. I (and probably a bunch of other people outside the loop) didn’t know who Chance was until he stole They Don’t Like Me from Gambino in Royalty. I’m not going to talk like Chance owes anything to Glover because dude is talented enough to where he was eventually going to attain the status that he currently has, but Glover did a huge favor by taking Chance across the country and exposing him to people that don’t frequent music blogs and such. I hope that he keeps his trend of being the only artist that raps on his studio releases.

        Rant over; you’re still the best, Tom!

        • Number one would be a laughable reason for the hate considering the way Stereogum and Pitchfork slobber all over Drake.

          • Agreed. Music blogs and publications love Drake because he makes Donald Glover sound like Chuck D…I’m just joking, I’m not joking, I’m just joking…jokes and jokes and spaghetti! I realize that they don’t like the way he presents himself (he didn’t do himself any favors with the way he reacted to “the score”) but I’ll take Gambino’s depressing existential crisis over Drake’s depressing narcissistic crisis everyday of the week excluding Blue Monday.

      • I think it’s because he dissed Pitchfork in one of his songs: “But Pitchfork only likes rappers who crazy or hood, man”

        • Which is actually a relatively valid argument. A lot of rappers get absolutely no coverage from Pitchfork but are pretty well known and popular rappers. Dom Kennedy is one that comes to mind off the top of my head.

          But Pitchfork loves to give high scores to “hood” rappers (not saying they aren’t justified) and obviously they love any musician who seems a bit crazy.

  6. That code no longer works… I’m not able to see it, and it says “Sorry: Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.”


  7. Even if you clearly dislike Childish Gambino, you could at least treat the dude with some dignity. When a guy starts writing for 30 Rock as a college undergrad and then plays an incredibly hilarious character on Community, it seems weird to write about him with such contempt, even if you disagree with what he’s doing.

  8. I’d say, ok, the guy is really annoying as a rapper (even in Community, he was ok at first, but got annoying fast) but when you have to write the news, you keep opinion to yourself, or at least you try to !

  9. Tom’s brain has apparently been replaced by that of a sixth grade girl.

    Because the internet is a great album, but I don’t expect it to get any attention here and I expect it to get an awful score from Pitchfork. Don’t know what the huge issue with him is but the bias is kind of pathetic honestly.

  10. This write up is way more annoying than the video.

  11. I didn’t find anything about this annoying.

  12. Here’s how annoying this article is: The author of this article tried to make Childish Gambino look like a tool, but ended up making himself look like an ass.

  13. Shit, Tom is drake-ing bad

  14. Man, Tom’s getting more hate than Childish in here.

    I really wish Donald was a good rapper. To be honest, I think he’s talented, but I’m disappointed that he’s focusing on his music instead of his other talents (e.g. comedic acting). This, coming from someone who has had this guy’s face in their avatar for like 2 years.

    • I think he displays many of qualities “good rappers” have on because the internet. His rapping ability has undoubtedly improved since Camp. The puns are pretty few and far between here.

  15. Donald Glover is a great stand-up comedian.

  16. Let’s talk about how annoying Childish Breihan is.

  17. I cannot believe people are out here still stumping for Gambino. Dude has been making garbage water air-quotes-”RAP” music his whole career, but suddenly we’re all defending him from the mean old critics? Nah.

    Dude can technically put syllables together pretty efficiently. But if that really made someone’s career, Eminem would have released the best album of the year, and he didn’t. The beat selection is tepid and the lyrics are consistently uninspired. To have Chance on a song and deny him a verse is saying, “I understanding what is trending in rap right now and I will attach this rapper’s name to my song in order to improve my hit count while I will still handle all the verses because I am the voice to be prioritized.”

    Song isn’t very good and it’s a stupid internet click-bait tactic to have Chance in for a single phrase–an unfunny joke, at that. This isn’t just “different” or “nontraditional” rap or rap that “isn’t hood”: it’s bad rap.

    • lol you realize Donald Glover and Chance are friends right? It’s not like he just paid Chance a shit ton of money to put his name on the song.

      I still don’t understand why he’s being criticized for not having Chance get a verse. because the internet is a concept album largely about Gambino’s emotions and feelings. There’s isn’t a guest verse on the entire album. It’s his album, he should be able to do what he wants with it, not be forced to give Chance a verse because that’s what the internet wants. Keep in mind that there’s quite a few people that were put on to Chance because of his guest spot on Gambino’s mixtape Royalty. Not that Chance wouldn’t have blown up without Gambino, but putting him on that tape and taking on him tour with him was a big deal.

      • I agree that Chance got a lot of attention from that feature–despite the fact that his breakout tape, 10 Day, actually dropped before Royalty–but I don’t think that makes this move any less shitty. To pull Chance in for a single line that, despite his unique delivery, doesn’t actually contribute much (if anything) to the song seems designed to put Chance’s name on the track, not give daps to his dude, you know?

        I don’t think anyone should ~have~ to do anything because of the rap internet, and God, I hope fewer people do things because of the rap internet. However, Chance has talent, ability, and provides a fresh voice in 2013. Gambino, despite his ability to turn a phrase, has neither the raw ability nor the fanbase Chance has at this point. The inclusion of Chance the Rapper (please say the rapper) can’t help but be a capitalization on his cohort’s success.

        And in the end, my problem isn’t really that Chance is on this track–Chance is on a Bieber track and that rules, after all. My problem is that Gambino doesn’t really have much to offer, and it’s a bit disheartening to see so many people rush to his defense when 2013 was actually a pretty great year for rap and there’s a lot to dislike about Glover’s bland approach. Let’s praise what should be praised–Acid Rap, for example–and let’s not get all uptight when someone calls out a bad rapper for being a bad rapper.

        • So basically people aren’t allowed to like because the internet because you don’t? Plenty of people (myself included) love Acid Rap, in fact, I think it’s the best album, mixtape, EP, project, whatever of the entire year. But I also have really enjoyed because the internet. I would also love to hear what you think makes Gambino a “bad rapper”, maybe my ears are off, but I’m not hearing it on BtI.

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