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This week we revealed our list of The 50 Best Albums Of 2013. Was it the same as your list? If you’re Noel Gallagher, probably not! We also published a long, behind-the-scenes profile of the Walkmen’s last days before their extreme hiatus. Did you like it? Y/y? Answer Y to receive more long, behind-the-scenes profiles next year. Elsewhere, James Murphy garnered some advance buzz for Best Coffee Of 2014, Eddie Vedder shaved off a fan’s dreads, and, in a move reminiscent of last month’s hottest topic, Jay Z and Beyoncé temporarily went vegan (but not to protest animal cruelty or anything). Speaking of meat, there was no Shut Up, Dude last week because of Thanksgiving (apologies to Morrissey … and Mastodon) so comments from both this week and last week were eligible for this countdown. Check out the winners and losers below.



Kevin Broydrick | Dec 4th Score:32

Better hope the changes came from Morrissey, or else somebody’s gonna get a VERY angry open letter…

Posted in: Homosexual Relationship Edited Out Of Morrissey’s Autobiography In The U.S.

Kevin Broydrick | Nov 25th Score:32

If it was Kristen Wiig and Elizabeth Banks making out on a motorcycle with one of them playing Kanye and the other playing Kim doing a SHOT FOR SHOT REMAKE OF A TERRIBLE MUSIC VIDEO it would be just as funny. If it was Jay Cutler and Kristen Cavalari, for example, it would be just as funny.

The gender of the parody-ers is not important, what’s important is how hard they work to sell it. It’s clear they really did do some work on this (watch the two videos side by side, it really is shot for shot) so the whole “this is lazy just because I’m looking for something to be miffed about” argument is unnecessary pot-stirring to me.

Posted in: Watch James Franco & Seth Rogen Recreate Kanye’s “Bound 2″ Video

Jonathan Daniels | Dec 5th Score:32

Say what you will about the man, but he has always been a hilarious interview.

Posted in: Noel Gallagher Slams Reflektor, Praises Yeezus In 2013 Recap

Simon Chapman | Dec 3rd Score:32

I’d have Vampire Weekend at no. 1, seriously already one of my favourite albums of all time, and I feel James Blake is a big omission here. Still, this list just reminded me how great a year it was for music.

Posted in: The 50 Best Albums Of 2013
#6 michael_ | Nov 26th Score:33

You’re also giving him too much credit posting the cool rock star-looking pic of him. He looks way more like a shady pedo in his mugshot:

Posted in: Lostprophets Singer Pleads Guilty To Indescribable Sex Crimes
#5 eighteenk | Dec 3rd Score:34

I’m a little bit disappointed this list isn’t just Government Plates at 50, Matangi at 49, then 47 pictures of Kanye’s face followed by Yeezus at 1.

Posted in: The 50 Best Albums Of 2013

David Fox | Dec 3rd Score:44

I understand that Yeezus is pretty great, challenging and uncompromising music. But album of the year, particularly this year, really? The lyrics are just too weak for it to hold that title for me. Props for Deafheaven’s deservedly high ranking, though.

Posted in: The 50 Best Albums Of 2013
#2 seanpen15 | Nov 27th Score:45

Goin’ for the worst this week?

Posted in: Beatles Albums From Worst To Best

Alex Lees | Nov 27th Score:56

This was a bad idea

Posted in: Beatles Albums From Worst To Best


#5 Renaton | Nov 25th Score:-17

Why should be it hard to watch? And why do people think replacing a straight couple with two men is necessarily funny? I would agree if the execution was really more than just “LOL, two men making out like Kim and Kanye”, but it isn’t. I didn’t think it was funny. And no, I’m not being over-sensistive. I think there’s probably some form in which Franco and Rogen making out on a motorcycle could be funny. But it wasn’t this. I thought it was kind of a lazy parody.

Posted in: Watch James Franco & Seth Rogen Recreate Kanye’s “Bound 2″ Video
#4 velvet1965 | Dec 3rd Score:-18

insert contradictory personal best albums list comment HERE.

but seriously, that National album sucks. a lot.

Posted in: The 50 Best Albums Of 2013
#3 velvet1965 | Dec 3rd Score:-22

no self-respecting National fan likes the new album. you either have incredibly low standards, or are wholly unfamiliar with all of their work. they are capable of far better, and i cannot comprehend how it can be mentioned in year-end album lists.

Posted in: The 50 Best Albums Of 2013
#2 vfunct | Dec 3rd Score:-44

I think we can all agree that music sucked this year.

It’s like everyone decided to give up, and pump out either factory junk or the lamest indie shit.

Nothing was really inspiring. There is nothing iconic anymore.

All the music here will be forgotten next year.

Posted in: The 50 Best Albums Of 2013
#1 michael_ | Nov 27th Score:-56

You could have just saved yourself a ton of time and ranked it all as “overrated.”

Posted in: Beatles Albums From Worst To Best


johnnyfuckhead | Nov 25th Score:3

I can’t believe nobody made a comment about this picture yet. I mean, what’s the deal with that white coat?

Posted in: Guerilla Toss – “Pink Elephant”

[Ed. Note: Posting the link/thumbnail for that story got all the admins of Stereogum's Facebook page banned from sharing on Facebook for 24 hours! Apparently it was our second warning after posting a Night Time, My Time review.]

Comments (33)
  1. I’d love to hear what everyone thinks of Chris Ott / Shallow Rewards’ latest video.

    • A couple of semi-interesting ideas but it’s so disjointed and there is so much contradictory BS spread throughout. His post-video twitter pot shots at GVB and Speedy Ortiz were super embarrassing. He comes across really poorly and out of touch IMO. Though I still love the rest of his videos and am excited for a shoegaze pt 3 someday.

      • It’s a pity, because he is an articulate man who — on video – makes very good points about the music writing game in general, but I really did not like the names that he named in that episode because those were not the names of the actual enemies whatsoever (on top of the fact that he doesn’t want anyone to be able to make a living off of doing what they do, and yet, won’t tell the world what he does for a living while sitting behind his Twitter all day yelling at people while on the company dime.)

        I agree that his Twitter beefs were embarrassing and over the past week, they undermined anything of value worth taking away from his videos. I actually engaged him after reading one too many tweets directed at people I respect and know for a fact do their work or make music in earnest, and everyone has been telling me that my spat with him was actually one of the better ones from a sensible standpoint since he eventually ran out of steam by the end of it, started making childish retorts and ultimately, he unfollowed me. He has stated that his Twitter isn’t a real representation of who he is in real life, and that it’s a “message,” but I’m sorry — hiding behind a fucking computer screen doesn’t give you the right to be a certified dick, especially when the attacks are directed at specific individuals.

        His goth video was good. I don’t know what is wrong the guy mentally otherwise.

        • It’s also so messed up that he really lays into people with such a hateful message, and then a second later, he tweets a selfie of himself or him playing with his daughter, as if he’s some “normal” respectful father figure, and it’s like, “No, man. You’re a sociopath…”

        • Absolutely,
          The goth video! Yeah the whole thing seemed really atypical, the rest of his videos are so celebratory. His love of niche semi-forgotten bands is so infectious. One of his first points in the offending video was to bash one of the Pelly’s for writing about her Boston scene in a large magazine and then ends on a point that music writers are absolutely owned and can’t control what they write about. I understand his main gripe about Fortune 500 companies using their ownership of “hip” music culture sites just as a way to show they can reach millennials, but he did nothing to explain how that actually effects the work done on sites by journalists while insinuating that it does. It really seems like the same level of corporate grossness that happens behind the scenes of everything. It’s gross but it really feels detached. A trail of money isn’t really compelling to me. Also does it not seem like Ott always is just getting over a cold in his videos?

          • Totally agree. The way I see it is that Ott came of “power” (if you will) during a time when sites like this here Stereogum and Pitchfork started chomping their way into the Rolling Stones and SPINS of the world’s piece of the pie with little to know commercial ad revenue behind their efforts. It was an exciting time to see bedroom indie music blogs overtake their way as influence-makers, forcing the old dogs to the brink of going out of business or restructure massively (ironically, SPIN is the brand that looms over Stereogum these days, so in a sense it’s all very full circle, but then again Rolling Stone and NME are still struggling to evolve.) From what I understand it, his time at Pitchfork ended on a bitter note. Not sure if it was their ad revenue plans that irked him or something else, although I did hear that the reason Altered Zones closed shop was because P4k’s business people told that staff they were going to force ads onto their site. When that site’s editors resisted, they closed the sites doors. Again very ironically, AdHoc — the site ran by the Altered Zones people — has ads on their new incarnation. At any rate, whether it was that or him being a difficult personality isn’t known. But it looks to me like he’s just a scorned individual who has a vendetta against everything that sites like Pitchfork, Stereogum and every one under the SPIN umbrella grew into without him and his ego there to be a part of it. He’s saying that he hates the commercialism of music writing, but it reads to me more like a guy who reacts to being told he isn’t needed or wanted through retaliation instead of moving on with his life. It’s also interesting to me that he’s telling music writers they should just become do-it-yourselfers on Tumblr, when his shtick used to be that these people were the ones ruining music writing.

            Not sure if Ott has a perpetual cold. Maybe he’s just perpetually depressed.

    • Is AdHoc any good? I loved Altered Zones, didn’t know they were up to something new.

      And who is this Ott guy? Didn’t he write that clunky Hail to the Thief review for P4k? I’m not really up to date on all this, but judging from what I saw on his twitter feed dude seems like kind of a jerk.

      • AdHoc is alright. More or less the same mindset as Altered Zones in terms of what they cover. I don’t think they do as much to promote themselves, though, hence why they haven’t really eclipsed the name recognition as the former site did (and severing ties with Pitchfork doesn’t help.)

        Yes, Ott is the owner of the Hail to the Thief review. The guy has a way of keeping his name relevant by rabble-rousing the media, it seems.

        Thank you whoever downvoted all of my comments but didn’t downvote ifeelpretty’s even though we’re on the same page.

  2. Renaton shouldn’t be down there, guys.

  3. I don’t know where else to ask this, so here goes. Is there going to be a best songs/singles of 2013 list to accompany the best albums list? Just curious.

  4. Hey Renaton, if it’s any consilation you also got 12 up votes on that comment (one of them mine), so there are many people on the gum who appreciate your perspective too :)

  5. Man, forget Christmas. End of the Year List time makes me feel warm on the inside.

  6. I get what Renaton was talking about, but I think the video was mainly funny because it was Seth Rogen and James Franco, and not necessarily because it was two guys. I mean… it’s Seth Rogen. And James Franco. It’s hilarious, and I masturbated to it. If it was Tina Fey and Amy Poehler I would think that was hilarious too, and I would also probably masturbate to it.. If it was Aziz Ansari and Rashida Jones I would think that was hilarious too, and I would also probably masturbate to it. If it was Jon Hamm and Charlize Theron I would think it was hilarious too, and I would also probably masturbate to it. Let’s be honest, I masturbated to Kim and Kanye too. All of these options are hilarious and prime spank material. I mean… have you ever laughed while masturbating? You’re missing out.

  7. Never really been around much yet for years I somehow became entrenched in the chaotic-yet-occasionally-caring community fostered here (having gone as far as meeting RaptorJesus – real cool dude btw, hope he don’t hate me), so because I’m not going to be around any more (online, though no-one cares and I’m being a melodramatic ass posting this) I just wanted to give my thanks, so thanks. lol.

    and because ima self-centered, impatient fool here’s my top 15 of the year:

    1 R Plus 7 – Oneohtrix Point Never
    2 Virgins – Tim Hecker
    3 Double Cup – DJ Rashad
    4 Outside – CFCF
    5 Loud City Song – Julia Holter
    6 Dream River – Bill Callahan
    7 Yeezus – Kanye West
    8 MBV – My Bloody Valentine
    9 Our Nation – Shine 2009
    10 In a Lonely Place – Tape Loop Orchestra

    11 A Chance of Rain – Laurel Halo
    12 Amygdala – DJ Koze
    13 In Transit – Recycled Culture
    14 The Man Who Died in his Boat – Grouper
    15 The Knight’s Gambit – KA

    Peace, Love <3 – Sloth

  8. Putting together my AOTY list right now! It’s hard to find anything to beat “Turkey at Grandpa’s” by the Dogmatic Asshole Vegans.

  9. Ah thank, thank you very much.

  10. Thanks editor-in-chief! I appreciate it.

  11. Also, anyone that digs Wild Beasts should know they’ve been playing new songs live…which sound pretty swell.

  12. Despite a snow and ice storm the day before, Dallas didn’t cancel the Yeezus tour Friday night.

    Dallas denizens had a minor travel inconvenience compared to the out-of-towners figuratively rolling the dice with their drive into Texas. We (my sister & I) left at 11am for what was normally a 3 hour drive, but ended up being a 7 hour Hobbit-esque journey to what we dubbed #MountYeezus

    A jack-knifed semi and multiple wrecks completely shut down a major highway to the point that my friend and even Wayne Coyne couldn’t get to the show. We left early enough that we bailed off the highway into a small town. We took a farm road to a smaller highway into Denton and eventually into Dallas. We were lucky.

    There ended up being a near packed house at the show despite the weather. Kendrick & Kanye both acknowledged their fans ability to traverse terrible terrain to attend their concert.

    Their sets were amazing. Kendrick has a set that could headline. The video projections of his hometown and homeboys were so well shot, Kendrick would stop in between and during songs to marvel at the scenery. Yes, he played “Compton” *sigh* but he didn’t close with it. Opening with “Money Trees” and closing with “Sing About Me” made for a perfect good kid m.A.A.d. city set.

    But then Kanye. I mean, I saw him on Glow In The Dark and I’ve seen the reviews, but I mean. Who is even close to this guy at this point? The first live show I ever saw was The Rolling Stones on Bridges to Babylon. Even as a kid, this fireball that shot out of the big circular screen has been stuck in my head. Yeezus’ show was the first thing to come close to that memory (when “Blood On The Leaves” hits). Shit blew my mind. I have such a newer appreciation of Yeezus that I can finally understand Stereogum’s #1 status with that album. Cray. I know.

    Best part: Yeezy got to talk his shit again. He even asked four times if he could talk his shit again. Funny when he doesn’t even have to play “We Major” but simply asking that question hits that nostalgic bone just as well. Boy did he talk. Let’s not call them rants anymore. Let’s call them speeches. He went after Charlamagne The God QUICK. Didn’t refer to him by name but called him out for telling Kanye where he “supposed to be.” He didn’t dwell on that too long, instead trying to stay positive, as he recognizes that you only get in life what you put out into life. But don’t think he’s humble! Oh no. He made it crystal clear that he isn’t and has never been humble. Also that he’s 1,000 ft. tall. I am too now, actually, because I said it with him. It was that kind of show. Best part of his speech, by far, was when he expressed his excitement about the existence of the term “turnt up.” Claiming that before there was turnt, there was crazy or arrogant to define a certain person’s actions. Now, there’s turnt, that Kanye has been since Day 1. Since before the term existed, obviously. He’s the reason we have turnt now. No Thanks Obama. Thanks Kanye!

    It was a blast. Better than reaching The Lonely Mountain at the end of that Hobbit movie that won’t come out until next year. Once again, ahead of his time. Kanye West: Gentleman of the Future.

    So clealry my sister enjoyed her Christmas present (both the ticket and the perilous drive to the venue) and the day was rendered a massive success. Until our car wouldn’t start the next day due to overnight temps in the teens, I guess. Either way, we abandoned ship, uber’d to an airport and flew home today.

    The End.

  13. I got my list up, it nearly killed me, but I did it.

    I had to expand to 15 this year because my short list was 24. There may or may not be an Inquisition appearance Michael Nelson….

    Damn snooka.

  14. I only get voted #2 for a psychic comment?

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