Paz Lenchantin

The Pixies have a humongous world tour coming up in 2014, but as of recently they had no bassist lined up for those dates. They’ve resolved that by hiring a familiar name in the alt-rock world. Like the previous two bassists, she’s a woman; unlike Mss. Deal and Shattuck, she’s not named Kim.

Paz Lenchantin, known for her disparate body of work with A Perfect Circle, ZWAN, and the Entrance Band, will hold down the low end for the Pixies on tour next year. She’s specifically credited as a “touring bassist,” so it’s unclear whether she’s joining the band beyond this string of concerts. This quote from drummer David Lovering doesn’t suggest permanence: “We are really looking forward to playing with her on these dates. Working with different bass players is very new for the band, but we’re having a great time doing it.” In any case, the most recent Entrance Band single sounds very much like the Pixies, so there’s that.

In other Pixies news, they just revealed an animated video for the EP-1 track “Another Toe In The Ocean.” It was written, directed, and animated by Liviu Boar, and you can watch it below.

The Pixies tour launches 1/15/14 in Toronto and spans many months and continents. Find the updated itinerary here.

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  1. Next : Melissa Auf der Maur.
    (ok, I’ve seen that one coming)
    Next : D’arcy.
    (wow that was unexpected)
    And then the reboot : Kim Deal

  2. They do know a bass player doesn’t NEED to be a woman, right?

  3. Remember when Billy Corgan broke up Zwan because Pajo was banging Lenchantin (among other complaints)?

  4. I don’t get Frank Black hiring these trendy female bassists. It’s like dating girls who look like your ex. Kim Deal is 50% Pixies. Without her, just retire gracefully.

  5. D’arcy and Melissa Auf Der Maur are excellent choices! Paz is great too!! Happy theyre doing this its kinda fun. Who cares if its a woman or a man.. .either way what an honor for any musician to be chosen!

  6. Shame, I was really rooting for Kim Jong-Un to take up the position:(

  7. Having seen The Entrance Band twice, I can confirm that Lenchantin is a veritable monster of a bass player and a musician. Shame that she has now thrice signed up to subjugate her talent to the whims of bald, pasty megalomaniacs (Keenan, Corgan, Black).

    Oh, well, musicians gotta eat!

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