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Quick anthropological lesson: In the U.K., rather than flashing middle fingers as a “fuck you” gesture, they put up a backwards peace symbol known simply as the V sign. As NME reports, that’s the gesture Los Campesinos! frontman Gareth Paisey posted on Twitter in Haim’s general direction Saturday when the bands were playing across the street from each other in Manchester.

The Haim sisters responded in kind with some help from their sizable audience at the Ritz:

Fiery Haim bassist Este offered further context from her personal Twitter:

Haim fans lined up outside the venue to yell at Paisey and pummeled him with vitriolic tweets. Paisey, who instigated the exchange, seemed surprised by the avalanche of Haim-fan hatred he brought upon himself, tweeting that it was all in good fun and that he’s done the same thing before with other bands. (“I just love the #banter,” he explained.) He retweeted some of the vitriolic messages from HAIM supporters and encouraged his own fans not to fling mud at Haim. He also found himself a new favorite song when all was said and done.

In other antagonized hand gesture news, this remains one of the greatest moments of the college football season:

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  1. This is dumb. I think HAIM brought the social media fight to a whole new and immature level for a few different reasons. First off, David didn’t @HAIM when he tweeted that out, so at least he had the courtesy not to directly offend them by airing out his opinion without being directly confrontational. It was just him, his miserable self and a tweet inside of a tour bus one third of the size of HAIM’s. From there, HAIM’s monstrous fanbase cyber bullies the guy because they don’t like his opinion. I am sure their words were far less fair and tame than his backwards peace sign, and the fact that he advised his fans not to retaliate is a mark of a crafty debater who knows the line of the decency. HAIM on the other hand made a media spectacle out of it by exposing the minor kerfuffle to their very large audience during a show. While Los Campesinos! have been around for awhile, I doubt they’ve experienced the level of success HAIM has (in such short time albeit) so what is the point of picking on the little band who don’t really have much to lose to begin with?

    HAIM, go back to high school. Backwards peace symbol right back at you. The Corrs did it better 13 years ago anyway.

    Also, this article is clearly biased toward the makers of the #8 album of the year here on ‘Gum with the words “the avalanche of Haim-fan hatred he brought upon himself,” so way to suck up to these three failed Hollywood pop stars instead of looking at the situation like an adult in the social media age. I’m sure this stuff happens all of the time, but it’s a matter of whether social media hears about it or not.

    • Agreed. Very well said. HAIM is happy to do anything for a Stereogum/ Pitchfork/ etc. headline. Los Campesinos have been around far too long for this to even matter. Honestly, I wish Stereogum hadn’t posted this petty, semi-desperate story.

      • It’s also very telling to me of how big HAIM’s heads have become inflated in a short span of time. There are a lot of “indie” bands out there who’ve been subject to petty tweet beefs by other grumpy artists, but most of them brush it off, ignore it or make a far more funnier or wittier joke out of it that doesn’t include publicly shaming the naysayer on a grander stage. HAIM = Divas.

        • How many of the kids at the HAIM show do you think even knew who Los Campesinos! are? Very lame of the band to get a crowd of people to disrespect the band like that just hoping to get a headline.

  2. go blue.

  3. @jizziemcguire is a really good twitter name.

    But yeah, my inclination is to say HAIM sucks on this one, but besides responding with that dumb “we have a bigger show than you do” picture (which is really the only purpose that picture served, right?) and Este’s competitive baloney tweet, they haven’t said much of anything.

    I kind of wish I illegally downloaded the HAIM album instead of buy it. Not because I have any sort of LC pride (though I do – “No Blues” is superior to the HAIM album), but just because HAIM seems like jerks. Like macho dickhead jerks.

    If I delete the files from my computer, may I get my 8 bucks back?

  4. Woah, everyone. Let’s all take a pill of the chill variety. Isn’t it possible Haim was just having fun with it in the same way Mr. LC! was?

    I would imagine when this picture was taken — I could be wrong, of course — the ladies were like, “OK, so this guy is right across the street and he posted this picture at us … let’s get him back, ok?!” and it was done just to get the crowd all excited, etc. I doubt the tone was, “THIS SON OF A BITCH CROSSED THE LINE, HE MUST GO DOWN!”

    I’m not saying anything like that about the band’s fans — if they started attacking him on twitter, they lose at life. Or at least they lose at the Internet. I am only defending/supporting/backing up/whatever the actual band members.

    • The tone of Este’s CAPS LOCK post-show tweet very much reads to me like that exact purpose you also CAPS LOCK above: The words of someone who is vindictive and vengeful.

      • Even if it were playful like you described at the time of the show, she went out of the way to make it sound pretty vengeful and bratty on Twitter.

      • Well I guess we’re just reading into things differently — which is fine, of course.

        I’m just surprised that a few of you seem so impacted by this, like it really lit a fire under your bums. They are “vindictive and vengeful,” they need to back to high school, they are “macho dickhead jerks,” etc. … just seems like a lot based on just the above. I guess I just don’t see the point in getting so worked up about something so insanely minor.

        I also really like these girls, so maybe I’m just in full-on apologist mode. Being a Kanye fan in 2013 means you are ready to go into apologist mode at any time.

        • Some people seem to be quick to want to hate them. Like, they’re actively looking for a reason.

        • I was being slightly facetious with the “macho dickhead jerks.” it was supposed to be a joke. I guess it’s just hard for me to balance the supposed humor I always intend with actual emotions. But as humor tends to come from truth (and in this case truthful feelings), phrases like “YOU FUCK WITH ME I FUCK WITH YOU HARDER.” just sound like a dickish thing to say and it reminds me of macho people in school (and hell even life) that turn everything into a competition. I guess that’s where I was going with that.

          The premise of deleting files from a computer as a way to return something to iTunes not a good joke? I need to work on my shit.

  5. LOL twitter is dumb

  6. Y’all are a bunch of sourpusses.

  7. The passion in Marcus Hall’s exit, highlights how lame both of these photos look.

    Gareth’s response at least exudes the not-give-a-fuck attitude that I expect of indie label pop artists. Haim comes off looking high off their own fumes and unaware of their inevitable descent from relevance that will commence the moment Coachella ends.

  8. They should fuck shouldn’t they!

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