I’ve been forwarded this e-mail 6,000 times this week. (Please stop, thanks.) So ridiculous, but it’s about Rob Thomas (i.e., music-related) I get to post it and read all your witty dismissals. Rob Thomas, no so ’smooth’ after all? I’m assuming the glossy gossip weeklies aren’t touching this one. Independent Sources, why do you hate Scientology so? Didn’t you listen to that heartbreaking Leonard Cohen ballad I posted?

Tom Cruise and Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas are lovers!

No doubt that anyone with an Internet connection has read about Tom Cruise being gay. According to rumor lore, he has had a long-time boyfriend in Chicago who is an Asian pilot for American Airlines. This is an accusation that Cruise and more importantly Cruise’s many attorneys vehemently deny.

There have been many stories that supposedly corroborate his sexuality but never a smoking gun. Rumor mongers attribute this to the fact that Cruise goes to great lengths to cover his tracks. We are told that everyone around him signs extensive confidentiality contracts with enormous penalties for indiscretion. (Exhibit A: the 8-page confidentiality contract Cruise’s housekeeper was forced to sign).

Such stories have been around for years and Cruise has evidently attempted to counter them with a series of high-profile heteronormative relationships. First, Nicole Kidman, then Penelope Cruz, and most recently Katie Holmes. In each instance, the “relationship” is actually a contract that gives the women a boost to their careers, a lot of money, and an elegant lifestyle.

Here is where this particular rumor gets interesting. Not long ago, Marisol, the wife of Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas (who has had to contend with his own rumors of bi-sexuality) found her husband in bed with Tom Cruise causing Cruise’s people to shift into high gear.

First, Mrs. Rob Thomas was bought off for an undetermined sum.
Second, Cruise and his handlers set out to immediately find Cruise a girlfriend. Second-tier actresses were targeted. A list was drawn up with Jessica Alba (#1 pick) and three other girls who fell out for various reasons. Originally targeted (#3 I think) but later rejected as “undesirable” was rumor queen Lindsay Lohan. Way down at #5 on the list was Katie Holmes, but that was the one with whom they were able to strike a deal.

Once the contact was signed, photo ops were set up, leaks were made to the right places, and we’ve had celebrity relationship on steroids ever since.

One thing I will credit this rumor for is how it nicely explains Tom’s behavior this past few months-including the couch jumping episode on Oprah. Cruise simply didn’t have time for the Holmes rumors to circulate at its normal speed and he couldn’t allow it to be second page news while the tabloids focused on Brad, Jennifer and Angelina. No, this relationship had to immediately become the “it” topic.

Well, that’s how we hear it.

[A reminder to those of you reading this who have trouble differentiating truth from unsubstantiated rumor: at this point this is all conjecture.]

Oh, come now … everything on the Internet is unsubstantiated rumor! I hope Billy Corgan takes out a newspaper ad or something so we can get to the bottom of this.

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  1. Totally Ken  |   Posted on Jun 30th, 2005 0

    This sounds an awful lot like the story about Mick Jagger and David Bowie being caught in bed together.

  2. Remember when David Bowie jumped on Oprah’s couch? Fucking great TV.

  3. Didn’t Mick and Bowie actually fuck each other for real though? I seem to remember Bowie at least halfway admitting it.

  4. Tom Cruise totally has to play a gay dude in a movie just so he can ridiculously state how he is “just acting” and he in no way is gay. At all. Really.

    Or, he could come out be an even bigger story, and then when he does his gay movie, no one will bother to see it.

  5. Irish Mike  |   Posted on Jun 30th, 2005 0

    Rob Thomas is too gay even for Tom Cruise. BTW, I saw War of the Worlds last night, and Cruise no longer seems like a crazy douchebag when compared to crazy aliens who feast upon humans and show no mercy. This post is going nowhere.

  6. so the part about tom cruise being a handsome, rich actor, with enough clout to convince the french to allow him to tour the eiffel tour after it closed… and not really needing to buy attractive wives… that’s not really relevant, i guess.

  7. seiche  |   Posted on Jun 30th, 2005 0


    Maverick jerks his stick right and streaks toward Ice. He
    cuts off one of the MiGs with CANNON FIRE, driving it down
    toward the deck. Ice goes into vertical and comes around to
    gain an angle on the other MiG. His RIO is in position to
    check Mav’s rear.

    hmmm I must have missed that part, I’m going to have to go back and watch Top Gun. Maverick jerks his stick? His RIO is in position to check Mav’s rear?

  8. A Nonymous  |   Posted on Jun 30th, 2005 0

    not to be all, “i know someone famous”, but rob thomas is a good friend of a good friend of mine and i’d say pretty definitely NOT GAY unless he’s exTREMEly good at actin like “one of the dudes” … however this is a hilarious story, and certainly doesn’t change the fact that rob thomas may smoke a lot of weed, BUT HIS MUSIC STILL SUCKS

  9. Totally Ken  |   Posted on Jun 30th, 2005 0

    I don’t know if they’re gay but they’re certainly both dorks.

    • Jeanine  |   Posted on Sep 18th, 2009 0

      Personally, I think they are both awesome. Tom Cruise may be a little weird but still an amazing actor who stars in amazing movies. Rob Thomas is my all time favorite singer whom by the way writes his own music. Now that’s talent that most people wish they had.

      • michee  |   Posted on Sep 23rd, 2009 0

        well said girl , hes my all time fav singer songwriter! tom is another story but rob is very straight.hes just in touch with his feminine side.which more guys should work on!

      • CinDB  |   Posted on Jan 9th, 2010 0

        Both are talented men, who have been very successful in their chosen fields. I really like most of Cruise’s films. I attended one of Rob Thomas’s concerts and was blown away by his talent. I have been to over 100 show and have never seen another artist who is as gracious, kind and respectful to his fans AND his band. I could care less who they are sleeping with. Unless is was me. Then I would care… a lot!

  10. Inside Hollywood Agent  |   Posted on Jun 30th, 2005 0

    i knew this was “coming out” (pun intended) three months ago. it is not a rumour, it’s really the truth.

    sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

    i feel sorry for tom having to cover up his true self in this manner for so long.


  11. I don’t know if they’re gay or even dorks, but they’re both short little bastards – Thomas is 5’9″ and Cruise is 5’7″. Google, bitches.

  12. chesser  |   Posted on Jun 30th, 2005 0

    I think I might have a way to confirm this completely plausible rumor:

    OK … First I’ll access the secret military spy satelite that is in geosynchronous orbit over the midwest. Then I’ll ID the limo by the vanity plate “MR. BIGGG” and get his approximate position. Then I’ll reposition the transmission dish on the remote truck to 17.32 degrees east, hit WESTAR 4 over the Atlantic, bounce the signal back into the aerosphere up to COMSAT 6, beam it back to SATCOM 2 transmitter number 137 and down on the dish on the back of Mr. Big’s limo…
    It’s almost too easy.

  13. so is tom cruising rob’s thomas or what? my guess is yes. you complete me indeed.

  14. robb  |   Posted on Jun 30th, 2005 0

    Still, Top Gun is one of the most homoerotic movies ever made.

  15. I’ll only be interested in Rob and Tom having an affair if one of them gets pregnant. Their lovechild might actually be kinda cute.

  16. Suzanne  |   Posted on Jun 30th, 2005 0

    Aren’t gay men all the rage nowadays anyway? Or am I just watching too much Bravo?

  17. KJB  |   Posted on Jun 30th, 2005 0

    Cut the guy a break, will you? It’s got to be hard enough living life as a closeted, talentless, insane prick without people saying you’re sleeping with Rob Thomas as well.

  18. Matt Drudge  |   Posted on Jun 30th, 2005 0

    Yes, gay men ARE all the rage! Just ask a conservative!

  19. calliwell  |   Posted on Jun 30th, 2005 0

    Oh darling marriage is the new gay.

  20. Tom Cooze  |   Posted on Jun 30th, 2005 0

    switch the letters around in War of the Worlds and you have the latest Hollywood blockbuster to come up from behind to steal our money and dignity, tom cruise as “Lord of the Raww”

  21. Blonde Geek  |   Posted on Jun 30th, 2005 0

    “Holy shit, It’s Maverick and Goose.”

  22. What?
    Tom Cruise is gay?

  23. marji  |   Posted on Jun 30th, 2005 0

    i’m sorry i forwarded this to you without checking sg.com

    i should know better

  24. In other news, Cruise is still nutty as a fruitcake:

    Cruise’s great sex
    June 29, 2005

    (BANG) – Tom Cruise has confessed he doesn’t like sex outside a relationship because he finds it “confusing”.

    The Hollywood heavyweight has also hinted he and fiance Katie Holmes have a steamy love life because of the great chemistry between them.

    Cruise is quoted by German newspaper Bild as saying: “Sex is great, if you are in a relationship. Otherwise, I find sex actually not so interesting. Without a relationship it is confusing.”

    Cruise also revealed he is desperate to have children with Katie – who he believes is “the one” – adding: “Our chemistry has clicked. We are so alike. I believe I have found the right one. And I want more children.”

    Cruise also explained his philosophy of life includes enjoying everyday chores. He said: “I cannot lie and putrify in the sun. I love to work. I love nature. I love even mowing the lawn. I am safe: I can learn everything. Life is a miracle bag.”

    The father-of-two went on to say he would love to be his own child. He explained: “Each weekend we plan a different adventure – cycling, motorbiking, hiking, climbing, a jet flight. I would love to be my own child. I love to discover the world with the children.”

  25. Jesus  |   Posted on Jun 30th, 2005 0


  26. Tom Cooze  |   Posted on Jul 1st, 2005 0

    he’s coo coo for cocoa puffs!

  27. “I’d Hit It”

  28. star6  |   Posted on Jul 1st, 2005 0

    Everyone (on tv) talks about how Tom Cruise is so hot and every woman is in love with him. I have never even found him attractive and I have never met someone that does. Does anyone really love Tom Cruise or is it all just a clever media trick.

  29. Mira  |   Posted on Jul 1st, 2005 0

    Somewhat off topic, but if Tom Cruise is gay, then it makes sense why he was Rosie O’Donnell’s favorite…

  30. Once you locate your Body Thetans, there’s no stopping them from touching you all over.

  31. Kevin  |   Posted on Jul 1st, 2005 0

    Katie Holmes is an anagram for “Tom Likes A He”

  32. benoit  |   Posted on Jul 1st, 2005 0

    tom likes a he!!!! lol!!!!!!

  33. memememe  |   Posted on Jul 1st, 2005 0

    I thought Scientologists were homo hatahs.

  34. tess  |   Posted on Jul 2nd, 2005 0

    I agree with “star6″ that Tom is way too overrated. I mean, he’s ok but he’s not like wow. He’s just a regular midwestern aging Joe. I don’t know why people make such a big deal out of him. I also don’t get why people consider him like a god or a sex-symbol. I just don’t get it…I guess it’s the medias, right?

  35. tess  |   Posted on Jul 2nd, 2005 0

    I also don’t understand why Katie’s parents don’t intervene in this public tragedy. They’re supposed to be conservative Christians but if they had such a strong faith in their religion, they wouldn’t let their daughter being brainwashed by a spaceships and aliens worshipper….The fact that they’re letting their daughter slip away in this weirdo cult prove that they’re either the fakest, phoniest or greediest people on hearth. Boo!!

  36. tom's sister  |   Posted on Jul 2nd, 2005 0

    tom cruise is most definitely a HOMOSEXUAL.

  37. andy  |   Posted on Jul 2nd, 2005 0

    I think he did play a gay guy once…in Magnolia. I’m kind of fuzzy on the specifics of that movie so I’m not too sure.

    Oh and Tom Cruise being gay is true. I heard about all the paying off from a friend who’s a producer awhile back. The contract to Nicole Kidman lasted for a specific amount of time. They were to adopt children during that time, then they would divorce and she would go on her way.

    Ugh I hate Katie Holmes though. She’s such a horrible actor (First Daughter!!!!) If this gets her more top roles, the movie industry is doomed.

  38. andy  |   Posted on Jul 2nd, 2005 0

    Haha TOM LIKES A HE!!! What a coincidence.

    If you think about it, he wouldn’t come out because his whole fan base consists of women.

  39. haris pilotn  |   Posted on Jul 2nd, 2005 0

    i don’t think he’s gay… i mean it’s 2005, if he was gay he would just come out, he’s got enough money to last forever!

    i think the focus on the gay thing is off, focus on the cult thing. far more interesting… i read somewhere he tried to get scarlett johansson to join and that’s why she didn’t star in MI2

  40. haris pilton  |   Posted on Jul 2nd, 2005 0

    i don’t think he’s gay… i mean it’s 2005, if he was gay he would just come out, he’s got enough money to last forever!

    i think the focus on the gay thing is off, focus on the cult thing. far more interesting… i read somewhere he tried to get scarlett johansson to join and that’s why she didn’t star in MI2

  41. tess  |   Posted on Jul 2nd, 2005 0

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rob Thomas, the contracts and gay rumors were true. I mean it’s a known fact that there’s a lot of Hollywood actors who are secretly on the down low. They won’t come out of the closet cuz they don’t want to destroy their sex-symbol myth or their female fan base. The most gorgeous men you see on screen are usually bi and kind of slept their way to the top (by giving brain to producers etc…). The most famous examble is James Dean.
    It’s like america’s best kept secret.

  42. sarahnity  |   Posted on Jul 2nd, 2005 0

    Gawd, Rob could do so much better! Tom did try to get Scarlett to be his beard, but she was having no part of that charade. However Kate found Tom’s proposal very enticing.

  43. The Bate Man  |   Posted on Jul 3rd, 2005 0

    Hello Frisco:

    I’m so excited about this revelation. Since I have much faith in the higher power, I’m certain that Marisol Thomas, Rob’s wife, will come clean and expose what has become a prejudice in Tinsel Town for the history of it’s existence.

    We all know the GAY MAFIA, (i.e.: David Geffen, Barry Diller, Katensberg, Travolta, Cruise) have convinced the world through some of their chosen public relations machine—-THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY…that they are as straight as an arrow. And now it’s OVER.

    It’s repulsive to think that there is a CULT, or now they call it a religion, that promotes hatred of homosexuality, and that people can be CURED of being gay by undergoing DE-GAYING classes and hours of therapy.

    I’m sure that MATTHEW SHEPPARD is watching over us, and his soul aches each day that these public figures lie about what they are, so millions of Americans can continue to justify their hatred and prejudice by calling out homosexuals as something that is not part of GOD’S plan.

    Guess what? The only true intelligent human souls know that JESUS was a gay black man, and until we understand that concept, we will always have people like Tom and Rob masquerading as something they have never been….which is straight.

    I only feel sorry for Tommy Boy. Once Marisol, (and we should thank her for coming forth and telling the truth once and for all), that Sciencetology is just another form of racism.

    Once the people of the United States, and the rest of the world learn what is going on, Cruise will never work again, nor will anyone want to see him in a role other than a recluse that he will become.

    As my mother and father taught me three rules…..(kill ‘em with kindness, never lie about your life…and don’t ever forget where you came from), I assume both Rob and Tom have never learned those values in their lives.

    Although I worship Rob’s voice, and Matchbox 20′s music, I can only hope this will finally bring about a change in human behavior with regard to Hollywood and this pathetic entertainment game.

    When people stop worrying about what people do behind closed doors, we will have a better world. Unfortunately, Tom Cruise will be one that will not withstand this event, as he’s lied to the world for about 20 years, and people will not forgive his dishonesty for all this time.


    Peace Out,
    Los Angeles, CA

  44. Yale Bloor  |   Posted on Jul 3rd, 2005 0

    Ritalin suppositories, Toms creating a new drug craze….I hear he named his dog sigmund….strange times the weird are getting weirder Hunter S. was right….to bad Johnny Depp can’t blow Tom out of that cannon!

  45. tess  |   Posted on Jul 3rd, 2005 0

    There are too many guys on the down low in this country. It’s a real issue. I mean, why don’t those people (Tom, Rob etc.) have the balls to come out of the closet once and for all?
    George Michael had the same issue too. It took him decades to finally admit that he was gay.
    It’s really sad cuz those guys life are such a lie. I mean, they will date & sleep with women (Penelope, Katie…) or marry them (Marisol, Nicole…), they will even go as far as having kids, in order to cover up their real sexual identity. This problem has spread from Tinseltown to the black community.
    A famous african-american writer (Terry Mc Millan, who wrote books like Waiting to Exhale or How Stella got her groove back) recently found out that her hubby of 10 years was gay…Now it’s Marisol’s turn….
    Oprah also featured, many times, clueless and foolish wifeys on her show, who found out the truth about their mate, years after they got married…
    Those cowards are getting busted everyday….

  46. Gus Dershowitz  |   Posted on Jul 5th, 2005 0

    Some of the famous actor types have a co-dependent relationship with their public image. They get attached to it and can’t let go even when it is destroying their souls. They’re addicted to the power, money, adulation, and don’t want to mess with the winning formula. Perhaps they don’t want Mom and Dad to know. For TC it must be terrifying to contemplate abandoning his swashbuckling/lady lovin’/action hero badass self, to become something else. How would he explain it to the world? He’d have a grand mal meltdown.

  47. james  |   Posted on Jul 5th, 2005 0

    so is it true?

  48. cj  |   Posted on Jul 5th, 2005 0

    WHO THE FUCK CARES!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. S Revell  |   Posted on Jul 5th, 2005 0

    I heard this same story this weekend from someone that claims they are the assistant to Tom’s agent. So I looked it up and found this website. She said she was allowed to listen in on a conversation in which this was talked about. Apparently Scientology is paying off Rob’s wife and Katie. I don’t know that much about this religion, but it doesn’t sound like something anyone should ever want to be a part of. I don’t know if this rumor is true, but there has to be some explanation for Tom’s actions. Unless he is just broadcasting his midlife crisis.

  50. tess  |   Posted on Jul 5th, 2005 0

    Yeah, it totally makes sense that he’s trying to cover up with average Joey Potter (aka Holmes). I mean, he’s trying way too hard to convince us that he’s head over heals about this former B list, brainwashed, greedy actress. It’s so obvious. When you’re in love, you’re usually shy and reserved. It’s like you want to protect your relationship. But Tom’s behaviour looks sooo Faaake and so calculated….

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