Chvrches on Letterman

Chvrches are one of this year’s best new bands — definitively — and they proved it once again last night by performing The Bones Of What You Believe track “We Sink” on The Late Show With David Letterman. Watch below.

The Bones Of What You Believe is out now via Glassnote, and it’s one of our favorite albums of 2013.

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  1. Why is the dude on the left even trying to lip sync? He should just stick to not playing instruments.

  2. Well, certainly well done. But I have to say this has the St. Vincent syndrome written all over it. Male rock writers creaming their pants over a beautiful frontwoman. This one especially weird b/c although she’s in her mid-twenties she looks like a 15yo.

    It’s weird.

    It has to stop .

    We should be appraising music, not external appearances.

    This band is as thin-sounding as piece of sheet metal, and as tenuous as a summer’s day’s sunset.

  3. This didn’t get me any mileage the first time, but I’ll try it again #nevergiveup


    What is happening here? And not just here, but this general trend we’re seeing. I’m over at p4k watching videos of Darkside live and I realize that I’m watching a guy “play” (short of) a guitar while Jaar plays a volume knob with a smile so satisfying that the knob must have been nicely cushioned in order to avoid blisters (i.e., Knob Blisters *wink*). These are not exquisitely intricate percussion arrangements, which I suppose could be an argument for the use of the machine. But not really – it makes the performance suffer. I’m a little stuck on this Darkside Metatron performance, but only because it is so representative of this issue. And it really is an issue. It’s cheap, and it’s lazy. Here it is again with this Chvrches performance; there’s something about a grown man reacting to triggering drum/whatever samples like he’s just burnt his hand on the stove that screams “bullshit.” Hemsworth is guilty of this playing the board like you’re curing cancer trend “WHOOOO PRESSED A BUTTON!!!!!” – it’s samples, guys. I’m not excited, you’re not earning it. It’s not really impressive as a performance piece. It’s all great on record and I love Hemsworth’s taste, but to watch this stuff live is ridiculous. It’s like if the DFA whiteout sessions were called a live performance.

    Disclosure is kiiiiiiiind of better, but instead of someone actually killing it on the drums, we get one of the twins banging out synth samples with drum sticks? Why? If I want to see a beautiful blonde child staring there, I’ll rent children of the korn, thanks very much.

    Play the damn keyboard and hire a drummer. James Blake does it, and it makes for SUCH a more satisfying performance. You have to earn hitting that groove perfectly, and when it fails or is at least somewhat off or charged or something it gives the human feel. You feel me?

    I don’t want to do this, but it’s John Stossel city:

    and I’m out.

  4. Hire a drummer you jerks! Or even just learn how to play the drums on a keyboard. It’s gonna make for much more interesting performances and much more satisfying songs.

    With the programmed drums its basically like a piece of wire hammered out thing and long and funereal upon the high wastes of our aural understanding, which is not desirable.

  5. yipyipyipeeroo


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