Pete Holmes & Schoolboy Q

Pele Holmes is a popular comedian and podcaster who hosts the new-ish nightly talk show after Conan on TBS. Most of Holmes’ guests so far have been comedians, but last night he had a chat with Black Hippy member ScHoolboy Q, who admitted he does not get on TV much. That’s probably why this interview was so endearingly awkward. Holmes learns that Q lies about his shoe size and suffers from acid reflex, and asks whether white people should stop rapping along at his concerts when the lyrics contain the N-word. Watch below.

The full episode, which also features stand-up from former Videogum columnist Gabe Liedman, can be viewed here.

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  1. That was entertaining. Q is quite the charming talk show guest.

    After seeing Kendrick slay it opening for Yeezus, I couldn’t help but think what Q was going to do next. I guess “Oxymoron” was supposed to come out this year but now we’ll get it early 2014. With all the songs he’s already released (especially including the “let’s win over raptor jesus” Chromatics sampling “Man of the Year”) I feel it could already be a hip-hop album of 2014. Seriously.

    Habits & Contradictions is still an amazing listen, so if he can transfer that energy and capitalize on a major label, I think we’re in for a treat already. I think I already love the album and I Haven’t even heard it. Maybe I just want to see ScHoolboy Q blow up because he totally deserves it. Doesn’t hurt that Kendrick has already been paving the way for him to break out in a huge way.

  2. pete holmes interviewing rappers 4ever pls




  4. I’ve been curious as to why Q’s album has been delayed. If it was to wait for the big year of rap to die down so he can get his spotlight, I think it’s a great move. Just look at Pusha T and Earl, who both released great rap albums but will be overshadowed in end of the year lists by Kanye, Danny Brown, Drake, Chance the Rapper and even Jay.

    But while the Man of the Year song was great, that Collard Greens single that he released kinda hit with a thud. It was a forced shot at a mainstream audience, and they didn’t bite, and neither did his usual more indie leaning audience. Excited and anxious for how his album turns out.

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