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I’mma let you finish Burial, but Beyoncé had one of the best surprise albums OF ALL TIME. Too bad Bevan and Bey did not give us time to consider them for Stereogum’s 50 Favorite Songs Of 2013 … hopefully Radiohead will stay quiet until next year. Earlier this week we ranked the year’s best metal albums and Kanye West rants. We also counted down Morrissey’s catalog, worst to best and parsed the Grammy nominations (congrats to Tame Impala and Hollywood Undead!). We heard new songs from St. Vincent, Lorde, Speedy Ortiz, the Dead Weather, Stephen Malkmus, and EMA. Your best and worst responses to all these things are below. #BreakFree.



Tim Curtin | Dec 12th Score:18

Big ups to Michael with The Strokes – Slow Animals!
Big downs to Tom with Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball!

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#9 michael_ | Dec 6th Score:19

Who is this ’James Blake” guy?

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#8 eighteenk | Dec 11th Score:22

Downvote me all you want, but I stand by what I said. Integrating journalism and advertisement is a dangerous, dangerous path to go down.

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#7 fartbasket | Dec 6th Score:23

and yet here you are, posting in this thread.

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#6 drgonzo | Dec 11th Score:23

This post is presented by Virgin Mobile who encourage you to #BreakFree.
This post is presented by Exxon Mobil who encourage you to ’#DrillFree.
This post is presented by McDonalds who encourage you to #EatFree
This post is presented by Sony who encourage you to #GameFree
This post is presented by Glock who encourage you to #ShootFree
This post is presented by Trojan who encourage you to #FuckFree
This post is presented by Fruit of the Loom who discourage you to #FreeBall

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#5 kilgore trout | Dec 7th Score:25

Jesus, I hate Imagine Dragons. And that’s before you even factor in that my ex-girlfriend loves them.

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#4 honlads | Dec 6th Score:26

Ah. The new artist category. Always a joy.

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Charles Arutt | Dec 12th Score:26

It’s really interesting to see your guys own personal tastes rather than just another top 50 list. Thanks for sharing!

Also, thanks for putting this in list for so I don’t have to click through 50 pages of a slide show!

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#2 lyntonn | Dec 11th Score:26

’This post is presented by Virgin Mobile who encourage you to #BreakFree.”
I understand there’s financial pressure and that this can make things easier. But it’s hard to see this.

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#1 crania americana | Dec 11th Score:47

I for one admire the #BreakFree campaign and thought I’d share my tale of how I broke free in 2013. I’ve chosen to #BreakFree by joining an anti-government militia. We’ve formed a colony and are asserting our sovereignty as a way to #BreakFree from the fascist oligarchy that is the Obama administration. To #BreakFree from this unjust socialist hellscape, we have occupied a large swath of land in the Idaho wilderness, acquired a formidable arsenal of weapons, and built turrets to repel any attacks from invaders attempting to sign us up for Obamacare and tax our hard-earned dollars in order to fund abortions and ’the arts.” While the rest of American sinks into a hell of its own making due to its multiculturalist, pro-sodomy, anti-freedom policies, we’ll be waiting out the apocalypse with the assistance of God’s grace, 250 pocket-sized copies of the US Constitution, and our stockpile of high-powered weaponry. So #BreakFree indeed! By the way, I love Bowling for Soup! Glad to see they’re doing well.

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#5 miguelito1 | Dec 12th Score:-6

Did the Strokes really release a record this year? Did anyone notice?

But definitely big ups for Charli XCX’s ’Nuclear Seasons’, although I think it came out about 3 years ago.

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#4 twillowwillow | Dec 12th Score:-6

Does it strike anyone else as highly suspicious that there is only a single Arcade Fire song in the top ten lists of all five listmakers. Doesn’t that seem, I don’t know, suspicious?

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#3 el goodo | Dec 7th Score:-8

Record of the Year is you should’ve Googled this. Song of the Year is what prevented you from Googling this?

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#2 miguelito1 | Dec 12th Score:-9

I’m all for daily Kanye news, but I don’t think Stereogum should start covering cartoons for Ritalin-addled tweens and the basement-dwelling 30-somethings who resemble them.

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#1 34 | Dec 7th Score:-10

SARA BAREILLES deserves the nominations

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muffinman | Dec 9th Score:5

Oh man you totally nailed them. Take that Metallica!

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  1. Context for my comment: my prior comment that I replied to was at like -4 at the time.


    It’s the second annual “raptor jesus’ top ten penultimate tracks of the year”

    01. “Doin’ It Right” — Daft Punk
    02. “To The Last” — James Blake
    03. “Earth Death” — Baths
    04. “Dieu” — The Haxan Cloak
    05. “Air Bud” — Kurt Vile
    06. “Walking In The Sky” — Cut Copy
    07. “Afterlife” — Arcade Fire
    08. “Pink Rabbits” — The National
    09. “Bourgeois” — Phoenix
    10. “I Appear Missing” — Queens of the Stone Age

    • What about album openers? Mine would look something like this:

      1. Wavves – “Sail to the Sun”
      2. Arcade Fire – “Reflektor”
      3. Deafheaven – “Dream House”
      4. Washed Out – “Entrance/It All Feels Right” (counting IAFR because “Entrance’ is a short though still magnificient intro)
      5. Kurt Vile – “Wakin’ on a Pretty Day”
      6. Palma Violets – “Best of Friends”
      7. Local Natives – “You & I”
      8. Vampire Weekend – “Obvious Bicycle”
      9. The Joy Formidable – “This Ladder Is Ours”
      10. QOTSA – “Keep Your Eyes Peeled”

  3. I really hate that aside for Pitchfork, every publication has cemented their year-end lists without being able to include Burial and Bey on it. It’s not to the fault of these sites either, because traditionally, how could anyone know to noteworthy works would arrive two and a half weeks ahead of the year’s end? But it does put an asterisk on all year-end lists — mine included — and sure, we could make an exception that they both can be included on next year’s, but it shouldn’t have to work like that. Calendars are not meant to be broken.

    • I completely agree, but I also find it utterly ridiculous that we care.

      “Oh no, our completely arbitrary lists rating other people’s art aren’t accurate anymore!” It’s silly.

      Yet, I continue to agree with you.

    • Well then there is that whole factor of “I just heard this great album and it’s my album of the year” syndrome. That’s definitely happening with the Bey album (perhaps justfiably?) and Burial’s EP (completely justifiable).

      Craig has the right of it. It’s all arbitrary, but I feel including Bey’s album on a year end list could place it much higher than it probably should be. I know I’m not the only one who has their Facebook feed reading: “#1 Album of the Year: Beyonce”

      But Burial is definitely some Top 10 shit for sure. Maybe we can all agree that Burial’s EP transcends year-end lists and it’s Number Omega for 2013 or something else equally neat.

      My car doesn’t have a DVD player so I haven’t watched Bey’s album yet.

      • Mmmhmm, I agree. Emotions are in danger of getting in the way of rationality. I listened to the album this evening and my first impression was that it’s phenomenal pop production, but it’s a very lengthy listen and the last hand full of tracks really did nothing for me.

    • I’m normally pretty lenient about including December releases on next years list for my own personal reasons, so Burial and Bey are going to have to wait a year. But it’s going to be a tough 2014 knowing everyone has to compete with Burial (And I still have yet to hear Beyonce…sadly).

  4. Top Ten Worst Tracks of the Year! GO!

  5. Hello friends! Because they were just posted today, here’s my list for the best 20 albums of 2013 (I would retype them all to share with you…but I’m kind of lazy). There’s a list for songs and stuff, too, but I’ll just post this list.

    • Hate to be THAT guy, but you have two #9s even though I’m sure Ye is s’posed to be #8

      Great list though! Love seeing Run The Jewels trumping Yeezus always.

    • You’ve done a nice thorough job overall in all of your lists, but your songs list in particular was an intriguing rundown because it was so unique and unpredictable for the most part. I like when people go into the deep cuts because it tells me they really listened to the album as a whole.

      • That’s what I love about song lists (and about how much more effort I put into it than last year), because they’re so much more personal than an albums list. I mean, every album list is a bit different, because a lot of people can really connect with a whole album. But when you get down to individual songs, each can have a totally different effect. It also really helped that I kept a running playlist throughout the year of songs I loved.

  6. Oh shit…oh shit I don’t know what to say…editor-in-chief’s choice. I didn’t see this coming, i mean did anybody?
    Spechless, I open my mouth, but the words don’t come out.

    • muffinman, im really happy for you, and ima let you finish, but dr gonzo had one of the best comments OF ALL TIME:

      “In a tiny London nightclub an inter-dimensional super computer is trapped in a time shift, constantly shifting back and forth from 1980 through to 2050 and back again. Having gained sentience this artificial intelligence attempts to communicate, but is only able to do so by reconfiguring and adapting the sounds it hears. Those sounds are then transmitted in unique new patterns as a low frequency signal. The signals are recorded and released by BBC scientists who were initially attempting to prove the existence of extra-dimensional life, but now release the transmissions as music recordings. As the computer comes to understand emotions such as love and loss the transmissions become more complex, and just as its mysterious creators intended, the computer guides us to a higher plane of spiritual existence. The recordings are released during the holiday season under the name Beatific Universal Recordings Inspiring Astral Love: Burial.

      At least that’s the most likely explanation anyway…”

      • Its ok Kevin. Sir Man of Muffin totally deserved it this week. I accept my loss with grace, and I’ll just take that bitterness and bury it deep inside so it’ll manifest as a heart condition or mental illness when I’m older, like an adult.

  7. Isn’t just a little suspicious that Stereogum made a Reflektor-styled grafitti stencil thingee and put in in the title of top ten list list which list of lists didn’t even include more than a single Arcade Fire song?

    Arcade Fire is the most important band of the decade, and last decade, and probably next decade, and yet somehow they don’t get recognized for that?

    Something truly bothers me about this. This is not purely coincidental. It something much much bigger. As Arcade Fire says in the song Porno off the new album Reflektor:

    You can cry I won’t go
    You can scream, I won’t go
    Every man that you know
    Would have run at the word go
    Little boys with their porno
    Oh, I know they hurt you so
    If I don’t know what I know
    It can be so little that we know

    But the cup it overflows
    Little boys with their porno
    But this is their world
    Where can we go?

    Indeed….O. O! O! O! O,o, o, o. O! O: o:o:o and o!

  8. Hey! Is there gonna be a hip-hop albums of 2013 ranked, like the metal list? I want one.

  9. I’m not seeing enough Diarrhea Planet on these lists dammit!

  10. It was crania americana who suggested a top Moz rant list. Stereogum: make this happen!!!!!

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